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Readings of Linux Manpages
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Readings of Linux Manpages




The Manpage of Man - Part I

Happy New Year, everybody! Great to have you back at this site. In this episode I'd like to feature a funky group from France called La Goutte au Nez. They release their tunes on CDs that you can buy, but also at I chose the title Chicango, which is great to start the day with. For the license have a look at CreativeCommons. Thanks for the suggestion, grep is in the process of preparation, but due to the death of a great artist of our times I prefer to read the manpage of man...


First Podcast - echo

Alright, folks, here is a new podcast - mine! Do you need it? You will see. I tell you the story: I spent the last half a year on having my Linux knowledge certified by the Linux Professional Institute, which means: reading manpages, manpages, manpages. Secondly, at the beginning of 2007 I’m going to teach a bunch of young people the advantages of open source software and the benefits of the social web aka web 2.0. Therefore I wanted to be prepared. But what could I blog, what could I...