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A podcast about everyday life in pursuit of a greater purpose – Find your voice. Tell your story. Change the world.

A podcast about everyday life in pursuit of a greater purpose – Find your voice. Tell your story. Change the world.


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A podcast about everyday life in pursuit of a greater purpose – Find your voice. Tell your story. Change the world.






Replay: One Woman Can Change the World

Ronne Rock is a storyteller, truth-teller, hope-dealer, and author of One Woman Can Change the World: Reclaiming Your God- Designed Influence and Impact Right Where You Are. Support the show (


Four Words Every Nonprofit Leader Needs to Master

Mission and vision are words we hear often, but we can struggle to differentiate between them. As leaders, communicators, and fundraisers, the confusion can cost us. We have a great cause! Why won’t people join us? Why don’t they give? Maybe it’s because we’re not being clear. They can’t see the big picture, and they don’t understand what we’re doing or how what we do fits in with the big picture. In this episode, I’m talking about vision, mission, goals, something I call handles, and how...


How to Enjoy Fundraising and Build Better Relationships, with David Oaks

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore! Why should it be? We get to invite people into a greater story. David Oaks and I had a fun conversation about the simple things you can put into practice today to build better relationships and raise more money for your mission. Connect with David: Website: Instagram: @davidLoaks12 Facebook: Twitter: @davidoaks Support the show (


How to Beat Imposter Syndrome, with Jennifer Harshman

How do we get past that nagging feeling that we aren't qualified or "ready" to do that thing we're supposed to do? Imposter syndrome is that feeling many of us get when we start something new, where we question our qualifications, our abilities, or even our right to be involved at all. Jennifer Harshman works with people who want to make a difference, mostly writers and entrepreneurs. She says imposter syndrome is something we can all struggle with, but there are ways to overcome...


Slow Living with Jodi Grubbs

How can moments of slow living create an island of peace in our daily lives? Jodi Grubbs is a slow living advocate and host of the Our Island in the City podcast. Here are some of the ways we can slow down and connect in the midst of our busy lives. Guest: Our Island in the City Connect with Jodi on Instagram @jodi.grubbs Sponsor: Get Out of the Boat, A Bible-Based Business Virtual Retreat, April 30, 2021 Support the show (


Telling Stories Well, with Chris Staron

Chris Staron is an award-winning filmmaker, an author, comedian, and podcaster. As host of the Truce Podcast, Chris uses journalistic tools to provide history and context to better understand the Christian church today. He gives us an inside look into his storytelling process, and why the stories we tell are so important. Connect with Chris at Support the show (


Replay: Fundraising Freedom, with Mary Valloni

What's keeping your nonprofit or ministry from being fully funded? Mary Valloni lays down some truth to help us overcome the lies we believe about money and fundraising. Plus, simple things you can do today to start your journey to Fully Funded. Connect with Mary at and at Need a Certified Fully Funded Coach? Get the book: Fundraising Freedom: 7 Steps to Build and Sustain Your Next Campaign Disclosure: Links may be...


Faith, Calling, and Sparking Connections with Misty Phillip

Misty Phillip is using her gifts and her calling to bring people together. In 2020, she hosted two events–one live, right before the lockdown–and the second as a virtual event. We talked about the differences and similarities between live and virtual events, Misty’s personal journey of faith, and cultivating community. About Misty Phillip Misty is a dreamer and a doer who believes we are all here for a reason and that we are created for a purpose. She encourages people to use their story...


All About Podcasting, with Alana Dawson

If you've ever wanted to start a podcast, this is for you. But not only podcasts, we're talking about going where your audience is, the process of creating content, and how to get your message out to the world. About Alana is a podcast coach, editor, and podcast producer who is on a mission to take the overwhelm, frustration, & stress out of podcasting, and put the fun back in! Alana is the host of The Podcasting Party Podcast, where she shares simplified step-by-step instructions, and...


Creating a Community for Writers with Brandy Wallner & Hope*Writers

I sat down with Brandy Wallner of Hope*Writers to talk about three things writers and creatives need to succeed. 1. A guide 2. Good, fresh information 3. Community Brandy is a community writer for Hope*Writers, tasked with building community and keeping members on track. For more about Hope*Writers Do you dream of publishing your writing but you’re not sure what to do next (or where to start)? Check out this free quiz to help you identify where you are...


