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2017 Holliday Special Pt. 1: Bipolar Teachers, Toxic Masculinity, White N Words Say the N Word, Disney Dominance

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Gift us a review! You can follow us @holmesalone and @jwthegogetter on twitter! Thank you Kiandra! You can email us at leaguepasslegends@gmail.com


Kobe's Jersey Retirement, Chris Paul Is Unstoppable, Kyrie's New Kicks, N is for Nazi!

The Holmesalone pod, I wasn't nervous or lonely at all recording this! Hit us up via email leaguepasslegends@gmail.com Via Twitter @holmesalone @jwthegogetter


Whoop That Trick! Novemberween, Memphis Grizzlies At Crossroads, M&M's, Big Baller of the Week, Avengers Infinity War Trailer Hype?

With coach Fizdale out, where do the Memphis Grizzlies go from here? How close are we to Idiocracy? If you want more content be sure to share and review, spread the word! If you want to give feedback I also love hearing from the fans @holmesalone on twitter and you can follow @jwthegogetter while you're at it! Thank you for being a legendary listener and remember... Whoop that trick! (Get Em!) Whoop that trick! (Get Em!) Whoop that trick! (Get Em!) Whoop that trick! (Get Em!) Whoop that...


Kyrie or Harden for MVP, Deandre Jordan Trade Speculation, Derrick Rose, Thanksgiving Leftovers, Happy Sexgiving!

Legendary Listener Jon is back for the first time as we go discuss current events in the league (2:19) and have tons of Thanksgiving leftovers as we discuss food, culture, and movies (57:00). Share, Subscribe, and leave us a Review if you would kindly!


Thanksgiving Legendary Listener Guest Special 2017: Life in Japan & Pittsburg CA, What We're Thankful For In the NBA, Rated R Movies We're Thankful To See as Kids

Have a great holiday week, we've got our first Legendary Listener guest on this week for a casual chat about life abroad and Jackson's curiosity about Holmes as a teenager. Big shout out to Legendary Listener Kiandra! I hope y'all have even more fun listening than Jackson on Japan's wiki page or Holmes using anime music for transitions. If you want to be on the pod, just hit us up on twitter! If you enjoy the show let us know and if you're really thankful, drop a review and share with...


Knicks, Wizards, Pistons, Lakers, and the Eastern Conference with Ryan Oliver

Thank you for being a Legendary Listener! Let us know if you want to be a guest. Any review or share helps out! You can check out Ryan Oliver's comprehensive and scarily accurate season preview here: http://www.rboliver.com/201718-nba-season-preview Follow us on twitter! @RyanOliverY1 @jwthegogetter @holmesalone


Lebron Drops 57! Porzingis is a Big Baller! White N-Word Hall of Fame Debut!

Deepest condolences to those affected by the church shooting in the San Antonio area. It's easy to feel helpless in situations like this but we shouldn't let that prevent us from acting. Thank you for listening, let us know how you feel @holmesalone @jwthegogetter & @lplpodcast on twitter.com Any review or share helps tremendously! 04:30 #realnews 31:00 Clowntergeist 36:10 WHITE N-WORD HALL OF FAME 53:40 League Pass Lab


Post Halloween (Post World Series)

Thank you for being a legendary listener, any review or share would be immensely appreciated as we are starting to kick things off this NBA season! You can follow us on twitter @holmesalone @jwthegogetter and @lplpodcast 6:30 #RealNews (Biggest Stories in the NBA and elsewhere) 29:00 Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Channel Zero 52:00 League Pass Lab (Suns, Pistons, Clippers, Jazz, 76ers, Mavericks)


Double Stuffed Halloween Special 2017: Earl Watson Fired, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Mrs. Robinson, and More!

The NBA season has been underway for about a week and we're loving it! We just happen to love Halloween more. Follow us on twitter @holmesalone @jwthegogetter and now @LPLPodcast and say what's up! You can help us out immensely just by sharing and leaving a quick iTunes review.


IT'S NBA TIP OFF: An Exclusive Ryan Oliver Interview

An amazing interview with up and coming sports journalist Ryan Oliver! Only a fool would ignore his comprehensive season preview for the upcoming NBA 2017-2018 Season. I can't overstate how brilliant it was to converse with him and get his insights; this brother is special. You can check it out here: http://www.rboliver.com/201718-nba-season-preview Please share the pod and leave an iTunes review! We will retweet your review screenshot if you send us one! You can follow us on Twitter...


IT, Indian Burial Grounds, Blade Runner, NBA Pre-Season, Award Predictions, Most Anticipated Storylines, AND THOSE TWINS!

Thank you for listening to the League Pass Legends podcast, I am very excited for this week's episode. This is our magnum opus and it is stuffed with pre-season observations, award predictions, our most anticipated storylines, and twins! Also in the name of the October spirit, Jackson even kicks us off with some of the best movie reviews you're going to get this side of the Horror Show Podcast! You can help us out by leaving an iTunes review, sharing, and following us on twitter @holmesalone...


Bums, Melo, Rooks, and Hoteps

Jackson and Holmes deliver the one NBA basketball pod that tackles the real issues like that bum Trump, white N-words, and Hoteps along with giving you insight into the league's current events. If you enjoy the show, please share with a friend! If you don't, share with an enemy! You can follow us @holmesalone and @jwthegogetter on twitter. Thank you for listening and take care!


NBA 2K18 Review

Thank you for being an inaugural Legendary Listener. Jackson and Holmes go deep into the 2K hole and recall past memories from their times in the seedy underbelly of trading card games. Also, Santigold. Love her. You can follow us @holmesalone and @jwthegogetter