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The podcast for anyone thinking about or currently pursuing the CPA - featuring interviews with AICPA Exams Team staff, NASBA, recent Exam passers, and more. Brought to you by the American Institute of CPAs, the developer of the Uniform CPA Examination®, Next Stop CPA is the official podcast for the CPA Exam. Got a topic idea for us? Email:


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The podcast for anyone thinking about or currently pursuing the CPA - featuring interviews with AICPA Exams Team staff, NASBA, recent Exam passers, and more. Brought to you by the American Institute of CPAs, the developer of the Uniform CPA Examination®, Next Stop CPA is the official podcast for the CPA Exam. Got a topic idea for us? Email:




Episode 28: Another Q&A with the AICPA CPA Exam Team

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Join the AICPA Exams team as they answer the most frequently asked questions about the CPA Exam. Whether you’re just getting started with the Exam process or have a few sections under your belt already, we’re here to support you. Find more resources and register for free AICPA Student Affiliate membership here:


Episode 27: How an MCQ is Developed

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how a multiple-choice question (MCQ), or item, is developed, from start to finish. Members of the AICPA Exams Team pull back the curtain and share how we determine what content to include on the Exam, just how many people and subject-matter experts contribute to the development of an item, the careful wording considerations of each item, and more. Interested in contributing to the CPA Exam? Email us at


Episode 26: How CPA Exam Scoring Works (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the repurposed How Scoring Works audio from a recent webcast with the AICPA Exams Team. In this episode they address popular questions directly from Exam candidates all about the scoring, review and appeals process.


Episode 25: How CPA Exam Scoring Works (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a two-part episode all about how the CPA Exam is scored. AICPA Exams Team members give a detailed overview of the scoring process, address commonly asked candidate questions, and speak about how the score review and appeal process works. For more information on how CPA Exam scoring works, visit


Episode 24: Changes coming to the Exam July 2021

This episode contains audio clips from recent section specific webcasts held by the AICPA Exams Team, where they go into detail about what changes are coming to each of the 4 Exam sections as of July 1, 2021. Presenters cover content changes and answer popular candidate questions like "Will the Exam be harder?", "How did these changes come to be?", "Will the updated Exam be longer?" and more. To watch recordings of the full section-specific webcasts, visit


Episode 23: Scholarships for aspiring CPAs

Scholarships are one of the best ways to fund your education and the AICPA offers several of them. Last year, 140 students earned over $720,000. In this episode, we'll hear from Edwin Gonzalez, MBA, Associate Manager of Scholarship Programs at AICPA, Anita Eti, current AICPA Legacy Scholar and Zachary Lane, former AICPA Legacy Scholar, who will share what you need to do—and when—to give yourself the greatest shot at receiving an AICPA Legacy Scholarship. For more information about the scholarships discussed in this episode, visit


Episode 22: Q&A with the AICPA CPA Exam Team

Is there a right order to take the CPA Exam?How many hours should I spend studying?When does the 18-month window officially begin?What's a good starting point for someone just beginning their CPA journey? These are just a few of the many questions our team answered at our recent AICPA Exams Team Q&A webcast. Attendees submitted their questions in advance and members of the CPA Exams Team responded to them live during the presentation. This podcast episode is a repurposed version of that webcast that you can listen to on the go wherever you are.


Episode 21: 20 Questions from CPA Exam Candidates

We're back after a short hiatus with 20 of the most popular Exam questions that you submitted to NASBA via social media. NASBA/AICPA leaders took time to answer those questions in this short but informative episode. You can also access the original NASBA article here:


Episode 20: Covid-19 Updates

This timely episode addresses many of the frequently asked questions candidates have had related to test center openings and the Exam process. For the latest updates, visit the following sites: Planned test center openings: Social distancing guidelines at Prometric: NASBA's testing FAQs: AICPA's score release info:


Episode 19: Top Exam performer shares his strategy

Michael Kimble, CPA is an Elijah Watt Sells Award winner. That means he obtain a cumulative average score above 95.50 across all four sections of the Exam, passed all four sections on his first attempt and completed testing in 2018. No easy feat. We sat down with Michael to better understand what his strategy for tackling the CPA Exam was and what tips he has for our listeners to feel better prepared on Exam day. For more information on the Sells Award, including the latest list of 2019 winners, visit


Episode 18: CPA Exam continuous testing is coming!

