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Join Lauren Chapnick, RN, as she takes you through the journey of becoming a nurse! On Nursing Student Coach, Lauren, who is a new nursing professional, along with her knowledgeable guests will give you the tools to succeed in your nursing career. They will discuss ways to reduce anxiety and stress, share tips on studying and preparing for your NCLEX, and so much more - you won't be alone in this adventure! New episodes air every Thursday.


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Join Lauren Chapnick, RN, as she takes you through the journey of becoming a nurse! On Nursing Student Coach, Lauren, who is a new nursing professional, along with her knowledgeable guests will give you the tools to succeed in your nursing career. They will discuss ways to reduce anxiety and stress, share tips on studying and preparing for your NCLEX, and so much more - you won't be alone in this adventure! New episodes air every Thursday.



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Best vs. First Questions: NCLEX and Nursing Exam Practice Questions with Nurse Lauren

Have you ever found yourself stumped by those 'best' versus 'first' questions on nursing exams? Fear not! I'm here to coach you through mastering these tricky questions, a must-have skill for acing your tests and conquering the NCLEX. With my guidance, we'll dissect a practice scenario involving a patient with a leg injury after a car accident, emphasizing the critical decisions that can prevent limb loss and save lives. By the end of our session, you'll have a foolproof approach to these questions, armed with the know-how of double-checking answers for unparalleled clarity and accuracy. Then, we'll switch gears and tackle assessment words that crop up in nursing scenarios, especially for those of you facing ATI exams. Imagine a patient rushing into the emergency room with a mosquito singing in their ear—what's your first move? Together, we'll go step-by-step through the assessment and intervention process for such an unusual and urgent situation, ensuring you're prepared for the unexpected. This episode isn't just about passing exams; it's about refining your instincts for those all-important initial actions that set the stage for effective clinical care. Join me, and let's boost both your confidence and your exam scores!


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Brainwash Yourself: Overcoming Exam Anxiety with Nurse Lauren Chapnick

Ever felt your heart racing at the mere thought of an upcoming exam? I've been there, and I'm here to tell you that it's possible to turn that dread into anticipation. Join me, Lauren Chapnick, on Nursing Student Coach as I unpack the transformative journey from exam anxiety to a genuine excitement for the challenge. Drawing from my own experiences as a registered nurse, this episode is brimming with tactical advice to help you approach your exams with confidence. We'll talk about reimagining pre-exam routines—no more last-minute cramming—and the daily practices that can evolve your mindset from fearful to fearless. Get ready to learn how to brainwash yourself for the better! This isn't about forgetting who you are; it's about remembering how capable you truly are. We'll explore how an empowering mindset shift can be your most potent weapon in the battle against exam stress. Through the power of positive visualization, finding your pre-exam zen, and building a consistent practice regimen, you'll discover that you're not just preparing for a test—you're preparing to be the best nurse you can be. So come along, let's tackle this together, and transform the way you think about exams forever.


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Nursing Exam Hacks: Essential Tips for Nursing Students

Embark on a journey toward academic excellence with your guide, Lauren Chapnick, a dedicated RN who knows the ins and outs of mastering nursing studies. Forget the frustration of ineffective cram sessions; we're here to unravel the secrets behind selecting the perfect study environment that suits your learning style. Whether you're a lone wolf who thrives in the silent corners of the library or someone who benefits from the collective knowledge of a study duo, this episode arms you with strategies to break down complex materials, adopt focused study sessions, and ensure you're not just studying hard, but studying smart. Let's face it, the path to those coveted RN initials is no stroll through the park, but with a dose of Lauren's infectious positivity and disciplined approach, you'll find the strength to push through even when motivation seems like a distant memory. This episode is not just a lesson in study tactics; it's a rally cry for all nursing students to harness their inner potential and conquer their exams. Lauren's unwavering belief in you is palpable as she shares insights that will not only prepare you for success on the NCLEX but also mold you into the exceptional nurse you're destined to be. Tune in and transform your study habits from mundane to magnificent!


