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23: Social Anxiety, Shyness, and Being Yourself - 023

If you get nervous in social situations―meeting your partner's friends, public speaking, standing awkwardly in the elevator with your boss―you've probably been told, “Just be yourself!” But that's easier said than done―especially if you're prone to social anxiety. 40% of people consider themselves shy. Today Ellen Hendriksen teaches us the signs and types of social anxiety, how to identify the safety behaviors holding you back, and actions you can take to start thriving around people.


Sacred Plant Medicine and Psychedelics - 022

Curious about sacred plant medicine such as ayahuasca, ibogaine, and 5-MeO-DMT? Me too! Learn the different types of plants, cacti and even toad venom, their psychedelic effects and how to choose the right one. Whether healing from addiction to sexual trauma, or the desire to expand your consciousness and get in touch with the oneness and connectedness of the universe, this is for you. Our guest Tricia Eastman is a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance with a mission to inspire others to...


Transformation in 9-Minutes a Day - 021

Dina Proctor struggled with alcohol addiction, food issues and suicidal depression. Her accidental method "3x3 Meditation" (3 minutes, 3 times a day), is supported by neuroscientists and cell biologists who explain how even three minutes, done several times a day, can literally rewire the pathways in our brains for success. This easy and yet incredibly effective method has gained support of Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton, PhD for weight loss, addictive cravings and even reconstructing...


Change, Challenge, and Adversity – 020

In 2002, Lyena Strelkoff fell 25 feet from a tree and became paraplegic. A lifelong dancer, the change should have crushed her. Instead, it was a catalyst, turning her life to gold. Today, Lyena is a Transformation Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Storyteller dedicated to elevating the way humans respond to change, challenge, and adversity. In this episode we learn how to find acceptance life’s biggest falls, how to find opportunities to become more than we were in every challenge, and...


Money Mindset and Manifesting – 019

One of the most discussed topics around the Law of Attraction is how to manifest money. Many people fail when manifesting money due to the way they perceive money and the stress, anxiety and concern that comes with it. Today, we talk to Kathrin Zenkina, a coach and manifesting expert, who has helped thousands of women let go of past programming and limiting beliefs around money. We will unlock the mindset of abundance and wealth, rather than scarcity and lack AND learn to create a plan for...


Cannabis for Mindfulness, Health and Sex – 018

When life gets stressful, it can be easy to forget who we are and what is important. Since meditation is centered on the concept of self-love, balance, and mending the mind, certain strains of marijuana may actually compliment your practice. By allowing you to let go of the grip of stress, you can approach your problems with a new mindset, where you observe your mind and body, identify the root of the problem and seek solutions more objectively. Our guest Laura Albers will also teach us...


Professional Cuddler on Human Connection, Touch and Intimacy – 017

Human touch is a basic need, yet its becoming more difficult to establish personal, physical connections. Studies show loneliness and unhappiness are correlated… social scientists say we are increasingly feeling disillusioned and depressed. Fei Wyatt, a Professional Cuddler talks on the healing power of presence, non-judgment, and affectionate touch. With a background in psychology, she is experienced in working with trauma, grief, depression, attachment, relationships and intimacy, and...


Mind Body Mysteries and Chinese Medicine - 016

Our mindset is about more than just mental health and happiness. Eastern philosophies have been saying this for centuries. In fact, the more science uncovers, the more we realize these ancient traditions were right all along. Brodie Welch is an acupuncturist, herbalist and expert in holistic health, self-care and Chinese Medicine. We're going to bridge the gap between what we know we should be doing to take care of ourselves and what we're actually doing, including learning how to listen...


Secrets of Resilience - 015

Why do some people crumble in the face of adversity, while others find strength? Today we talk to Cheryl Hunter, a two-time bestselling author and coach about resilience. While traveling abroad as a teenager, she was abducted by two criminals who held her captive, and eventually left her for dead. Be it from from trauma or just stuck in a dead-end job or relationship, learn her real-world solutions for finding freedom from the self-imposed captivity people face each day.


