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The Savvy Accountant Live at #FinCon18 – 1st Timers at FinCon (LFS23)

I’m BACK!!!!! And it’s #FinCon18 – My 1st FinCon and I am recording live onsite. So as you noticed, I took a much needed rest for the summer months and now I am back at it and so excited that my 1st episode is being recorded LIVE from #FinCon18. I decided to do a 1st timer episode with Jeannine Brown, Breonna Vereen and myself, as it was all of our 1st time at FinCon. I am so excited for what I will be doing next with Live Financially Savvy as an entity. I want it to be more than the...


Sharon Beason of Womeneur talks about being a Successful Serial Entrepreneur (LFS22)

Sharon Beason talks about the journey she took to create several successful businesses. Sharon started her 1 business without any help and it is still around today. She then created Womeneur to help empower other women start and run successful businesses. Sharon is no non-sense and she tells it like it is! Come to her when you are serious about getting started! Don’t forget to listen to the end to hear what #LiveFinanciallySavvy means to her. You can connect with...


Bianca Robinson shares her journey on growing Cayden Cay Consulting (LFS21)

On this week’s episode of the LFS podcast, Bianca Robinson talks about her journey to growing Cayden Cay Consulting. Bianca gets into her thoughts on starting passion projects vs profit projects and she discusses what she thinks is her main reason for experiencing so much success on her own. Don’t forget to listen to the end to hear what #LiveFinanciallySavvy means to her. You can connect with Bianca InstagramWebsite Other mentions get more info here Thank you for listening!! Please...


Episode 20: Kendra James of The Finance Femme talks about Business

On this week’s episode of the LFS podcast, Kendra James of The Finance Femme talks about her journey to entrepreneurship. She explains how she currently helps others get on their journey and what steps are needed to get going. Kendra talks about fear and how not to let fear hinder your growth in your business or your finances. Don’t forget to listen to the end to hear what #LiveFinanciallySavvy means to her. You can connect with Kendra InstagramWebsite Other mentions get more details...


Episode 19: Real Estate Q & A with Nicole Rivers aka Nik The Banker

On this week’s episode of the LFS podcast, Nicole “Nik” Rivers does Q & A with me to answer questions received from the Savvy listeners on Real Estate. She answers your questions on what different loan options are available to you and what items on your credit report might affect your chances of getting a mortgage loan. As Nik has a passion to help 1 time buyers, she addresses the topic of how to get into investing with smaller down payments. Listen to what Nik says Live Financially...


Episode 18: The Savvy Accountant™ talks about a recent real estate decision

On this week’s episode of the LFS podcast, The Savvy Accountant™ discusses a recent real estate decision her and her family made in order for them to Live Financially Savvy. She discusses the difference between a 15 year mortgage and a 30 year. She also discusses her Nurture Your Finances™ event taking place in Orlando on June 23. This event will discuss ways to Create, Grow and Protect your net worth. Details can be found at Thank you for listening!! Please...


Episode 17: Makeda Smith talks about being a Savvy Chick in Real Estate

On this week’s episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Makeda Smith of Smith & Partners Realty and Savvy Chicks in Real Estate. Makeda Smith is a Multi-Million Dollar Producer as a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Illinois. She is the Co-Founder of Smith & Partners Realty Group INC. and CEO of Savvy Chicks in Real Estate INC. Makeda and I talk a lot about her journey into the real estate world. She explains what buyers need to be aware of and gives advice on...


Episode 16: Kendra Barnes talks about The Key Resource to build wealth

On this week’s episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Kendra Barnes of The Key Resource. Kendra created The Key Resource to be a resource for the community…pun intended! Kendra wanted to show us that Real Estate was not out of our reach and it is possible to purchase and build wealth through owning property. We talk about different loans such as FHA loans, conventional loans and VA loans. Kendra talks about her claim to fame, House Hacking! And we talk about how she...


Episode 15: The Savvy Accountant™ May Updates

On this episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, I talk about my favorite parts of May. I express my passion for getting this information to everyone in order to help others Live Financially Savvy! I rehash my last May interview with Chris Costello of Blooom and how his work is helping everyone optimize their retirement accounts. Sign up for your FREE analysis here and use code TSA2018 to get your 1st month FREE!! I also talk about the importance of gaining knowledge in order to...


Memorial Day Episode: Desiree Martinez talks about All-In-One Social Media and helping military wives

Desiree Martinez is an entrepreneur, domestic wannabe, and Harry Potter junkie known for her social media content plans and always saying 'yes' to new adventures. Desiree is a social media marketing entrepreneur, Air Force spouse & mom, and host of the Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast. She is also the founder of All-In-One Social Media a subscription social media service focused on helping small business grow through focused social media content while putting military spouses to...


