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Real estate investing podcast and recordings of live classes focused primarily on the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy, but also covering traditional buy and hold.

Real estate investing podcast and recordings of live classes focused primarily on the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy, but also covering traditional buy and hold.


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Real estate investing podcast and recordings of live classes focused primarily on the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy, but also covering traditional buy and hold.




Strategies to Get the Lowest Monthly Payment When Buying - 2020 Edition

James gives an updated version of his now famous "Strategies to Get the Lowest Monthly Payment When Buying" class. James used to offer his Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™ to clients buying properties with him as their real estate broker. Now, you can learn the same strategies in this class.


Analyzing Multi-Family Properties

Brian walks you through how to analyze multi-family properties in this special, extended episode.


Closing Real Estate Deals - 2020 Edition

Learn everything you need to know as a real estate investor to close on your first (or next) real estate deal. James dives deep into the real estate closing including covering what to do before closing, the closing of the real estate portion of the transaction and the closing of the loan. Plus, what to do immediately after closing.


Establishing Your Buying Criteria Workshop

For this workshop, download a copy of the Buying Criteria Worksheet and follow along as James walks you through creating your own real estate investing buying criteria.


Buying Down Interest Rates - 2020 Edition

Should you pay extra to buy down your interest rate or is that pissing away hard-earned money? Find out this and a whole lot more in this special class on buying down your interest rate for real estate investors. For more info and to access the spreadsheet go to:


Negotiating Win-Win Inspections for Maximum Benefit - 2020 Update

James, Tammy and Brian walk you through the inspection process when buying or selling a property in Colorado in detail with negotiating tips and tips for staying out of trouble. Check out the webpage for additional resources or to watch the video with the slides:


Crushing Your Real Estate Goals Using EV

Brian, a professional poker player turned real estate investor shares what he learned about playing poker and how it applies to crushing your real estate investing goals.


Live Deal Analysis

Watch as Brian walks you through how to go from property emails in your inbox from your real estate agent to analyzing the property to buy a deal in this special live, without a net, deal analysis class. And, watch the video here:


Deal Analysis Post-Coronavirus

This class is similar, but an updated version of World’s Greatest Deal Analysis Spreadsheet Unleashed – 2019 Edition. In this class Brian covers: buy-and-hold real estate investorsNomads™house hackersReturn on Investment Quadrant™


Financial Success Through Scary Times and Beyond

Brian covers the following in this episode with a brief visit from a "special guest": Check out the video at:


Real Estate Investor Financing After Coronavirus

Learn everything you need to know about financing buy-and-hold, Nomad™ and house hacking deals in this special class. Topics covered include: Watch the video and get access to additional resources here:


How to Get Your Next Deal Done After Coronavirus

Brian tries to teach all 200+ of our real estate investor classes in one AMAZING 2-hour class. Access this class with video and additional links to related resources here: Or, see the written version of how to get your first deal done.


One Crazy Night - Brian Solves All Your Real Estate Challenges

A call-in variety show of your most pressing real estate investing questions and answers by Brian and a little bit of James. For a detailed list of topics covered and to watch the video, check out:


Cash Flow Versus Appreciation

James walks you through the difference investing in a primarily home price appreciating market (appreciation) compares to investing in a primarily rent appreciating market (cash flow). Taught via allegory about “Cash Flow” Brian versus “Appreciation” James. “Cash Flow” Brian lives and invests in a real estate market where buying a property with 20% down starts with $100 per month in cash flow. Plus, rents are going up at the same rate as inflation, 3% per year. Property values in “Cash...


April 9, 2020 - Emergency Market Update

James and Brian discuss a new survey of real estate agents nationwide on the state of the market during the COVID-19 emergency. Topics covered include: Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) for Real Estate InvestorsTo watch the video, check out:


Real Estate Investor Horror Stories

Against my better judgment, I am publishing the recording of this class that discusses all the things that can go wrong investing in real estate. Topics covered: To watch the video and see additional resources, check out the webpage here:


How to Go Broke Using the BRRRR Strategy

In this special class James teaches you about a dangerous flaw in the Buy, Rehab, Rent Refi and Repeat Strategy (commonly known as the BRRRR Strategy). Topics covered include: For more information and to see the video of the slides, check out: Or, read our Ultimate Guide to the BRRRR Strategy.


Should I Wait for a Real Estate Dip to Invest in Real Estate?

In this class James talks about a variety of topics related to timing the market including: Return on Investment Quadrant™


Solving Tenant Challenges - COVID-19 2020 Edition

In part 4 of 4 of our series on how to manage your rental properties, Brian talks about how to solve tenant challenges like late rent payments, returned checks, breaking leases, not maintaining the property and other non-compliance with lease agreements issues. Plus, we share with you some late-breaking news about how to deal with HUD suspending evictions and foreclosures.


How to Invest $100K in Real Estate

Learn how investing $100K in a variety of different investments and real estate strategies compares in this special class. Plus, copy any of the test Scenarios in your own Real Estate Financial Planner account to change any of the assumptions discussed here: