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The podcast introduces different topics within the aquatic pool industry that will entice listeners from pool service companies, apartment and maintenance technicians, community and property association managers, and parks and recreation professionals.Let's Jump Right In!!!


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The podcast introduces different topics within the aquatic pool industry that will entice listeners from pool service companies, apartment and maintenance technicians, community and property association managers, and parks and recreation professionals.Let's Jump Right In!!!






Let's Talk About Pool Shark H2O

In season 3 episode 49, I interviewd Scott Trafton, CEO of Pool Shark H2O, where we speak about technology that now can help public pool owners and operators to maintain their required chemical log in an electronic way that makes it better and more accessible to your health inspectors! Listen in and see how his software can make a difference at your facility and with your local health agency too!! Podcast Guest: Scott Trafton, CEO, Pool Shark H2O Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.com Blue Ray XL: https://bluerayxl.com/index.html


Let's Talk About Pool Magazine

In season 3 episode 48, Lauren Broom interviewed Joe Trusty, owner of Pool Magazine. Pool Magazine is a new publication available to the pool industry and its professionals. This magazine is for builders, service and even educators!! Check out this interview and then head on over to www.poolmagazine.com to read the publication and subscribe. Podcast Guest: Joe Trusty, Owner of Pool Magazine Podcast Episode Sponsors: Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.com Basecrete: https://www.basecreteusa.com


Water Safety Month with Collin's Hope

In season 3 episode 47, just in time for the month of May and Water Safety Month, I interviewed Alyssa Magrum with Colin's Hope about water safety month and the importance of drowning safety awareness. This is an awesome episode for everyone to listen to since the leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 4 is drowning. Please take this episode seriously and learn from it. Let's all also be safe this summer! Podcast Guest: Alyssa Magrum, Colin's Hope Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.com Blue Ray XL: https://bluerayxl.com/index.html


What is Specialized Business Consulting?

Season 3 episode 46...I interviewed Derek Todd with Aquanut Academy to discuss what specialized business consulting is and how it can help pool professionals. Check out this episode to learn more, it may just help you with your business! Podcast Guest: Derek Todd, Aquanut Academy Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ Ray Pak: https://www.raypak.com/


Technology of the Pool World

In Season 3 episode 45, Lauren Broom, your host is giving the listeners a special roundtable episode with 4 awesome guests that speak about very unique technology that can be used in the pool industry. From helping with water testing, to route management or even drowning prevention technology, we got it all in this episode. Enjoy and jump right in! Podcast Guests: Kevin Embree, Skimmer Ravi Kurani, Sutro Sai Reddy, Camereye Mark Caron, WAVE Drowning Detection System Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ Viking Capital: https://poolloan.net/


What is Surewater Technologies?

Season 3 episode 44, I interviewed Robert Burrows with Surewater Technologies. This very unique chlorination system made for a great talk! Learn more about this different disinfection system for your large public pools! Podcast Guest: Robert Burrows, VP Sales & Marketing, Surewater Technologies Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer:https://getskimmer.com/ Blue Ray XL: https://bluerayxl.com/index.html


Pool Loans with Viking Capital

In Season 3, Episode 43, I interviewed Greg Powell with Viking Capital. We spoke about what they have to offer to pool builders for financing loans to their customers. This exciting episode will benefit those that are building pools!! Listen in!! Podcast Guest: Greg Powell, President, Viking Capital Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.com Blue Ray XL: https://bluerayxl.com/index.html


GPS Tracking & More for Pool Pros

In season 3 episode 42, I interviewed Jeff Alsop with GPS Trackit and it was a great conversation on GPS tracking and more that they have to offer to help pool pros with fleet management and how to save!! You do not want to miss this episode!! Definitely one of the interesting conversations I had on the podcast recently. I learned so much myself!! Podcast Guest: Jeff Alsop, Manager Solutions Architect, GPS Trackit Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ Raypak: https://www.raypak.com/


What Does Pool Parts To Go Offer Pool Professionals?

In season 3, yes that right The Let's Talk About Pools Podcast started their 3rd season! We are so excited to continue to bring more informative and exciting episodes to our pool professionals out there! Episode 41 I spoke with Daniel Schonfeld with Pool Parts To Go and what their company has to offer to pool professionals across the country!! Listen in to learn more!! Podcast Guest: Daniel Schonfeld, Owner & CEO Pool Parts To Go Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.com Viking Capital: https://poolloan.net/


Let's Talk About Basecrete!

In season 2 episode 40, Host Lauren Broom interviewed owner Vito Mariano of Basecrete about concrete pools. Detailed discussion on waterproofing using Basecrete and suspended pools based on Vito's extensive knowledge on this subject matters more than anyone else in the pool industry!! Also in this episode learn about how to donate to the Basecrete/Danilo Bonazza Art & Mosaics Hurricane Ian Fundraiser at www.basecretecares.com Space Coast Pool School is donating a portion of every CPO student to this fundraiser. Please join us to help the pool professionals in SW Florida! Podcast Guest: Vito Mariano, owner Basecrete Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ BlueRayXL: https://bluerayxl.com/


Water Chemistry & Water Testing

In season 2, episode 39, Lauren Broom interviewed Wayne Ivusich regarding water chemistry and proper water testing procedures. He gives great insight in how important these topics are to pool service professionals. This is a must listen to episode for all pool service professionals!! Podcast Guest: Wayne Ivusich, PHTA CPO Instructor Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ Viking Capital: https://poolloan.net/


