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Magic Realism is a Podcasting Show reffering to a different view of reality.

Magic Realism is a Podcasting Show reffering to a different view of reality.




Magic Realism is a Podcasting Show reffering to a different view of reality.




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On Creation and the allegedly “Astral”… (Hors d’oeuvres)

The subject is Creation and the so-called Astral plane. This Astral plane has nothing to do with stars or constellations, and I have no idea why they named it like that. But even if the writer doesn’t agree if the godfather wishes it, ... my dear Christ you too have to walk wearing red shoes (for those who know the relative joke). It is quite common nowadays, to place under the idea of ​​parallel universes, anything we don’t seem to fully understand. Your interlocutor simply mentions “It is...


Do you honestly believe what you say? I asked myself.

Well to be totally honest, I consider it to be the most complete idea of what a human is and where he is heading to. But let's take it from the start, one step at a time. As beings, we are part of a set whose edges are not at all defined. This set contains not only the physical perception of things but also the paraphysics, the metaphysics, the transcendent, and recently addition, the quantum view of the whole. And this, more or less, is self-evident. If we wish to stay only on one of its...


The myth of our mud origin!

So, the human being is the capping stone of creation. In a very graphic way, the holy scripts explain how God took mud and created the human being. Mud, therefore, constitutes that part of the cosmic being that has to do with the Essence, that is, with the Cycle or Level of Essence. The whole course from that moment until the blow of the Divine Breath of God himself has to do with the place of origin of that special being.


Even this One does not exist.

Even this One does not exist, my dear friend. I wish it were just that! But even if I accept to take up the gauntlet that you very skillfully threw to me, it still needs a lot of audacity since the above quote belongs in my opinion to the most significant thinker, poet, and philosopher of our days, to Nikos Kazantzakis. And I call him only a poet and not a writer because his books are not novels, they are poems. In this respect, there are two words that I personally think we need to...


Pour passer le temps

Do you remember me visiting you in the maternity hospital the day you were born? What am I saying?! You can not possibly remember these years. Those years while you were yourself, it was like you were not. Yes, I can say with certainty it was you the person I was holding in my hands, the one I embraced with tenderness, the reason you don’t remember any of these is simply because your memory is not you. You are something else. And of course, you are not your body cells because all of your...


Letter to a Child

Letter to a child


I came from the stars. How about you?

Many times, we state effortlessly: “I come from the stars, and that’s where I feel that my home is!” However, what does that mean? Is it essential to know our origin to live a more fulfilling life? My personal opinion on such matters is yes. We really need to know the meaning of that and to think of a plan that can put order in our life. Of course, it is not harmful to change this plan during our life when the data are also changed. On the contrary, reforming our own plan is the only...


Get bang for the buck! We have heaven, and we have hell!

Get bang for the buck! We have heaven, and we have hell! Let’s get serious now, there is no Paradise nor Hell. Whoever dies, is dead for good. Maybe he strolls around for a while, unknown where, and then he shows up for his final transfer. "I don’t know how I spend my life, my friend," he says, wanting to change Saint Peters’ mind – by the way we have to consider that there was another doorman before him since that door existed from the beginning of time - "but I have a list with a thousand...


The primary resident at the penthouse cannot remember my name!

The man with the cash, primary resident at the penthouse cannot remember my name! And there was evening, and there was morning, and yes, the good God had created everything according to his will, but I was still lost. Mainly because my personal problem was not my only concern, I also had you to think about because if you found out the truth, you would probably delete me as a "friend" and without friends on the internet, what is life worth?


Are you serious? The snake is to blame?



Light at the end of the tunnel?



Are we all waiting in an anteroom for souls?



I can not stand anymore what I am hearing, so let’s talk about death!



Isn’t karma the same with destiny?



News flash: God and Nietzsche died. What did you expect?



And God said, “Let there be light …” and turned off the switch!



God talking… in my sleep



Which is the mathematical function of Creation? Are you kidding me!



Angels, Deamons, Humans



Letter to a child

My dear child, I am writing this letter so that I share with you something that’s happening to me, which you are most certainly a part of. After this, a lot of things will change in our relationship. But no matter what, I will always call you my child. You see, I am the older one, and you are the younger one. Let’s start from scratch. Strange things happen to me lately. The most important of them being that a big circle in my life has ended. I don’t recall exactly when it has begun. I...