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Modern Manifestation is your weekly dose of personal development topics to keep you motivated. Get empowered as we jump into money, mindset, and manifestation topics.

Modern Manifestation is your weekly dose of personal development topics to keep you motivated. Get empowered as we jump into money, mindset, and manifestation topics.


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Modern Manifestation is your weekly dose of personal development topics to keep you motivated. Get empowered as we jump into money, mindset, and manifestation topics.






48. Reset Your Mindset

If you want to manifest the things you want, and you're struggling to do it, start by resetting your mindset so that you can create your life from a place of positivity. Your mindset is a cycle of your emotions, creating your thoughts, which create your behaviors, repeat. When you've never worked on your mindset, its common to have negative emotional programming. Whatever your default mindset is, positive or negative, its responsible for creating your current reality. Your mindset is the...


47. How to Create a Manifestation Box

In this episode, I talk about one of my favorite manifestation tools that makes manifesting easier. This tool is called the Manifestation Box, aka the Creative Box. I got this idea from a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ask and It Is Given. I love the idea of a Manifestation Box because it is a type of visualization practice that you can integrate throughout the day without having to set aside more time in your already busy schedule. Want more manifestation tools to utilize while you're on...


46. The Secret to Manifestation

People ALWAYS want to know "the secret" to manifesting (and no, I'm not talking about THE Secret by Rhonda Byrne). Today we talk about the TYPE of desire you want to focus on when manifesting your goals, tools to help you become the version of you that will accomplish them, and what a manifesting mindset actually looks like. When people first hear about manifestation, they’re usually like “I’m doing all the things… meditating, visualizing, journaling, I’m crushing this manifestation thing! I...


45. Feng Shui for Money

Dive in as we discuss the number one Feng Shui tip for creating abundance and prosperity alongside the three main areas to focus on to increase luck, money, and wealth.


44. Branding for Success | An Interview with Aleya Harris

In this episode, I had an exciting opportunity to interview Aleya Harris, Owner of Flourish Marketing and a branding expert. With executive experience in both the corporate and entrepreneur worlds, Aleya has a unique perspective on the importance of building your personal brand. We get into what branding is and how to start, how to place value on your expertise, rookie mistakes most new business owners make, how to incorporate practical spirituality, and how we can leverage personal branding...


43. Back Packing Italy | A Manifestation Story

Today I share one of my favorite manifestation stories! Tune in to hear more about the time I backpacked Italy.


42. Your Diet is Blocking You

Dieting is impacting your ability to manifest. Diets for the purpose of weight loss, not for health reasons, really impact your vibe. And, the very idea of dieting stems from a scarcity mindset. You can't appreciate and love yourself and dislike your body. You can't have an abundant mindset and dislike your body. The diet mindset causes stress, guilt, and shame. It causes you to "should" all over yourself. Let’s dive into the concept of dieting, and what else you can do to achieve health.


41. Get to Know the New You

How often do you make it a priority to get to know the you that you are today? Getting to know yourself, or dating yourself, is less about how you can distract yourself. It’s about getting rid of the distractions. It’s about finding out who you are when you strip away the layers of other people’s expectations. It’s about finding out who you are at your core when the lights are all off. Tune in to learn more about the benefits and the tips I have for really getting to know who you are.


40. Burnout from a Scarcity Mindset

As things return to a new normal, hectic schedules and crazy social calendars resume. But at what cost? Most professionals suffer from burnout; a symptom of a scarcity mindset. So instead of calling downtime "laziness" we need to remember the importance of rest on our health, productivity, and our ability to manifest. Instead of treating rest as the absence of work, consider it the power source of productivity.


39. Manifest More Money

For some reason, in the manifestation world.... people seem to think that manifesting money is harder than everything else. But, I’m here to tell you that it is not. It is the same process to manifest $10 as it is to manifest $100,000. Becoming an energetic match for money requires you to work on your mindset to get in the same frequency as money. Tune in to learn some money mindset tips to help you reset and manifest actual cash.


38. Top Manifestation FAQs | You Asked, I Answered

This week, I've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions I'm asked about manifestation. Instead of jumping into one particular manifestation topic, let's dive into a few of the questions you had for me. We cover why manifestation isn't working, if you have to be spiritual, how to separate the "how" from intention, and whether or not you can manifest sickness. Tune in to hear more!


37. Turn Knowledge Into Wealth | An Interview with Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell is an author coach who discusses her journey as a career woman creating her own wealth, knowing when to own the title of "expert", teaching others from your own experiences, building a business from the ground up, how other women can change the trajectory of their lives, and more! Interested in learning how to become an expert? Want to know how to turn your knowledge into wealth? Love hearing stories about other women who created their own path to wealth? Tune in.


36. React Less Manifest More

Your stress levels are a part of your identity which impacts your ability to manifest. Most of us are high achievers, so finding ourselves stressed is not uncommon. However, to manifest a better life, we have to control our reactions. Learn 9 steps that will help you step out of the fight or flight response and into the parasympathetic mode by reducing your reactivity to perceived stressors. We talk about what the sympathetic system is, how it impacts the body and your ability to manifest,...


35. Reacting to Life in Fight or Flight

Many of us are going through life in a constant state of fight or flight which significantly impacts our energy and our frequency. And, your reactions are key to switching the fight or flight response on and off. Your reactions are just as important as the healthy habits you form; they tell us HOW YOU’RE SHOWING UP regularly. How you REACT to external stimuli determines what you're manifesting more of. Tune in to learn more about the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.


34. Identify What is Holding You Back

Manifestation happens as a result of your identity. But are you aware of all of the things that make up that identity, including the negative beliefs? Tune in to understand how negative beliefs influence your ability to manifest, and how you can begin to identify them.


33. What You Want to Know About Sex Therapy & Manifestation | An Interview with Susan Morgan Taylor

In this episode, I had an exciting opportunity to interview.....a SEX THERAPIST! Susan Morgan Taylor is amazingly insightful and full of great information for women (and men) seeking a stronger sexuality, spirituality, and femininity. Learn more about tuning into the needs of your body, opening safe lines of communication with your partner, and understanding that sex is a gift that everyone can enjoy with the right tools and information. How can you ask your partner for more during sex? How...


32. Is Productivity Or Pleasure Better for Manifesting?

Do you feel like you need to earn joy? Relaxation? So many of us are on this path of growth. Wanting to grow ourselves mentally, spiritually, financially.... but we get so focused on these areas of growth that we forget to enjoy our lives too. Instead, we tend to get so transactional. Pleasure? No time for it. OR, I haven't earned it yet. What if we lived a life of pleasure instead of productivity? How might that help us? Join this discussion to hear more.


31. Why Taking Action Matters

The Law of Action states that you have to do something to achieve what you want. Manifestation is about finding that balance. Not doing too much that you’re in resistance and not releasing, and not doing too little that you’re not giving the Universe enough to work with to help you manifest what you want. Tune in to hear my personal story where I learned this lesson.


30. Letting Shit Go

Am I doing too much? How can I do less and achieve more? Today we jump into another manifestation topic—the art of letting TF go. Releasing, not caring... too much. Let's talk about why it is important to get in flow and let shit go.


29. How I Manifested My Partner

How did I manifest my husband? Story time! We jump into the trauma I needed to experience, the relationships I needed to endure, the healing I had to allow, and then the ultimate path toward letting go and manifesting my now life partner. While your circumstance may be different, I hope you can learn from my journey to inform your own.