Let's Talk About Pool Stains

In season 2 episode 38: Lauren Broom interviewed Joel Gray of Jack's Magic and we had a conversation about pool stain identification and how to treat pool stains. This episode is for you if want want to know how to manage pool stains!! Podcast Guest: Joel Gray. Regional Sales Manager Jack's Magic Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ Pool Parts To Go: https://poolpartstogo.com/


Let's Talk UV Disinfection

In season 2 Episode 37, Lauren Broom hosts a podcast on UV disinfection with guest John Psaroudis with Aquionics. This is an awesome way to add secondary disinfection to any aquatic venue, pool or spa. Listen in about advantages of this type of disinfection, but also other things to think about before choosing this type of disinfection. Podcast Guest: John Psaroudis, Aquionics Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ RayPak: https://www.raypak.com/


Let's Talk About Crypto & Legionella

In season 2, episode 36, Lauren Broom interviewed Michelle Hlavsa and Chris Edens of the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) regarding recreational water illnesses(RWI's) Cryptosporidium(Crypto) and Legionella. If you love learning about public health, recreational water illnesses or just how to maintain your aquatic venue so that you can reduce the chance of an outbreak then this is the episode for you! People can get sick from the Butt Water! Learn how to maintain it as a pool operator in a safe and healthy condition. Learn from the public health experts themselves! Podcast Guests: Michelle Hlavsa, Chief of CDC Healthy Swimming Pool Program Chris Edens, Epidemiologist of CDC Legionella section Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.com RayPak: https://www.raypak.com/


Proper Pool Startups With NPC

In Season 2, episode 35, Lauren Broom interviewed Ken Westfall of National Plaster's Council regarding proper startup water chemistry and procedures for new plaster on pools. This is an awesome episode for those that are doing new startups from pool builders to gain new customers. This episode is even awesome for pool professionals who have been in the industry a long time. Listen In! Podcast Guest: Ken Westfall, Technical Director, National Plaster's Council Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer:http://www.getskimmer.com Pool Parts to Go: https://poolpartstogo.com/


Employment Roundtable

In season 2, episode 34, Lauren interviewed guests from both sides of the aquatics industry regarding the current employment situation and how it is affecting the pool industry. The effects are discussed from a guest from the parks and recreations aquatic industry and another guest from the pool service industry. Some of the effects have been the same and some are different depending on the side of industry you are in. We discussed how they are trying to handle this current and emerging situation that our current economy has created. Listen in and jump right in! Podcast Guests: Julie Sevilla, Aquatics Director, David Posnack JCC Gary Heath, Owner of The Pool Doctors Podcast Sponsors: Basecrete: https://www.basecreteusa.com/ Blue RayXL: https://bluerayxl.com/index.html


Female Pool Professionals

In season 2 episode 33, Lauren Broom spoke with four strong female pool professionals. They spoke about the positives and hardships of being a female in the pool industry. They encourage all of us to continue to professionalize our industry for all professionals!! Podcast Guests: Andrea Nannini, Owner at Hibiscus Pools Jules Johnson, Operations Manager/Coordinator at Mission Pool & Supplies Kristen Melo, Owner at Preserve Pools Heather Linton, Owner at Swim Carefree Podcast Sponsors: Basecrete: https://www.basecreteusa.com/ Blue RayXL: https://bluerayxl.com/index.html


Tools of the Modern Pool Professional

In season 2, episode 32, Lauren Broom interviewed a roundtable of unique individuals on the pool tools that the modern pool professional can utilize for their jobs. Listen to this episode, you do not want to miss this one!! Podcast Guests: Kevin Embree with Skimmer Matt Lopez, Riptide Pool Vacuum Joseph DiAnna Sr. & Joseph DiAnna Jr. , Primate Pool Tools Eric & Jenel Resh, Piranha Pool Products Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ Primate Pool Tools: https://primatepooltools.net/


Let's Talk About Salt Chlorine Generators

In season 2, episode 31, Lauren Broom, host, interviewed Sean Assam with AquaCal on salf chlorine generators. Listen in to this episode if you really want to learn about this topic from someone like Sean that I have found to be the most knowledgeable on this topic. He is often the one teaching in Florida at pool trade shows on this topic. He makes understanding it so easy!! Listen in to learn more!! You won't regret it!! Podcast Guest: Sean Assam, National Accounts and Commercial Products Manager at AquaCal AutoPilot Inc. Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: https://getskimmer.com/ BlueRay XL: http://www.bluerayxl.com/


Let's Talk About PoolRX

In season 2, episode 30, I spoke with Fred Schweer, VP of Sales, Pool RX. We spoke about this game changer for the pool industry using minerals to prevent algae in the pool water. The "Less is More Approach" when it comes to saving the "working power" of the chlorine in your pool. PoolRx Worldwide, Inc. is a privately held company located in San Clemente California, and has been in business since 1994. They manufacture PoolRx+, an EPA Registered, NSF 50 Certified Algaecide, that eliminates and prevents ALL Algae, Reduces Chemicals and Lasts up to 6 months. Fred Schweer is the Vice President of Sales, leading all Sales, Support and Marketing efforts. Fred has been with PoolRx going on 12 years. For more information go to www.poolrx.com; call 1-800-3-PoolRx or for a faster response email; cs@poolrx.com Come see them at the Everything under the Sun at Booth 927 in Orlando, FL on March 4-5, 2022. Podcast Sponsors: Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.com Basecrete: https://www.basecreteusa.com/