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Join hosts Heather Fleming and Delaney Rhea for comfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics. Each episode will explore a relevant topic and teach us how to listen, learn, and love in order to create equity all around us

Join hosts Heather Fleming and Delaney Rhea for comfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics. Each episode will explore a relevant topic and teach us how to listen, learn, and love in order to create equity all around us


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Join hosts Heather Fleming and Delaney Rhea for comfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics. Each episode will explore a relevant topic and teach us how to listen, learn, and love in order to create equity all around us








Episode 62: Don’t Say Gay Bill

Florida has passed the Don’t Say Gay Bill and this week Delaney and Heather have a lot to say about the consequences of this bill, both intended and unintended. There is no shortage of laughs (mostly at Delaney’s expense) in this episode; so don’t miss this one!


Episode 61: Opinions, Everyone’s Got One

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but does that also mean that everyone has the right to make other people listen to their opinions? This is the conversation that Delaney and Heather explore in this episode.


Episode 60: Okay, I have privilege, now what?

Be sure to listen to this episode to understand why Delaney and Heather are always so excited to have Katie Sesti join on the podcast. In this episode, Katie explains to Delaney how she came to understand her own privilege and how to use it appropriately. Katie gives so much great advice on how to use power for good in anti-racism work during this conversation.


Episode 59: The Trope of the Magical Negro

Heather introduced this over-used and damaging trope to Delaney a while back. Today Delaney asks all the questions to learn more about how the Trope of the Magical Negro has been used not only throughout media but also how it plays out in real life.


Episode 58: Great Rivers Greenway

In this episode Delaney gets to interview Shaughnessy Daniels and Grace Wright about their projects working at Great Rivers Greenway and how equity plays an important role in planning and facilitating public spaces. This is a very informative episode with so much information that shouldn’t be missed, especially because a follow-up episode is already in the works.


Episode 57: Springing into Hope

Delaney admits to Heather that the warm spring day has renewed in her a sense of hope, even though many things are still concerning and in transition in our world. The conversation flows through several current emotionally charged topics and how to find the hope within them.


Episode 56: The Myth of the Absent Black Father

Heather and Delaney have a powerful discussion about the pervasive myth of absent Black fathers as the root of trouble within the Black Community. Heather gives in-depth background information and statistics dispelling this myth and celebrating the strong family ties within the Black Community.


Episode 55: Banned Book Program

In this episode Delaney interviews an In Purpose Educational Services board of directors member, Christy Potthast, about the newly created Banned Book Program that IPES is running.


Episode 54: Raising Anti-Racist Children

Katie Sesti joins this episode to share with Delaney, and the listeners, about how she is working to provide her young children with diverse experiences and to make anti-racism a normal everyday occurrence in their family.

Episode 53: European Standards of Beauty

Cillian joins Delaney and Heather in this episode to discuss the standards of beauty that are so pervasive in media and art and the damaging effects this has on those who fall outside of those narrow parameters.


Episode 52: Black History Month 2022

Heather and Delaney are BACK! After a few weeks off from recording due to holidays and illnesses, the kick-off episode of the year is just in time for Black History Month. Heather talks to Delaney about how people should focus their learning and observance of Black History Month.

Replay Episode 20: Yes And

In this last In Case You Missed It episode, Delaney and Heather dive deeper into the idea of the myth of every issue having a black or white, right or wrong, mutually exclusive standpoint. There is a power in being able to say “Yes, and…”


Replay Episode 43: Transparency Around Transgender Issues

This is an important episode not to be missed from 2021! In this episode, Delaney interviews a friend about her experiences parenting a transgender child. The honesty, authenticity, and candid conversations about the myths and realities of what it is to be transgender is such an important gift to all through this recording. Please listen and share with anyone who has questions and cares about our transgender siblings.


Replay Episode 38: The Power of AND

I've chosen this episode to replay because so often we get stuck on the idea of extremes that oppose each other and forget that there is a lot of common middle ground. The idea is that yes, this can be true, AND there is also this co-existing truth. Since this episode aired, Heather and Delaney have used this saying many times in reference back to this episode.

Replay Episode 49: The Parents' Bill of Rights Act

In Case You Missed It: this week we are replaying the episode where Heather interviews a fellow educator about the Parents' Bill of Rights Act and the state of education in Missouri. We want to make sure that no one missed this very informative episode given the numerous controversial educational bills we are seeing in state legislation.

Episode 51: End of Year Review

The whole IPES team discusses the past year of work we've done and what we are looking forward to in the year to come.

Episode 50: Addressing the War on Christmas

Katie joins Delaney and Heather this week to discuss the long cited war on Christmas and what they all do, and do not, see as problematic around the holiday season.


Episode 49: Parents' Bill of Rights

Heather Fleming interviews a Missouri educator, Cloe Telle, about the upheaval surrounding the proposed Missouri Parents' Bill of Rights and what she sees happening in the classroom every day.


Episode 48: Under Attack or Under Review

Delaney and Heather discuss the difference between having your view and opinions being attacked versus being reviewed. This conversations starts centered around Christianity and then spreads to cover many current issues.


Episode 47: Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation

Delaney and Heather tackle the difficult nuances of differentiating between cultural appreciation, which is great, versus cultural appropriation, which should be avoided. It's a tricky subject with a lot of gray areas between right and wrong, but it makes for a great conversation.