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Where salon owners, providers, and others unite to help build and elevate our industry.

Where salon owners, providers, and others unite to help build and elevate our industry.
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Where salon owners, providers, and others unite to help build and elevate our industry.








Mediation in Business with Michaele Gantz | Finger Lakes Mediation

The purpose of these podcasts are to help all of us become better boss' and better people as a whole! Do you know what mediation is? Do you know how business mediation can help you? You're about to find out from a Mediator herself how it can help you when running into employee conflicts, business to business conflicts, etc... You will hear from Michaele Gantz from Finger Lakes Mediation! It's the beauty of mediation! It's such a powerful tool that so many of us don't know about. It's so...


10 Things I Learned After Having Employees

I am so excited to say that we are in our 6th year, almost about to enter into our 7th year of business. We've had our ups and our downs but really just all learning. Running a business is something else, let me tell you... Ten things I have learned about having employees. 1- Your employees will drain the life out of you... (until you find the right ones!) 2- Establish Boundaries! 3- Red flags? No seriously it's a red flag!! No it's not yellow, not orange, it's freaking RED! 4- You will...


Facts Vs. Story - How your reaction to an event causes the outcome!

"When your emotions are high your intelligence is low" Learning how to separate the facts from your story is a pretty awesome life skill. It will help you not only make it through super difficult conversations in your lifetime, but quite possibly can help strengthen your relationships you have with your co-workers, your boss, your significant other, and.... yourself! If you want to work through a Fact vs. Story scenario you're dealing with, reach out! I'd love to have you on this podcast!...


Mastering Curls Worldwide Cuba 2019

Get ready to hear all about our team's trip to Havana, Cuba where we were blessed to teach an incredible group of cosmetology students at Artecorte! Our 2019 team had talents from around the WORLD, thanks to our friends from Australia! We spent a week with the students, explored the city, ate too much food, and cut hair on the street! Find us on Instagram! ☆ Check out our 2019 Team! ☆ ☆Ron Suriano - Schenectady, NY Moisture Salon - @moisturesalon ☆Jordan Betts - Rochester, NY Mint...


Welcome to Making It Awesome - Salon Industry Education

Welcome to MIA Education, we are so excited that you're here and that you're joining this journey with us! We have so much information to share, so many incredible people to talk to, and I hope to some day talk to YOU! In this podcast our intention is to teach, educate, and support each other in anyway possible! We will be hearing from other salon owners, service providers, space designers, mediators, lawyers, salon managers, tax advisors, clients, sales representatives, and any one we work...