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An aviation podcast teaching things to use on your next flight. We'd love your feedback on iTunes, Twitter & Instagram!

An aviation podcast teaching things to use on your next flight. We'd love your feedback on iTunes, Twitter & Instagram!


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An aviation podcast teaching things to use on your next flight. We'd love your feedback on iTunes, Twitter & Instagram!




Ep020: Pet Peeves of Aviation

Want to be a good student, or pilot, or instructor? Then don't do any of the things we'll be sharing in this episode! Quite often you may not be aware of all the little things that make a big difference in your performance and capabilities.


Ep019: The 121 World

There's a huge difference between Part 91 and Part 121 operations. In this episode, Adam shares some of the detailed aspects of airline flying that aspiring career pilots (and career hobbyists) can benefit from.


Ep018: Forgettable Airplanes

There are some days, everything about your flight experience is perfect... minus the actual airplane. In this episode we discuss some of the airplanes and characteristics that aren't our favorites.


Ep017: What. The. Foam?

After more than a year of hiatus, our aviation podcast has returned... in the midst of a global pandemic. Brodie and Adam discuss a recent "stuck gear" incident that became more of an issue than it needed to be.


Ep016: So, You're an Airline Pilot?

One of the most common dreams of any beginning aviator is to end up with Adam's job: mainline airline pilot. Brodie quizzes the 737 driver on some questions everyone has about the career and lifestyle.


Ep015: Night Flying

Can you believe it only takes three hours of night flying to become a Private Pilot? In this episode we discuss why dark versus day comes with distinct challenges, and how you can master night flight like a professional.


Ep014: Stick and Rudder

Aviation knowledge is imperative to being a good pilot, but no book can teach you how to become a "good stick". In this episode we get aerodynamical with a conversation about mastering control of an aircraft. Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep013: Acronyms for Everyone

Aviation has seemingly a million things to remember, which can be made easier with the help of acronyms. When used correctly, just a few letters help guide the memory to a precise sequence of order. In this episode we submit some of the most useful acronyms, including when and how to use them. Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep012: Preparing for an FAA Checkride

There is generally a checkride associated with every rise in the ranks for a pilot. Which one is the most difficult, and what are the key pieces of advice to guarantee success? We offer tips based on our own experiences. Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep011: Flying on Instruments

Your first 30 seconds of instrument conditions on every flight can challenge the brain & body. We discuss how glass versus "steam gauges" each have their benefits and drawbacks, plus always trusting the instruments, and how every cloud you'll fly through is not created equal. Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep010: Ask the A&P (Part 2)

Nobody knows airplanes inside and out like the mechanics who work on them. So how would a good A&P fly their own bird to maximize safety and cost? Plus the "trick question" of what defines airworthiness. And how safe are the engines, flight controls, and structures used in training aircraft? Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep009: Ask the A&P (Part 1)

Maintenance is a "magical" place where airplanes get fixed, and yet many pilots don't know what really happens behind the scenes. In Part 1 of this interview we learn how Airframe & Powerplant mechanics get certified, how they approach keeping pilots safe, and the concerns for renting versus owning an airplane. Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep008: The flights that were lessons

You learn so much in flight training. But you learn even more "real" lessons from practical everyday flying. Adam and Brodie share some personal and revealing aviation stories from their backgrounds that each came as a lesson to accept and share. Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep007: Risk-Management & Decision making

With every flight comes inherent risk. Our job as aviators is to minimize the chances of something negative happening, specifically by recognizing potential issues in advance. In this episode you'll learn a four-step process to evaluate the general safety of every flight you make! Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep006: Run Checklists Like A Pro

We think checklist usage is a main difference between inexperienced pilots and the most seasoned professionals. Whether you're in a crew or single pilot environment... there definitely are best practices when running checklists to make sure you operate 1) safe, and 2) efficient. We give some real-world advice. Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep005: Improving Flight Training Efficiency

Flight training is probably unlike any other type of experience you've had in life. It's expensive, time consuming, and potentially comes with some large scale road-blocks. Even if you had a "good" experience training for a certificate or rating, there is likely always ways to improve the process. We discuss our tips and tricks looking back as the student & instructor. Follow us: Support...


Ep004: Tales from the Traffic Pattern

The Traffic Pattern is where all student pilots learn landings through repetition, and while it may become "old hat" to some pilots and instructors, it's one of Brodie's favorite places. And now, he and Adam are shedding light on their tips when flying rectangles around the airport environment. Follow us: Email:


Ep003: What's the CFI Checkride really like?

It's the holy grail of flight examinations: the initial checkride to become a Certified Flight Instructor. Everyone has a different experience, and everyone uses their ticket in a different way. In this episode, Adam and Brodie share their experiences - and what most candidates do not know before taking such a lengthy & detailed examination. Follow us: Email:


Ep002: Sounding professional on the radio

We don't know a lot of good pilots who are "bad" on the radios. The saying goes: aviate, navigate, communicate - in that order. And while flying the plane is important - how you sound is a large indicator of your confidence. In this episode, we give you some tips to sound professional every time you "key up". Follow us: Support us: Email:


Ep001: What's in your flight bag?

Let's begin our podcast series with a most simple topic: What's in your flight bag? Everyone has a different mission, and a different selection of tools to help accomplish it. Plus let's be honest, most pilots love their gear. Adam (Airline Pilot) and Brodie (Flight Instructor) share the products they keep and love/use the most. Follow us: Support...