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Nurah Speaks. If you’re woke, you’re listening. Nurah Speaks is a program that tugs on the soul and consciousness of the Black community. Show topics include education, women’s impact, youth empowerment, community engagement, etc. and host Nurah Muhammad welcomes guests who have demonstrated capacity into these fields and more. On Nurah Speaks, listeners are challenged to not only ‘Join the Movement’ but to ‘Be the Movement.’

Nurah Speaks. If you’re woke, you’re listening. Nurah Speaks is a program that tugs on the soul and consciousness of the Black community. Show topics include education, women’s impact, youth empowerment, community engagement, etc. and host Nurah Muhammad welcomes guests who have demonstrated capacity into these fields and more. On Nurah Speaks, listeners are challenged to not only ‘Join the Movement’ but to ‘Be the Movement.’
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Nurah Speaks. If you’re woke, you’re listening. Nurah Speaks is a program that tugs on the soul and consciousness of the Black community. Show topics include education, women’s impact, youth empowerment, community engagement, etc. and host Nurah Muhammad welcomes guests who have demonstrated capacity into these fields and more. On Nurah Speaks, listeners are challenged to not only ‘Join the Movement’ but to ‘Be the Movement.’






A Lawful Truth with Andrea Lawful-Sanders

It was an honor to sit with this week’s guest, Andrea Lawful-Sanders. Andrea is many things. She is a writer, a wife and a mother, a child and family advocate, a mentor, a columnist, a radio show contributor, an executive director and so much more. And in all that she does, one words resonates loudly: authentic. Andrea lives her life authentically and she challenges others to do the same. Listen to this episode to learn how she is impacting students, parents, organizations and corporations...


(Ep 61)Our Real Problem With Racism Is Our Response To It

Temporary responses to the permanence of racism is getting us nowhere. As it is the cycle, once the offenders of racism issue their apologetic platitudes, we are soon thereafter pacified back to neutral. We are too easily placated with interim damage control in the form of sensitivity forums, promotional opportunities and temporary access. Our short term memory of the sustained offenses against our humanity has been an ongoing problem in our community. We fail ourselves with acceptance of...


(Ep 60) Activist or Terrorist

There is a stark contrast in what a Community Activist is and what some may consider a Community Terrorist. In general, activism is lobbying special interests, confronting inequities, challenging governmental dysfunction and persuading social change, sometimes through protest and otherwise through affirming new social norms. For purposes of this conversation, I will define community terrorism as: intimidation, character assassination, violence (or the threat of) and/or extortion in...


(Ep 59) Black History in American Education

Black History in America is American History. Separating Black History as an elective, optional subject for teachers and students disadvantages not only Black students but all students. This creates misunderstandings and ill informed, conflict-ridden relationships. Just look at how many current cases are popping up of prominent lawmakers, entertainers and government officials who engaged in some racially offensive language or behavior because, ‘they didn’t know’ the pain they’d cause. It is...


( Ep 58) What We Can Learn From Tamika Mallory

“…if people can’t understand the implications of a white woman yelling at me and trying to badger me into saying what she says - even if I wanted to say it - I wouldn’t have said it the way in which she was speaking to us” Tamika Mallory Tamika Mallory is not new to activism or criticism. But she has been under a new sophisticated attack since she has been co-chair of the Women’s March. These recent aggressions, charges against her character and dismissal of her self determination has really...


(Ep 57) Putting Marriage Back In Parenting

Over 77.3% of black births were to unwed mothers in 2015 according to the National Center for Health Statistics. In Episode 57 I challenge us (the black community) to confront our staggering rate of unwed births and the social challenges that often result. To be clear-this is not an episode about unwed mothers-it is about unwed mothers AND fathers and the need of putting Marriage ‘back' into Parenthood. I know this can be a controversial issue and somewhat sensitive for many. As stated in...


REWIND: Sonja Prince and the Kwesi Prince Foundation

Sonja is the Executive Director of the Kwesi Prince Foundation, a pediatric cancer organization dedicated to providing support to families suffering the devastating effects of Childhood Cancer with a focus on brain tumors. The foundation is named in honor of Kwesi Prince, Sonja’s son, who was diagnosed with a rare malignant brain tumor in 2010 when he was just 7 years old. After multiple brain surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant, Sonja lost Kwesi in 2014. Listen...


REWIND: Anointed News with Reverend Chris Collins

“All things will remain the same until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of change.” Reverend Chris Collins I am joined in this episode by Reverend Chris Collins, Founder and CEO of the Anointed News Journal. The Anointed News Journal is the nation’s premier weekly faith based and professional publication for winners - with a 24 year running. This was a great conversation with Reverend Collins as he shared his journey of resilience, faith and perseverance. In this...


REWIND: A New Perspective on Education with Chabree Muhammad

“It is so important that a teacher feels that child’s vulnerability so that they can give them success at the end.… And that’s what’s rewarding!” Chabree Muhammad This episode is why I created the Nurah Speaks Podcast! Chabree Muhammad is a passionate educator, director, teacher of teachers, child advocate and parent advocate. Her passion for youth and families resonates in this interview and it was my pleasure to have her on the program. In this conversation, you will hear a perspective on...


REWIND: Being Bold with Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

This REWIND EPISODE of Nurah Speaks features Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Esq., CPA, CCLC. One of my favorite quotes from her is, “Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.” Lynita is a Top 100 National Attorney, CPA, and Certified Christian Life Coach. She is the CEO of the Leading Through Living Community and Bold Favor Media Group which produces highly acclaimed TV and radio shows. She is also the Executive Director of the Emerging Leaders...


(Ep 56) Border Patrol

What consumes our minds controls our lives. It is imperative that we monitor what we allow beyond our (mental) borders to impact our thinking and feelings. Since the television, music, social media and foods we consume will invariably affect our mindset and behavior-we should be always be watchful of our consumption. If you would like to engage with the Nurah Speaks podcast, submit your listener questions to Listeners can also learn more about Nurah by visiting...


(Ep 55) STAACK-ing the Building Blocks of Confidence

Let's not take for granted that confidence is developing in our youth without intentional and deliberate guidance on our part as parents, mentors, coaches, teachers and counselors. I believe that we must be unrelenting in aiding the belief and esteem that our young people have in themselves. One way to help advance the development of self confidence is teaching them about: STAACK. What is STAACK? STAACK is their Surroundings-Thoughts-Actions-Appearance-Competence-Knowledge. In this episode I...


(Ep 54) 4 Questions to Ask Our Youth

It is never too soon to encourage our youth to start mapping out their life plan. However, they cannot be expected to chart the course of their lives on their own. We must help them plan, organize, strategize and steer their lives towards the goals that they ultimately set for themselves. This starts with a simple conversation. Let's ask them the following questions and have them write their answers: ••What outcomes do they want in their lives? What do they want their lifestyles, careers,...


(Ep 53)One Year Anniversary Episode: Wins, Hurdles, Next Steps and more!

This episode marks the One Year Anniversary of the Nurah Speaks Podcast! I am so grateful to all who've listened, subscribed and shared the podcast over the last year. Special thanks of course to the great guests who have joined me to share their work and insights with the Nurah Speaks audience. This anniversary episode was LIVE CAST on Facebook! That was a new and unique experience for me as a podcaster! In this episode, I share many of my wins, hurdles, next steps and more. I am so proud...


(Ep 52) 5 Smart Holiday Buying Tips

There is no biblical commandment directing us to $PEND-$PEND-$PEND to honor the birth of sweet baby Jesus. However, year after year, the season has become less religious and more commercial. This episode I share tips that will benefit your wallet and your community. So what should we do in this season of spending? For starters, I advise us all to be aware of the clever campaigns retailers use to incite our excitement to spend. We should be sober and buy what we need, when we need it. There...


(Ep 51) Terina Nicole of DIY MakersCon

This interview with Terina Nicole, founder of Jypsea Leathergoods was so much fun! This is one of those episodes that will have you smiling from beginning to end. Terina is one of those bright, joyful and energized souls who makes you feel happy just being around her. Just listen to this interview and you’ll see! Terina is a creative, interior stylist, modern leather artisan, product designer, diy instructor, design blogger and so much more. She has been featured on and in NBC, ABC, HGTV,...


(Ep 50) Quit Quoting Malcolm!

"Cowards Quote the Revolutionary but Do Not Revolt Themselves!" Nurah Muhammad This is harsh language-I know- but I believe that the power of Malcolm X's language is used to enhance the speech of many without the many emulating Malcolm's activity. How many times have we heard someone using impassioned words of Malcolm to push their argument but have no evidence of organizing others and creating real sustaining change themselves? We have taken to entertaining one another by how many leaders...


(Ep 49) Protecting Our Children At All Costs

WARNING! This episode may be triggering for some… Protection of our youth should be paramount in the minds of parents and all adults responsible for the welfare of children. Unfortunately, we live in a culture wherein children are the prey of sexual predators. And these predators not are not only targeting girls, but also our boys. They are after our infants, toddlers, prepubescent children and beyond. There is no exemption of victim or victimizer. Perpetrators are fathers, mothers,...


(Ep 48) Character, Capacity & Function

To be Relevant one must possess Character, Capacity and Function. Without these, we find ourselves useless, irrelevant or only useful for inconsequential things and people Character is dignity, decency and ethics. Having character is choosing right over wrong, honesty over dishonesty. Capacity is the ability to a complete task, perform a duty, endure circumstances or produce results. Some people are high capacity individuals. To develop capacity, one must train, study, practice, endure...


(Ep 47) Nisha Blackwell, Founder and CEO of Knotzland Bowties

I cannot tell you how excited I am to present this week’s guest, Nisha Blackwell. Nisha is the Founder and CEO of Knotzland Bowties. Knotzland is a company that sources the discarded waste from upholstery and textile manufactures to create unique hand sewn bowties. And Nisha's journey? Just Remarkable! But let me tell you how I learned about Nisha. One random, lazy Sunday I was watching a morning news program when an amazing google commercial caught my attention. The ad was about a young...