Lessons for Life and Ministry with Tom Lane

Tom Lane is the apostolic senior pastor at Gateway Church and author of Tested and Approved: 21 Lessons for Life and Ministry Tom Lane is the apostolic senior pastor at Gateway Church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. As an elder, he provides spiritual governance for Gateway’s ministries. As a pastor to pastors, Tom is a long-term, trusted Christian leader. Tom has written many books including Heritage: A Father’s Influence to the Generations, Foundations of Healthy Church Government, and...


Looking up at the end of 2020

Some thoughts on the hope of Christmas, and I share shorts from my friends in the Christian Podcasters Association. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people." Luke 2:10 Several friends eager to run into the New Year have asked me, “Do you have your word for 2021?” Actually, I don't have a single word. I have a phrase from the song O Holy Night. The soaring, triumphant anthem for a world so drained and exhausted that...


Replay: Chickening IN with JJ Gutierrez

Sometimes a single word or phrase has the power to change the course of our lives, and “Chickening IN” is that word for JJ Gutierrez. This little twist on a familiar phrase launched JJ into a transformational journey from fear to faith. Her book, Chickening IN: From Fear to Courageous Faith, 8 Pillars of Transformation, is a practical guide to defeating fear and doubt. I spoke with JJ in February, but we especially need her message today. Overcoming fear is a process. One step follows...


Redefining Success in Light of the Assignment

How do you define success? Is it financial? Family? Creative or business achievements? Or does it have to do with something else? Tim Winders is a Performance Coach and author who specializes in helping Executive Teams and Entrepreneurial Leaders maximize their potential by looking beyond traditional “cookie-cutter” methods that often limit the creative process. A lifelong student, he thrives on helping people discover how to live outside of the box and walk out their unique God-given...


The Power of Play: A Year of Playing Catch, with Ethan Bryan

What happens when you play catch every day for a year? Ethan Bryan played catch on New Year's Day with his daughters. Then they had an idea. "Dad, what if you played catch every day for an entire year?" That's 365 days of catch! It's 500 catch partners, 10 states, and 12,000 miles, rain, wind, and snow. It's about play, letting our guard down, and connecting with each other. Do you have a story about how play connected you to something bigger? Links A Year of Playing Catch: What a...


Start With These Fundraising Resources

Today I’d like to take my 14 years experience managing a nonprofits and offer help for leaders in this area. Download the guide at 1) A Spirituality of Fundraising, by Henri J.M. Nouwen You can read this through in one sitting. It’s only 50-60 pages. And it deals with the most important part of your fundraising–your mind. So many people start because of passion, but then run into a wall because fundraising feels like begging. So we’ve got to change our mindset. This...


Attitude Adjustment: Interview with Brian Dixon

Brian J Dixon on making money in ministry, taking care of relationships, and having those difficult but important conversations. Connect with Brian Website: IG: Facebook: Take the Hope*Writer quiz More about Hope*Writers: Disclosure: Links may be affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, I earn a small commission at no additional cost...


Write That Book! Interview with Joyce Glass

Joyce Glass is The Write Coach, helping writers through the process of writing and completing their books. Key Takeaways Links Connect with Joyce at Podcast - The Write Hour Support the show (


The Gift of Doubt

Doubt can be a gift, because it alerts us when something's amiss. Here's a way to engage doubt without getting burned. We rarely see doubt as a good thing. It’s been called a dream-killer. Something to overcome or push through. And certainly, doubt can be destructive. But I propose we take another look at the gift of doubt. Doubt can be hard to define but it plays out in indecision, hesitation, busywork, loss of enthusiasm, etc. When we encounter doubt, the first response is often...


Hope and Coffee with Mike Lane

Interview with Mike Lane of Hope Bridges, a nonprofit serving over one-hundred children in northern Thailand with food, clothing, education, and basic health care. Resources The most life-changing coffee you’ve ever had. Join the Life and Mission Community Support the show (