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Mastering Your Clinical Rotations: Nurse Lauren's Top 10 Tips for Nursing Student Success

Are you ready to level up your clinical skills with Nurse Lauren's exclusive top 10 tips? I'm here to guide you through the crucial steps to ensure you shine during your rotations. First impressions last, so be the early bird in scrubs, setting a professional vibe from the get-go. But it's not just about clock-watching; it's about seizing every opportunity to network and volunteer, which can unlock invaluable hands-on experiences. Let's talk about presenting yourself with confidence and mastering your emotional well-being to handle the intense world of patient care. Wave goodbye to phone distractions and hello to strategic study sessions using tools like Level Up RN flashcards during your downtime. In this episode, I share pearls of wisdom on professional conduct, including smart phone usage—reserve your screen time for clinical resources, not social media scrolls. I want you to say 'yes' to every procedure that comes your way, from injections to catheter insertions. Embrace the supportive learning environment and remember, perfection isn't the goal—growth is. So tune in, get inspired, and join us on a mission to put more exceptional nurses into the world with the Nursing Student Coach podcast. 🩺📚 Links: Level up RN flashcards:


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Think But Don't Overthink: Mastering Multiple Choice Nursing Exams

This episode is a goldmine for anyone aiming to conquer the NCLEX, infused with strategies that will morph your test-taking from tentative to triumphant. Nurse Lauren doesn’t just offer advice; she offers a mindset overhaul, arming you with critical thinking skills that will make you the Sherlock Holmes of the nursing exam world. Join us for a riveting session where we don't just preach theory but put it under the microscope with a real-life practice question. Nurse Lauren puts you in the hot seat, simulating the pressure-cooker situation of a nursing scenario, and teaches you to dissect the question and prioritize like a pro. You'll emerge from this episode not merely ready but raring to face your next nursing exam with the precision of a seasoned veteran, your instincts sharpened and aligned with the wisdom of Nurse Lauren's exam-room tactics.


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Conquering Nursing Exams: What Is This Question Asking?

Ever felt like you knew the study material inside out but still struggled to ace the test? Nurse Lauren gets it, and she's coming to you live from her Toyota Highlander to share her secret sauce for conquering nursing exams. This episode is a game-changer for nursing students who are ready to shift from memorization mode to mastering the critical thinking skills that'll help you decipher complex questions and confidently choose the right answers. Lauren's personal test-taking prowess is now your study buddy, as she divulges strategies, mindset hacks, and tactics to help you thrive from your first nursing exam to the NCLEX. Imagine transforming into a test-taking ninja, where every question seems less daunting, and your scores reflect the hard work you've put in. Lauren's bite-sized podcast episodes are your quick-fix to leveling up your exam game, with each session promising one solid tip to tackle the test with finesse. But hey, if you're hungering for more in-depth training, get excited for the upcoming webinars and group coaching sessions – it's like a test-prep workout for your brain, minus the sweat. Stay connected through @nursingstudentcoach on Instagram or hop onto Lauren's email list. Let's break down those questions, boost your exam confidence, and march confidently into your nursing career with Nurse Lauren as your guide.


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Contagious Energy in Healthcare: How to Shed Negativity to Provide Compassionate Nursing

In this season of Nursing Student Coach, I, Lauren Chapnick, am ready to share heartfelt stories and insights from my journey as a registered nurse. Through my transition into this second career and immersion into the emergency department's intensity, I've gleaned lessons that are pivotal not just for those entering the nursing field, but for any professional striving to provide compassionate care. This episode is a heartfelt call to action, urging us to recognize the profound impact we can make in our patients' lives. I recount the story of one individual who only needed a nurse's acknowledgment to feel seen during a terrifying ordeal. Furthermore, I reflect on a personal experience with a young patient that challenged my emotional resilience, underscoring the imperative to manage our own emotions to offer the best care possible. Join me for a candid discussion on the importance of our energy and presence, and how we, as healthcare professionals, can ensure every patient receives the compassion and attention they rightly deserve.


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Tales from the ER: The Curious Case of "Betty" and Her Jar of Black Sludge

Have you ever been handed a Tupperware container of evidence by a patient? Sounds bizarre, right? Well, let me take you through an ER shift that was anything but ordinary, featuring our memorable patient, "Betty." She waltzed in with abdominal pain and a very direct approach to communicating her symptoms. Betty's self-diagnosed treatment plan, rooted in decades-old research assistant experience, leads us on an eye-opening journey about the crucial role of medical knowledge and patient education. Join us as we unravel Betty's story, which is as colorful as it is instructive. We'll explore the detective work nurses undertake in the ER, the common misconceptions around managing gastrointestinal issues, and why reaching for Advil and milk might not be the best course of action for suspected peptic ulcer disease. You're in for an episode that's not only filled with interesting medical twists but also laced with humor and the importance of accurate patient information for better health outcomes. Buckle up for a narrative that's as engaging as it is informative, and remember, the next time you're in Betty's shoes, leave the Tupperware at home.


