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Loneliness and Connection - 048

Loneliness is a real problem. Lonely people aren’t just sadder, they are actually unhealthier and they die younger. Loneliness raises stress levels, impedes sleep, and makes depression and anxiety worse. And the scariest part is, loneliness is becoming a bigger problem. Ironically, even though we’re more connected than we’ve ever been through technology, in the physical realm, we’re more disconnected than we’ve ever been. America’s suicide rate increased by 25% between 1999 and 2016. So if...


Bold Moves for Big Dreamers - 047

Have you ever wondered how really successful people got their start? We learned last week that yeah, talent will give you a leg up, but as much as talent counts, effort counts twice as much. Sure, a lot of people come from money or went to fancy private schools and have all the connections already set for them to make it big. But what about everyone else? How did Maya Angelou go from growing up in the depression to being arguably the greatest poet of our time? How did Lady Gaga go from...


Developing Grit, Passion and Perseverance - 046

People are generally pretty awesome right? Sometimes I look at athletes are incredibly successful people and think, "I wish I could do that." You have to be born with it right? Or have you just trained for 10,000 hours? Had to be… it's just unfair otherwise right? That’s what we’re exploring today. What does it take to be successful. Is it natural talent? Or is it the will to persevere. And if it’s the latter, are you born with that relentless drive? Or can it be developed? We talk to Angela...


Body Mindfulness for Stress and Emotional Strength - 045

This is one of those that is full of actionable tips that you can apply immediately to completely change how you feel in a specific situation. Our body will reflect our mood. We all know that our body will slump when we’re feeling defeated or we frown when we are sad, but there’s a lot of research that that can also be reversed… kind of like those times we fake sick at work or school and suddenly we wonder, wait why do I feel blah right now? Or faking a smile can uplift our spirits. Body...


Empowered Dating, Love and Relationships - 044

Today our guest is Evin Rose Lipman, a love and dating coach. She guides and supports women in creating empowered dating lives and dreamy relationships. This episode will be fun because you’re going to get both sides of the coin… You have Evin who is still out there rocking the dating scene which is great because although I’ve only been married a few years, I don’t know what dating is like anymore. That shit changes so fast. And then you’ll get the perspective from the married woman. Me. And...


Recovery, Labeling Ourselves and Telling Our Stories - 043

Before I started Mind love, i couldn’t have predicted the amount of healing I would find through sharing my story. On one hand people might say, well that seems painful why would you want to dig that up, but on the other, it frees up space. Our guest today specializes in helping you unpack your shit to get it on paper and the moment I heard her story I knew I wanted her on the show. Her name is Anna David. She’s a New York Times bestselling author and her life reflects that of someone with a...


Reinventing Yourself and Your Thinking for a New Career - 042

We talk a lot about following your passion, or creating a life you love and manifesting your desires. But easier said that done right? Some of you are thinking, "well what if I’ve been working in one type of job for the last decade and it’s all I know? This is who i am!" But this is limited thinking. We are so much more than our little brains can even comprehend. So the first step is believing all things are possible... but then what? Today we're learning to reset our thinking to make room...


Curiosity and Creativity for Greatness - 041

Today we are going to discover exactly what it takes to achieve greatness. It's easy to look at other people’s lives and assume, "Well I could never do that." But the truth is, we can do anything. Be anything. Achieve anything. It just takes choosing to become that, and then following through. Today we’re talking to someone who has reached the top in nearly every aspect of life. Although he came from a modest family, by age 19 he already traveled the world solo, biked 10,000 miles across...


Reconnect with your Body and Radiate your Sexual Essence - 040

Most of us, especially entrepreneurs have unbalanced feminine and masculine energy. We all need a balance of feminine energy, but over hundreds of years we’ve been taught feminine energy is weak. Those who have dealt with physical, sexual or emotional abuse are even more disconnected from our bodies. To explain how this happened, we need to learn the true history of women. It’s easy to believe women have been starting from the ground up, slowly claiming more and more power with voting rights...


Use Words to Create Your Reality with Conscious Communication - 039

Today we’re talking about how our words don’t just influence our lives, they create our realities. We've all heard this in some forms, whether the power of affirmations, or that if we talk badly about our selves or others, we'll feel badly about them. There have even been studies showing that people with smaller vocabularies are less able to process emotions or relate to other people... because they don't have the words to conceptualize it. But there's an upside: With awareness, you can...


