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Issue 10: Joltin' Amy Jablonski Talks with the Doc

Doc Carter shares an opportunity for teachers to get a free clasroom library from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, discusses an unfortunate database on school shootings, and interviews North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Amy Jablonaki on her plans for North Carolina's public education system.


Issue 9: Mighty Jen Mangrum Talks with the Doc

In this three-feature episode, Doc Carter discusses a new article on research detailing the detriments of cell phone proximics in classrooms, shares the parting words of a career educator who is leaving teaching now that it has become so "toxic," and interviews 2020 candidate for North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Jen Mangrum.


Issue 8: Doc Carter(and Family)and the March, Part II

Doc Carter shares commentary, interviews, and speakers from the last half of NCAE's May 1, 2019, march and rally, documenting the feel and sounds of the event from the time he reached the Capitol Building to when he reached Halifax Mall. Speakers, songs and more lead up to the final oratory, a stirring speach by Reverend William J. Barber II.


Issue 7: Doc Carter(and Family)and the March, Part 1

Doc Carter shares the sounds of the May 1, 2019, march in this first of two podcasts dedicated to the march and rally in Raleigh supporting public school students and educators. Doc's family joins him to learn about democracy in action, he interviews many attendees, including NCAE President Mark Jewell, and leads listeners through the early morning (around 7:30) to the time his part of the march reaches the Capitol. In-march commentary provided!


Issue #6: Doc Carter and the Really-Sneaky Snakes

Doc Carter sends congratulations to the 28 North Carolina school districts going #AllOutMay1, examines the realities and myths of the "teacher shortage," comes clean on his time as a teacher in Rowan-Salisbury Schools, exposes RSS as "Really-Sneaky Snakes," explains why having Phil Berger, Mark Johnson, and Larry Pittman -- all "school choice" advocates -- on their side makes RSS a suspect school district, and talks about his plans for May 1.


Issue #5: Doc Carter Has His "Phil"

This issue comprises four segments regarding education concerns in North Carolina: 1. "Guilford's Gateway School Needs You" 2. "Phil Berger Pinches a Loaf over May 1st" 3. "Doing the Dumb*$$ Doubledown" 4. "Teacher Myths, Teacher Stereotypes: Harmful Hindrances to Teacher Voice?" Doc Carter reappropriates "PhilBerger" for the sake of accuracy, calls out school districts unwilling to listen to their teachers, asks for your help in preserving a special locale in Guilford County, and waxes...


Issue #4: Rumors, Religion and Regislation!

Doc Carter pulls no punches as he discusses rumors about several North Carolina school districts restricting teachers' rights regarding taking a personal day to attend the May 1st teacher- and student-advocacy march in Raleigh. He also helps teachers know proper leave policy and encourages them to get their leave in as soon as possible and tackles the issue of a public school system allowing distribution of Bibles on campus. How does that act connect to the most controversial of NCAE's five...


Issue #3: "All Out" with NCAE President Mark Jewell

James "Doc" Carter converses with North Carolina Association of Educators President Mark Jewell about NCAE's 5 demands of the North Carolina General Assembly this year and how and why teachers and all pro-public education advocates can join him and thousands others for the second "Day of Action" march on Raleigh in two years.


Issue #2: Interview with North Carolina Families for Testing Reform

Doc Carter speaks with members of North Carolina Families for School Testing Reform, including founder Suzanne Miller, Susan Book, Jen Bourne, and Doctors Chelsea M. Bartel and Nan Fulcher. Doc Carter asks them about the origins of the organization, its motto ("Fewer Tests, Fairer Tests, Fruitful Tests") and mission, and its recent- and ongoing actions -- especially a March 16th meeting featuring former US Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch and 2020 North Carolina Superintendent of Public...


NCNC Podcast #1 "Doc Carter and the No-Gun Shoguns"

Doc Carter examines two bills in the North Caolina legislature designed to arm classroom teachers, House Bill 216 and Senate Bill 192. Learn the ins and out of the bills and the debates and issues surrounding them in under 45 minutes in this 4-parter, the first official "issue" of the NCNC Podcast. I. House Bill 216, "The School Self-Defense Act" II. Senate Bill 192, "The School Security Act of 2019" III. A New Hope: Powerful Voices Respond IV: Teachers Take Twitter by Storm: #ArmTeachersWith


NCNC Podcast "Zero Issue"

In the pre-podcast launch, or "Zero Issue," of the NCNC Podcast, host Doc Carter details the inspirations behind the podcast and explains its scope and sequence. Dedicated to education policy issues and pedagogy and politics in general, the NCNC podccast focuses on news, media, issues and exigencies as they pertain to teaching and living -- and teaching and living well -- in the Old North State.