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Talk, news, and interviews with experts. Each week we share fascinating new topics to understand Modern Education.

Talk, news, and interviews with experts. Each week we share fascinating new topics to understand Modern Education.


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Talk, news, and interviews with experts. Each week we share fascinating new topics to understand Modern Education.




Meet the Press: Mica Soellner on the 2020 Election

Mica Soellner is a political reporter for the Appleton Post Crescent and the USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin focusing on the 2020 presidential election. She travels the state to talk to voters, attend candidate visits and follow grassroots political activity across Wisconsin. She is also a contributor to PolitiFact Wisconsin where she fact checks Wisconsin's congressional delegation and state officials. This was a pre-recorded episode on March 4, 2020 at KZSU Stanford. Guest: Mica...


Elizabeth Kozleski on Inclusion and Special Education

Elizabeth Kozleski sat down to discuss her work in teacher training and special education. Her focus on transformative education and liberation pedagogy really helps paint a picture of where education can go and the power teachers have to make that change. We take a broad look at what happens in teacher empowerment and the philosophical understandings that might facilitate change. Episode originally recorded on February 26, 2020 at KZSU Stanford. Guest: Elizabeth Kozleski Host: Benjamin...


Chris Thomas Advisor to the Education Global Practice at the World Bank

Christopher Thomas is an Advisor to the Education Global Practice at the World Bank. Prior to taking this position he was Lead Strategy Officer for the World Bank Group. He has served as Advisor to the World Bank President’s Special Envoy, where his portfolio included the Sustainable Development Goals, Financing for Development, and relations with Multilateral Development Banks. Episode originally aired on January 31, 2020 at KZSU Stanford. Guest: Chris Thomas Host: Benjamin S....


Ingvi Ómarsson comes on to discuss his experience in education innovation.

Ingvi Ómarsson is an Icelandic educator working on studies here at the Graduate School of Education in Stanford. His views on creating change in the classroom come from personal experience as a teacher. Tune in to hear all about it and check out his website for more info: Episode originally aired on September 27, 2019 at KZSU Stanford. Guest: Ingvi Ómarsson Host: Benjamin S. Woodford Cohost: Emily Quiles Associates: Bianca Al-Shamari, Ebbie...


Michael Tomasello talks about the origin and development of human capabilities.

Michael Tomasello calls in for an informative hour helping us understand the development of our species and the capabilities we grow into along the way. His new book "Becoming Human: A Theory of Ontogeny" develops deep insights into the human trajectory. Listen in and check out Tomasello's website: Episode originally aired on October 25, 2019 at KZSU Stanford. Guest: Michael Tomasello Host: Benjamin S. Woodford Cohost: Diego Sierra


The Homeless Prenatal Program with Martha Ryan

In 1989, Martha Ryan founded Homeless Prenatal Program to provide free prenatal care to at-risk pregnant women. In that first year, HPP provided prenatal care to 72 women. Twenty-nine years later, HPP has a staff of 90 (half former clients) that serves 3,500 families annually. Episode originally aired on February 7, 2020 at KZSU Stanford. Guest: Martha Ryan Host: Benjamin S. Woodford Cohost: Emily Quiles Associates: Bianca Al-Shamari, Ebbie Banks


Raven Solomon talks about inter-generational understanding and balance

Special guest Raven Solomon visits the show to discuss her work with inter-generational equity and the value of diversity as a business asset. Her experience, insights, stories, and attitude, are a great lesson and her work is timely. Her book, "Leading Your Parents" can be found on her website. Recorded live and originally aired on 90.1 FM KZSU Stanford on 1/31/2020. Guest: Raven Solomon Host: Benjamin S....


Darren Kleinberg on a New Approach to Learning

Darren Kleinberg is an ordained rabbi and a holds a PhD in Religious Studies. He is currently serving in his seventh year as Head of School at Kehillah Jewish High School, in Palo Alto, CA, and is a Visiting Scholar with the Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Darren is currently thinking, teaching, and writing about the cultivation of wisdom in educational settings and is the author of Hybrid Judaism: Irving Greenberg, Encounter, and...


The Gift of Giving

It's the Christmas season, and yes, we used this as an excuse to talk about gifts. Dating back to our homo sapiens tendencies, we dig into the psychology of why we love to receive and give gifts. From material to nonmaterial, its just nice to be reminded, "Hey I love you." Originally aired on 6 December 2019 on 90.1FM KZSU Stanford.


Matt Bowman on Collaborating to Solve Thought Problems

Matt Bowman is the Executive Director of the Zephyr Institute – a community of scholars, students and professionals committed to understand trends of humanity. His work focuses on innovative technologies for education. He holds a B.A. in History from UC Berkeley, explaining his love for the thoughtful art of historical philosophy. With his drive to connect to gain the bigger picture, he has also cofounded EdSurge, a news service for education entrepreneurs. His experience extends to Teach...


Guest Emily Hahn (Bonnie from Toy Story 3), how high school literally saved her life

Our guest this week discusses her amazing journey from withering away with out a diagonsis, to studying neurobiology at stanford with researchers on the cutting edge of research in her affliction. Her journey is truly remarkable and heart warming. Tune in for more detail and check out additional episodes of Modern Education.


Guest Ryan Prior sits down to discuss the intersection between work and life.

This week we talk with CNN's Ryan Prior as he discusses his personal journey. We explore the purpose behind his body of work in context of his own struggles and learning along the way.


London's Calling

Our co-host Emily Quiles will be leaving to London. For her last episode, Emily talks about her time at Modern Education. Originally aired on 16 August 2019 at KZSU Stanford.


Marine Biologist Dives Deep into Virtual Reality

Géraldine Fauville, a marine biologist from Belgium, grew up with 40 miles of coast line. She was drawn into the mysteries of the ocean. She is now a practitioner on international ocean literacy projects and a researcher on how virtual reality technology can hep support ocean literacy. Originally aired on 7 August 2019, at KZSU Stanford.


IDEAS Fellowship

We sit down with a panel of PhD students and PhD hopefuls who have worked together on their research projects. With themes of mentorship and experience, we look into the importance of opportunities that expand our visions of self. Originally aired on 2 August 2019 at KZSU Stanford.


Your Hopes and Dreams

Modern Education takes a moment to discuss our hopes and dreams and everything in between. Originally aired on 26 July 2019 at KZSU Stanford.


Zebrafish and Sleep

We know animals sleep but what's happening while they sleep has been relatively unknown. Philippe Mourrain, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and fellow researchers published their research, "Neural Signatures of Sleep in Zebrafish." The study found that zebrafish go through rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep), suggesting that common neural signatures of sleep may have emerged in the vertebrate brain over 450 million years ago. Originally aired on 19 July 2019 at...


Training your Dog Told by Experts

Our panel of guests talk about training our dog friends. With the insight of our guests we outline ways to incorporate these training methods. Guests: Nan Daley, Judy Cummings and Francesca Alonzo. Originally aired on 12 July 2019 at KZSU Stanford.


The Disability Label

Bob Martinengo has an idea: to make online material to textbooks accessible for the blind. We talk with Martinengo about his accessibility label and why publishers haven't made this a possibility sooner. Originally aired on 5 July 2019 at KZSU Stanford.


California Wildfires with Chris Field

Chris Field is a scientist and researcher at Stanford University, who has contributed to the field of climate change. He has worked on improving climate models to renewable energy systems and community organizations to minimize the risk of a tragedy of the commons. Originally aired on 21 June 2019 at KZSU Stanford.