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Seizing Every Opportunity: How to Thrive During Clinicals with Lauren Chapnick

Ever found yourself eyeing the clock during clinical rotations, counting down the minutes until freedom? That's a mindset I'm here to challenge, because as I report back to you as a working nurse post nursing school, I know firsthand the power of embracing every learning opportunity that comes your way. In this episode of Nursing Student Coach, I'm peeling back the curtain on how to revolutionize your clinical experiences from obligatory hours to a treasure trove of hands-on learning. We'll explore strategies for diving into medication administration and why volunteering for every task can accelerate your journey from student to standout nurse. Get ready to shift gears as we navigate the clinical landscape together. I'll be sharing the indispensable lessons I learned transitioning from another career into nursing, giving you a head start on recognizing both generic and brand names of medications – crucial for real-world nursing. Plus, I unpack why seizing every chance to practice your skills in a controlled environment is not just preparing you for exams, but for the high-stakes world of healthcare. By the end of our time together, you'll view your hours in clinicals not as a countdown to the end of the day, but as an investment in your future as a confident, proactive healthcare professional.


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End Stage Liver Failure: Lessons from the ER on Jaundice and Ascites

Have you ever seen someone with skin as yellow as the sun or a belly so swollen it seems almost fictional? It's a stark image, one that I, Lauren Chapnick, encountered with a patient we will call Bill during my early ER days—his body ravaged by end-stage liver failure. In this fresh season of Nursing Student Coach, I'm eager to share the critical lessons from that moment, offering up a primer on the liver's crucial functions and the devastating effects when it fails. We're talking jaundice, ascites, and a host of complexities in between, all tailored to give you the understanding you need as a current or aspiring healthcare professional. This episode isn't just a rundown of medical facts; it's a narrative steeped in the reality of patient care, with insights gleaned from my transition from nursing school to the high-stakes environment of an emergency department. Your time is valuable as a nursing student, so for the next 10 minutes only, lend me your ears as we explore why conditions like jaundice and ascites happen, what they signal about patient health, and how this knowledge can translate into superior care. No guest needed—just raw, unvarnished experiences and strategies aimed to prepare you for that exam or, even more importantly, for the day you're the one making a difference in the ER.


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Embracing Self-Care as a Nurse: Lauren Chapnick on Sustaining Compassion and Wellness

On my journey from nursing school to the front lines of an emergency department, I've discovered that tending to my own well-being is as critical as the unwavering care I provide for my patients. This episode peels back the curtain on my personal challenges and triumphs as a new nurse, revealing the undeniable connection between self-care and the compassionate service in healthcare. You'll hear heartfelt stories and gain insights into how a 'full tank' at the start of each day isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a necessity for survival in the demanding world of nursing. Tune in for an honest conversation about the essential role of self-care in our profession. Through my narrative, you'll learn practical strategies for keeping your energy and empathy reservoirs from running dry, even when faced with 12-hour shifts or the academic rigors of nursing school. Let's rediscover together how to nurture our own spirits, so we can continue to be the best caregivers for those relying on us in their moments of need. Join me, Lauren Chapnick, in embracing the self-care journey that enables us to give the profound level of kindness and dedication our patients deserve.


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Bonus Episode Announcement: Group Coaching for Academic and NCLEX Success

We're back for a bonus announcement episode before season two officially launches on January 16th. Whether you're a fledgling first-year student navigating the maze of coursework and clinical rotations, a seasoned learner ready to tackle the complexities beyond your initial year, or a recent graduate gearing up for the NCLEX, our trio of coaching groups has got your back. Each week, we'll congregate for a power-packed 60-minute virtual session that promises to arm you with strategies, camaraderie, and exam savvy. Expect a bonanza of benefits including surprise pop-up sessions and sweet deals on private coaching. It's a rendezvous with success, and you're the VIP guest! Strap in for a motivational boost as we champion your journey from nervous newbie to triumphant NCLEX conqueror, with the premiere of Nursing Student Coach Season Two on the horizon. January 16th marks the date when we reunite to propel you toward your dream of donning those nurse scrubs with pride. With our supportive network in your corner and an arsenal of resources at your disposal, you're set to make this semester not just another academic stint, but an epic chapter in your nursing story. So, adjust your stethoscopes and ready your notepads; it's time to turn the page and stride confidently into the pulsing heart of nursing school excellence. For more information, go to: Use discount code GROUP now through January 31st for 20% off your first month of group coaching.