Feminine Power vs. Gender Bias - 014

Women’s power and femininity are often misunderstood, especially in the workplace. Emotions are seen as fragility. Feminism is seen as overly aggressive. Beauty and style are seen as vanity. As women, our femininity is part of what makes us POWERFUL. Today we talk to Anna Wood, "female empoweress" and the Founder/CEO of Brains over Blonde, a lifestyle platform for women who REFUSE to choose between femininity and success. #FlexYourFemale Show notes: https://mindlove.com/014


Food, Feelings & Addictions - 013

Ever eat your feelings? If you're blaming your lack of self-control, be easy on yourself. Emotional eating is a thing and it goes deeper than you might think.... Just like any other addiction. Today we talk to Lisa Carpenter, is a nutrition and life coach who helps people connect deeply with their emotions to stop addictive behaviors from controlling their future. Show notes: https://mindlove.com/013


Zero-Waste Mindset for a Simpler Life - 012

A zero-waste lifestyle, or even reducing the amount of waste we create, is as much of a mindset as it is practical actions. Today we talk to Niki Wallace, founder of Almost Zero a sustainability consultancy focused on helping people "rethink rubbish" in their homes and workplaces. Niki says reducing waste just comes down to simplifying your life or rethinking your methods of consumption. As we simplify more areas of our lives, happiness levels increase and stress decreases... plus we...


Limiting Beliefs to Vibrant Visions

Limiting beliefs got you down? If you're feeling unfulfilled, stuck, lost, or uninspired, this episode is for you. Today we talk to Julie Cielo, Former Funeral Director turned Yoga Therapist, Gut Expert and Transformational Coach. Her traumatic childhood manifested through her body leaving her searching for answers in all the wrong places. Through her inspiring journey, you'll learn how to unlock the blockages that can keep you from fulfilling your purpose and thriving with a high...


Finding Your Voice – Transformation for Singers, Speakers and Seekers - 010

Your voice is your primary form of self expression. Our voices are meant to be an extensions of who we are. It's not just singing, it's also the way we speak, or when we choose not to speak or the voices in our heads and how they interact with each other. Today we talk to Helane Anderson, a brilliant and profoundly empathetic sound healer and author and creator of You Are Meant to Sing! 6 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice transformational program and book. Helane is an Inner Voice Coach,...


Never Get Sick Again with Cold Showers, Ice Baths & Inner Fire - 009

What if you there was a method you could practice to never get sick again... and even learn to control your blood pressure, metabolism, and heart rate? Sounds awesome right? Today's show is all about the Wim Hof Method which uses breathing exercises and exposure to extreme cold to control your Autonomic Nervous System, connect with nature and basically become superhuman. Remember all that stuff about bundling up in the cold to avoid getting sick? Yeah… well all that’s apparently bullsh*t.


Rituals that Make or Break Us – 008

The need for ritual is a basic human instinct, as real, as urgent and as raw as our need for food, shelter and love. And it is every bit as crucial to our survival. But sometimes rituals can lead you into a dangerous downward spiral. Today we talk to Aarona Lea, creator of The Moon Deck – an interactive oracle deck – about her struggle with eating disorders and a bipolar mother. Plus, we learn a powerful writing exercise to create our perfect mantras. Show Notes: https://mindlove.com/008


Developing Your Psychic Intuition and Protecting Your Energy - 007

Are you highly sensitive? Do people call you overly emotional? Does other peoples' energy affect your own? You might be an empath, which means you can feel and take on the energy of those around you. This makes you even more in tune with your psychic senses! We're all energetic and intuitive beings. Developing your intuition starts with awareness and expands with practice. Today we talk to Intuitive coach and psychic healer Janet Raftis to learn to identify our psychic energies and learn...


How to Have Your Healthiest Breakup Ever by Conscious Uncoupling - 006

In today’s episode, you will learn how to break up like a boss, free yourself from the pain and transform what would’ve been a hurtful heartbreak into an act of consciously letting go with love. Show notes: https://mindlove.com/006


How to Use Music to Change Your Brain - 005

Did you know there's a science behind using music and sound to alter your states of consciousness? Josh Brill, teacher of Nada Yoga or the Yoga of Sound, will teach us how to use music for mindfulness and boosting your moods. Show notes: https://mindlove.com/005


Find Your Inner Gangster Strength - 004

Have you ever felt stuck? What about stuck and scared for your life? Stephanie Bellinger of Spiritual Boss Babe will share her riveting story how she escaped a terrifying situation, turned fear into excitement and created her dream life. Show notes: https://mindlove.com/004


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