Episode 14: Chris Costello talks Blooom and all things retirement accounts

On this week’s episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Chris Costello, one of the founders of Blooom. Blooom (with 3 Os) is a robo advisor company that helps anyone with an employer sponsored retirement plan in the US know how their plan is truly working! Are you fees too high, is your portfolio mix right for you? I had so much fun recording this episode as he was very transparent in discussing his WHY for starting Blooom. Be sure to listen for what Chris says...


Episode 13: Pam the CPA talks Taxes and Business

On this week’s episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Pam Balentine aka Pam the CPA of Viking CPA Group. We talk about some of the new tax changes that took effect due to the new Tax Reform and we discuss some business formation options to consider. Be sure to listen for what Pam says #LiveFinanciallySavvy means to her! You can connect with Pam Balentine InstagramViking CPA Group Thank you for listening!! Please Download/Subscribe/Rate wherever you listen! Also,...


Episode 12: Jasmine P Green talks about Creating a Wealthy Mindset

On this week’s episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Jasmine P, Green of Wealth Initiative Financial. Jasmine talks about creating generational wealth by addressing your initials thoughts of money. We tackle how she went from molecular biology to creating the Wealth Initiative Financial Group at 27 years old. Tell me what you think of her definition of what Live Financially Savvy means at the end of the episode! You can connect with Jasmine below InstagramTrading...


Episode 11: Sonia Lewis aka The Student Loan Doctor talks her passion

On this week’s episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Sonia Lewis of the Student Loan Doctor LLC. Sonia talks about how she got started on her personal finance journey and when she found her passion for helping people with their debt. Her company is doing amazing things in the short time they have been in business! Sonia has impacted so many people since she launched. Tell me what you think of her definition of what Live Financially Savvy means at the end of the...


Episode 10: Selvin Quire of InQuire Higher talks College Guidance

On this week’s episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Selvin Quire of InQuire Higher, a College Consulting Group. We talk about programs that InQuire Higher offer to students and their parents so that they are prepared for college. Selvin and his wife believe that you don’t know what you don’t know, so they created their business to help navigate the process of starting higher education. Tell me what you think of his definition of what Live Financially Savvy means at...


Episode 9: Nehemiah Davis of the Circle of Greatness Academy talks Business

On this episode of the Live Financially Savvy podcast, we talk to Nehemiah Davis. Nehemiah is the founder of the Nehemiah Davis Foundation and The Circle of Greatness Academy. He is an amazing business man, philanthropist and author all by the age of 30. I am excited to get to sit down and discuss all his success. But most importantly we discuss his amazing mindset and why he considers himself a student as opposed to anything else. He also believes in giving back and this is evident with...


Episode 8: Dominique Brown talks Simplifying your Finances to build Generational Wealth

Today I have the honor of talking to the Credit King himself, Dominique Brown. We talk all things credit and how he was able to achieve – the perfect credit score in America!! We discuss the breakdown of your credit score Next we discuss how to build real #GenerationalWealth, we want to move from consumer to owner. We talk about getting 100 people to save $100 a month for 100 years… this is a plan where the next generations will be set! This is a movement we can start!! Imagine $50...


Episode 7: Ash Cash and The Wake Up Call: Financial Principles from 4:44

April is Financial Literacy Month and I wanted to create a series where I highlight men doing great things for our community this month. I am kicking off my April series of Men in Finance and I start off with the Man of Cash himself, Ash Exantus aka Ash Cash of the Ash Cash Show! Ash is an author of 6 books and his latest is called The Wake-Up Call: Financial Inspiration Learned from 4:44 + A Step by Step Guide on How to Implement Each Financial Principle. Ash talks about how he got the...


Episode 6: March Confessions: When I Robbed my Future Self

So as I get over the high of celebrating my birthday last week and speaking all things Life Insurance, I wanted to take this episode to be transparent with my audience on the time I robbed my future self! Today I will discuss how I was able to pay off all my debt (consumer debt) AFTER I lost my long time job unexpectedly! I talk about what I consider good debt vs bad debt and why I believe when you increase your bad debt, you are robbing your future self of earnings. Be sure to let me...


Episode 5: Ebony Ruffin talks about Protecting Your Life

Today is a special day, we are interviewing Ebony Ruffin of Ruffin Consulting Services to discuss how you can protect your most valuable asset AND it’s my birthday!!! I love celebrating birthdays and I thought it would be fitting to discuss protecting your life on my birthday… not sure if that is ironic or not but you will definitely benefit from this episode and you will learn the importance of protecting your life in order to build generational wealth. Ebony talks about the difference...