How You Speak Creates Your Reality with Conscious Communication - 039

Today we’re talking about how our words don’t just influence our lives, they create our realities. We've all heard this in some forms, whether the power of affirmations, or that if we talk badly about our selves or others, we'll feel badly about them. There have even been studies showing that people with smaller vocabularies are less able to process emotions or relate to other people... because they don't have the words to conceptualize it. But there's an upside: With awareness, you can...


Channeling Spirit Guides - 038

When I first started Mind Love, I wrote a bucket list of people I wanted to bring on my show… and no joke, this person was top of my list. Our guest today is Paul Selig - author, psychic and spiritual medium. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. He's also the author of my 5 favorite books of all time: What really makes this guest special is he didn’t just write these books, he channeled them. He spoke the text aloud, which was then transcribed… with NO EDITING. And for those...


Lose Weight with Meditation - 037

Food and eating are pretty weighted issues… pun intended. When it comes to food the odds are against us from all angles… first, 70% of our food is processed, we’re pressured with the perfect body type in the media and then there’s our own deep-seated emotional issues that add to it all. If we aren’t aware, these things can consume us. We’ve talked about food before, but in today’s episode is a little different because we’re going to get into the research of the results. This isn’t JUST about...


The Gratitude Formula for Wealth and Business Success - 036

Entrepreneurs and business-driven listeners will love this episode. Or really for anyone with goals. All of us right? 😉 If you haven’t felt successful before, success can feel impossible, like others were given a secret that the rest of us are missing. But our guest today says that success is a system, not a secret. May McCarthy has co-founded and grown seven successful companies in a variety of industries to as large as 250 employees with over $100 million in annual revenues. She lays out...


Lucid Dreaming for Creativity, Healing and Exploration - 035

Lucid dreaming is when you’re dreaming and you’re aware that you’re dreaming. If you haven’t experienced it, imagine being in a world where the usual laws of reality don’t apply and anything is possible. A recent study in Germany found that about half the population has had a lucid dream and they usually start at younger ages. For some people it comes naturally, but just like anything, what you focus on expands so if you’re set on lucid dreaming and you put in the work, there’s a good chance...


The Surprising Psychology of BDSM - 034

Today we’re exploring a realm I have yet to hear on a mindfulness show, but I really think there are so many benefits to being opening your mind to things outside of your comfort zone and when I go over some of these stats in a minute, you’ll see why. We’re talking about BDSM with a professional dominatrix. BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. Recent psychological studies have actually shown that people who partake in BDSM might actually be happier, and healthier. Today...


Overcome Anxiety and Rewire Your Brain - 033

Today we’re talking about anxiety. It’s been one of my most requested topics, which makes sense because it’s apparently become the number one mental health issue in North America. It’s estimated that 1/3 of the American adult population experiences anxiety-related issues. Anxiety can affect everything because everything is connected. Our minds and bodies have limited stamina so when energy and resources are being funneled into dealing with some chronic issue, it takes away energy and...


Developing Intuition and Manifesting Success - 032

For a lot of people the word intuition can seem very woowoo. It’s more universally accepted when referring to mother’s intuition, but intuition be critical to both career and business success as well. We've touched on intuition before and we've talked about listening to our bodies which is part of intuition, but today we're doing a deep dive so that we can actually know what to look for, what it feels like, what to expect and how to strengthen these skills. Our guest today, Candice Thomas,...


The Science of Sleep - 031

Today we’re talking about sleep. It’s a topic that’s been requested a few times and apparently it’s a HUGE problem. 50-70 million adults have a sleep disorder. Over 1/3 the population gets less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Insomnia affects 30% of adults. And as we’ll learn in this episode, sleep deprivation can affect every area of your life, including mood, cognitive abilities, obesity, your immune system, reproductive functions, the list goes on. Our guest today, Christine Hansen, is a...


Transgender, Identity and Being Who You Really Are - 030

Today’s episode we’re talking about becoming who you really are and we’re going to do that with a little insight into the transgender community. Some people may not think transgender issues necessarily affect them but the energy of a few affects the collective energy of the whole. If some of our people are oppressed or stigmatized, we feel that on an energetic level. We can all relate on some level to having assumptions about ourselves that don’t really feel like us, but what if this...