What does continuous testing mean and how will it add convenience and flexibility for test takers? Get the details from NASBA's Pat Hartman, Director of Examination Services, and James Polite, Director of Program Management in this short but informative episode. For the latest update on continuous testing, visit


Episode 17: Have you explored ThisWaytoCPA?

ThisWaytoCPA, an AICPA parnter, is a great free resource for college students and young professionals to research Exam eligibility requirements, check out Exam candidate recommendations for review courses, discover scholarship opportunities, read young CPA career profiles, and so much more. Get the lowdown on why ThisWaytoCPA and Beta Alpha Psi are essential resources for aspiring CPAs. For more information, visit and


Episode 16: Why should you join your state society?

CPA state society membership is not just for practicing CPAs. In fact, many offer a range of services and programs targeted specifically to aspiring CPAs, with each state offering its own unique advantages to its members. In this episode, we speak with the CEO of the New Jersey Society of CPAs, Ralph Albert Thomas, CPA, as he discusses the many benefits of becoming a state society student or candidate member. To learn more about the benefits of joining a state society, visit


Episode 15: Prometric's Top Tips for Exam Day

How early should you plan to arrive? What if you need special accommodations? What should you do if your computer stops working mid-test? These are just a few of the questions we cover in our latest episode that focuses on top tips and most frequently asked questions when it comes to a candidate's Prometric test center experience. Featuring a discussion with Prometric's Client Success Manager, Chealsea Lupo.


Episode 14: Writing for the Exam

Did you that know the AICPA has an extensive network throughout the country of subject-matter experts who help develop questions for the CPA Exam? From conception to completion, the process of item development is not a simple one, and can often go through much scrutiny along the way. In this episode, we speak with Exam writers Mike Vanscoy, Director of SolomonEdwards, and Jimmy Mo, Partner at EisnerAmper who explain what the process is like, and why being an Exam writer helps them stay ahead with industry trends. We're also joined by Carie Chester, Lead Manager of Exam Operations and Services at AICPA, who oversees the recruitment and management process of the AICPA's network of external writers.


Episode 13: What we're hearing from YOU

While the AICPA is a main source of information related to the CPA Exam, sometimes feedback from your fellow candidate can be of great value as well. In this special episode hosted by Lauren and Mike, we discuss some of the insights shared by candidates with one another on various online discussion forums. Topics include tips for a great Exam strategy, how many hours to study for each section, is there a right order to take the Exam, how to tackle the Exam if you work full-time, motivational advice, and much more.


Episode 12: The Language of the CPA Exam

Understanding what goes into the development of a CPA Exam question may provide extra insight for test day. In this episode, we speak with AICPA Exam Team members Dr. Timothy Habick, Ph.D. and Renee Warias who share some of the behind-the-scenes considerations from creation to approval, fairness in the wording, as well as knowing with certainty that each multiple-choice question has only one right answer.


Episode 11: Facts and Fictions of the CPA Exam

With so much information floating around out there about the CPA Exam and license, it's hard to decipher what's fact and what's fiction. We speak with AICPA Exams Team member Lori Kelly, CPA, who dispells some of the most common Exam myths. Topics include eligibility requirements, International candidate requirements, is there a right order to take the Exam, is there a certain number of hours you should dedicate to studying, etc.


Episode 10: Exam FAQs with NASBA

If you're listening to this podcast, you probably know the vital role NASBA plays in the CPA Exam administration process. From eligibility determination to score releases, NASBA is an essential part of any Exam candidate's journey. We sat down with Pat Hartman, Director of Examination Services with NASBA, as she tackles some of the more frequently asked questions she receives from candidates on a regular basis.


Episode 9: How FAR will you go?

Long hailed by many candidates as the most challenging of the four Exam sections, Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) can seem pretty intimidating to many candidates. AICPA Exams team members Lori Kelly, CPA and Randi Lockhart, CPA, are here to reassure listeners that passing FAR is very doable with the right preparation. They'll share details about the section's content as well as recommendations for how best to approach studying for FAR.