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The 80/20 Power Law In Your Coaching Business

The other day I asked a group of coaches: What is the biggest thing holding you back from success? Their answer: Time. As we dug deeper into the problem of "time," we came to realize that one of the biggest things holding everyone back was... 80% of their time was spent dealing with clients that made up 20% of their total revenue. When we start out in coaching, many coaches take on less-than-desirable clients at far-less-than-desirable price points. Later, when the coach is trying to...


The #1 Strategy NO ONE Is Sharing For Your 2019 Goals

We all have big aspirations at the beginning of the year. Why? Today, I'm going to share the things no one is telling you when you're planning your resolutions. One of the things is to anticipate and plan for your failure because you will fail in one way or another. Do you know what matters more than simply breaking a streak? Continuing to get the heck back up when you're knocked down... No matter how many times you have to get back up. Now that sounds like a new years...


"I Know Everything." | Why the 99% fail... Not what you might expect

“I KNOW EVERYTHING.” Today’s episode is going to be a fun one…. I believe that I actually know almost everything I need to know. Now before you call me a heretic, I want to prove to you that every single thing you want to accomplish in life, you likely ALREADY know the answers too also. Let’s talk about some of the basic stuff: YOU KNOW ALL THIS AND YET… We think we just don’t know it all. The truth is we understand everything we should do… but we lack the discipline, vision and focus...


How To Accomplish Every Goal You Set | Jake Nicolle On Getting Specific

To accomplish any goal you need to get incredibly specific. But even "getting specific" can be vague unless you get specific about: must If you take 5 minutes to physically write down answers to these questions, you will be amazed how much your mind, body and soul come into alignment for you to tackle and succeed at your goal!


Thinking Small | Victory By A Thousand Steps

We all know the saying, “death by a thousand cuts” – the idea that it’s not the big things in life that destroy us but the accumulation of many poor decisions all added together. The alternative to our demise is our victory and we rarely discuss it. If we die by a thousand cuts how can we live and become victorious? I believe it’s by taking a thousand faithful steps in the right direction, no matter how seemingly small. Actually, the smaller the step of faith in action, the better. If you...


Go All In | Why Mediocrity Is Costing You Far More Energy

Your life is meant to be lived ALL IN. It takes more energy to live a below average or even a mediocre life than it does to live a life full of incredible achievements. The person who lives a below average life chooses to constantly justify to others and themselves why they have been treated unfairly. They become the victim. The person who lives an average life settles for an OK career, an OK partner, OK friends and has experienced year after year of OK memories and maybe, if they're...


Do The Big Thing First | #NOVELiDEA 7

You know that one big thing you need to get done that you are in fact getting absolutely nowhere on? Today's Novel idea is about putting that thing in it's place and winning the day. Part of winning the day is to begin the day with that one big scary task. I had a friend just this week share how much he was struggling to get through this big project he's been slaving over. After a brief bit of a conversation, I realised a few critical errors my buddy was making. One, he was responding to...


Embrace what's Embarrassing | #NOVELiDEA 6

Embrace what's Embarrassing. Today's #NOVELiDEA comes from a funny experience I had at a retirement home this weekend. It cost me ten minutes of my life... And no, I'm not taking about the old lady who thought I was her long lost son (that really did happen), I'm talking about a door that a group of strangers THOUGHT was stuck shut. After standing their for 10 minutes, Someone came up and simply slid the electronic door we all assumed was locked wide open. The lesson I was reminded of...


You In 10 Years | #NOVELiDEA 5 | Identify and Become Your Best Future Self

Exercise: Close your eyes and envision who you want to become over the next 10 years... Now ask yourself this following questions as you re-read each above question again... "What is holding me back from accomplishing this today, this month or this year?" "What is one thing I can do to move the needle toward my ideal outcome and my best future self?" "Who is one person I know that embodies this trait already and how could I learn it from them?" Change doesn't happen over 10 years, it...


Top Performance & Internal Control | #NOVELiDEA 4

Performing at our very best is a challenging science. There are all these little things in our lives that dictate our emotions unless we can learn to become aware of them and take that control back. Recently it occurred to me, while in an argument with my girlfriend, that I was tense because of no other reason than I was calorie deprived. Having skipped lunch to get work done and pressing on past the point of dinner, I had now picked...