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Welcome to the Wild West: My First Day as an ER Nurse

Can you imagine waking up, slipping on your scrubs, and plunging straight into the heart-pounding world of emergency nursing? Well, that's exactly what my first day in the unit was like, complete with a cardiac arrest code and post-mortem care. It's a challenging world to step into, but oh, the rewards are incredible. This episode takes you along on my journey into this fast-paced specialty, offering a glimpse into the unique experiences and responsibilities that make emergency nursing so fulfilling. As we wrap up our first season, I'm filled with gratitude for all of you incredible listeners. Your commitment to becoming future nurses is nothing short of inspiring. Let's take a moment to celebrate our journey so far before we plunge back in for season two in January. And trust me when I say, it's going to be packed with even more insights and experiences from the world of nursing. Can't wait to reconnect with you all then!


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Conquering Nursing Exams: Strategies for Early Preparation and Efficient Studying with Lauren Chapnick

Imagine cruising through your nursing exams with the confidence of a seasoned professional - we're here to help you make that a reality! Join me, Lauren Chapnick, on this insightful episode of Nursing Student Coach where we delve into the art of early preparation and efficient studying. We discuss the significance of starting your revision at least two weeks in advance. We'll navigate the best ways to set up your own distraction-free study haven, whether you're at home or searching for that perfect spot in the library. We can't wait to hear about your success on your exams, and see you on the other side! Until then, keep studying, keep sharing, and keep being amazing.


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Nursing Interview Tips with the New Grad Nursing Interview Coach

Ready to crack your first nursing job interview with confidence? Join us as we sit down with Mary, the genius behind YouTube's popular channel, "The New Grad Nursing Interview Coach." Our conversation with Mary promises to be a treasure chest of insights, techniques, and advice on preparing for nursing job interviews, especially for new graduates. Her unique coaching style, born from personal experiences and real-life anecdotes, emphasizes the power of confidence, connection, and early preparation. If you're a new nursing graduate seeking an upper hand in your interviews, this episode is specially tailored for you. We steer the conversation towards challenges unique to novices in the field. Mary shares precious nuggets of wisdom on how to make an unforgettable impression during an interview and how maintaining an upbeat attitude can tilt the odds in your favor. Moreover, her advice on journaling and watching interviews to bolster your preparation could be the game-changer you've been seeking. As we conclude our enlightening session, we touch upon some critical dos and don'ts for nailing nursing interviews. You'll learn the importance of portraying yourself as compassionate, patient-focused, and why it's a big no to impersonate difficult patients or family members during conflict narratives. The cherry on the cake is the constructive strategy to answer that age-old question, "Tell me about yourself," with a focus on personal narratives and motivation behind choosing nursing as a career. Soak up these gems of wisdom, and let's conquer the nursing interview battlefield together. Mary's YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE Mary's Website: CLICK HERE Mary's Instagram: CLICK HERE


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Conquering the NCLEX and Standing Out in the Nursing Job Market: Strategies and Insights from Lauren Chapnick

Get ready to conquer the NCLEX exam and land your dream nursing job as I, Lauren Chapnick, take you on a comprehensive journey of what it takes to smash through these milestones. Imagine the rewarding moment when you finally pass your NCLEX, the relief, the pride - this episode is all about getting you there. I'll be sharing my personal experiences and strategies, including my daily practice routine and intensive four-week study plan that led me to triumph on my exam day. But the insights don't stop there! As your trusted Nursing Student Coach, I'll guide you on how to stand out in the nursing job market. Learn how to infuse your resume with unique elements that make you irresistible to potential employers and discover key strategies to connect on a personal level during interviews. Excitingly, we will be joined by Mary, a new grad nursing interview coach, in our upcoming episode to delve even deeper into the art of acing interviews. So buckle up, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to absorb nuggets of wisdom that will transform your nursing career journey.