How to Pick Yourself Back Up | #NOVELiDEA 3

The most challenging part of moving forward is often when you need to pick yourself back up. In this episode of Novel Podcast, I discuss the #NOVELiDEA of being resilient in the face of obstacles and daily challenges that come in to distract and discourage you. I share how you can overcome the barrier to entry by writing down the 1 thing it is you want to do while identifying the 5 potential threats that stand in the way of your goal. By simply identifying what it is you want to accomplish...


Perspective - #NOVELiDEA #2

Perspective. Hard to get, harder to keep. You need to surround yourself with people who are invested in your success. People who have the ability to truly see you for who you are and relentlessly remind you of what you're made of. The problem is, we live to close to ourselves. Our focus gets granular and we lose sight of our purpose, mission, even our own identities. Today's episode is about stepping back and inviting others in and removing us, ourselves, me, and I from the equation, in...


Take Action - #NOVELiDEA #1

This is the first time I've ever done this. I'm committing to something with absolutely no idea how it could turn out and it relies on me showing creating content every single day. *Full 5 Minute YouTube Video: You know those ideas you get where you've always wanted to act on it but just haven't known where to begin? That's what this is for me... Except I'm simply choosing to take action with NO expectations except to get off my chest this frustration that I...


Social Media Master | "@Eliot" Robinson | @Dunk Founder

Eliot Robinson is the phenom of social media. Gary Vaynerchuck recruited Eliot straight out of high school to be his right-hand man on his social accounts. Eliot took Gary V from 600k on Instagram to 2 million with the help of his team. He's since departed from Vaynermedia to grow his own brand @dunk, a basketball media company with more than 10 million followers, landing massive brand deals through Eliot's influencer marketing approach. He's giving us all the tips we need to think big and...


Tips on Becoming Successful in your 20’s | Swish Goswami

20-year-old TEDx speaker, venture capitalist (at JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital founded by Brooklyn Nets PF Trevor Booker), LinkedIn Youth Editor (over 50K followers) UN Youth Ambassador and serial entrepreneur. After successfully building Technotronics Inc, a wearables startup, Swish is now the co-founder of Dunk Media, a sports media conglomerate, started by Eliot Robinson, heavily focused on social by establishing and growing a media network of over 10M followers hyper-focused on...


The Gift of Adversity | Marcus Aurelius Anderson | TEDx Talk Speaker & Mindset Coach

Marcus died twice, nearly took his own life during an excruciating recovery, recovered from complete paralysis and now studies mixed martial arts despite his obstacles. Marcus Aurelius Anderson joined me on Novel to share a message that will change your life if you take his advice... I hope you listen. Most importantly, Marcus Aurelius Anderson joined me on Novel to share a message that will change your life if you take his advice... I hope you listen. ---- Marcus Aurelius Anderson is...


Learn to Attack life | Taylor Lindsay-Noel on Courage and Motivation

Taylor Lindsay-Noel is a passionate and enthusiastic 23-year-old Toronto, Canada native. She previously was a 2012 Olympic gymnastics hopeful and proud member of Canada's Gymnastics National Team. Unfortunately, on July 15, 2008, she suffered a life-changing fall from the high bar under the misdirection of her coach, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. Since then Taylor has prospered in many facets of her life and is continually finding new mediums to express herself. That journey...


Multiply Your Business | Scott Morrison of Black Card Books

Scott Morrison is a business development expert who specializes in Strategic Partnerships, joint ventures and is a Sponsorship Match making wiz. He connects with any company size from solo shops to mega corporations and passionately helps them to get to the next level. Closing hundreds of partnership and sponsorship agreements, he generated ten’s of millions of dollars in revenue for his clients and their partners.


Always be true to yourself | Dr. James Kelley of Executives After Hours

Dr. James Kelley is a phenomenal speaker, expert in employee and consumer behavior, with a Ph.D. in International Marketing from Perth, Australia. He is the founder of Brave Endurance Consulting, a company that helps organizations lower their health care costs by understanding their employee's behavior and well-being through research and communication strategies. He is also the host of the podcast show "Executives After Hours" where he interview business leaders about their journey. Dr....


Living Life Stress Free | Dr. Mark Halpern, Health Expert, on Thoughts, Actions & Perceptions

Dr. Mark Halpern is a Chiropractor who provides care for people looking to regain their health, eliminate symptoms and live their best life. Specializing in Neurological based Care, he uses State-of-the-art techniques and equipment to assess Stress levels and Brain function so that the focus of care is on correcting the cause as well as the accompanying symptoms