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Peak Performance and Flow State: Mastering Productivity and Self-Care with Jerry Anathan

Ever felt lost in a sea of tasks, distracted, burnt out? Take a breath and step into a transformative conversation with Jerry Anathan, a celebrated peak performance coach. Jerry has a knack for unlocking the optimal state of consciousness – the flow state, where productivity thrives and burnouts are banished. She's here to demystify and share her neuroscience-backed techniques that can help you tap into this power state, ensuring you perform at your best. Get ready to turn the chaos of your day into a well-charted journey, with planning as your trusty compass. Picture this - your planner, akin to a weather forecast, equipping you to face the deluge of data and distractions. Jerry reveals how smart time blocking and effective planning can be your game-changer, enabling you to navigate obstacles and work smarter, not harder. By mastering self-care and time management, you're set to unlock a life that's not just productive, but also deeply fulfilling. So, strap in and prepare for a journey to peak performance. Jerry is here to guide you every step of the way. Jerry's contact information: CLICK HERE Link to purchase Plan For Success digital downloads (both digital planner for iPad and printable PDF pages available): CLICK HERE YouTube video on how to use Plan For Success and Lauren's tips for time blocking: CLICK HERE


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The Winning Formula for Nursing School: Top Five Consistency Rules and Productivity Hacks

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of nursing school success? I'm your host, Lauren Chapnick, and on this episode, we're revealing the top five rules of consistency that could make or break your journey through nursing school. From the necessity of being fully present in class, to the power of daily practice questions, we're exploring the crucial components of a successful nursing education journey. Spoiler alert: a good night's sleep might be more important than you think! Then, brace yourself for some serious productivity hacks. Drawing from the wisdom of Hal Elrod, we delve into a game-changing mindset shift that will supercharge your sleep. It's not about the amount of sleep you get, but how you utilize it! We'll also explore the magic of good planning and the energy-boosting effects of daily movement. But hold onto your hats, because next week we up the ante with a peak performance coach who will share more about effective time management. Don’t miss this ride to becoming a smarter and more efficient nursing student!


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Struggles in Nursing School: Personalized Coaching to Boost Your Grades and Refocus Your Mindset

Imagine no more pulling all-nighters, stressing over exams, or feeling lost in clinicals. We're here to help you combat all the hurdles that you face as a nursing student. Today we're going to share practical steps that can turn your struggles into stepping stones, enabling you to embrace not just the nursing student title, but also equip you to be the future nurse you've always dreamed of becoming. We're not just going to give you generic advice, we're offering one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to meet your individual needs - because we believe in your unique journey. Wondering how to stay organized, plan your studies effectively, or master tricky subjects like maternity? We've got you covered. Tune in to learn about proven exam techniques and mindset shifts that can transform your educational journey. We'll share insider tips on gaining confidence in clinicals, and how to communicate effectively with patients. Remember, every struggle you're facing is a step closer to becoming the best nurse you can be. So, join us, let's turn the struggles into strength, and fear into confidence. Prepare to be inspired, to learn, and to grow - we can't wait to take this journey with you.


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The Making of a Nurse Practitioner: Insights from Dr. Karen Bourgeois

Ever wondered about the journey of becoming a nurse practitioner? Join me as I sit down with Dr. Karen Bourgeois, the esteemed director of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Manhattanville College, to peel back the curtain on the ins and outs of this rewarding career. We traverse her personal career path, from her first steps into nursing to her years spent imparting wisdom in nursing education. We tackle the different nurse practitioner specialties and the potential paths that could lead you to a similar career—all the while weighing up the pros and cons of advancing your nursing education. But our conversation goes beyond the professional sphere - we delve deep into the heart and soul of nursing. Dr. Bourgeois shares a touching tale of how her nursing career has not only changed her life, but those of her patients. We also discuss the pivotal role of nurse practitioners in promoting healthy habits, teaching patients, and advocating on their behalf. Whether you're curious about the differences of working in a hospital setting versus primary care, or simply want to know what it takes to succeed in nursing school, our conversation promises invaluable insights from this seasoned professional. Tune in for an enlightening discussion that spans from self-care tips for future nurses to the value of Family Nurse Practitioner certification. You won't want to miss Dr. Bourgeois's words of wisdom! Contact information for Dr. Karen Bourgeois: