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Inspired by The Canadian Federation of the Blind, Outlook is a show about accessibility, advocacy, and equality. Hosted by two siblings who were born blind. Heard on 94.9 Radio Western every Monday from 11 AM to noon.

Inspired by The Canadian Federation of the Blind, Outlook is a show about accessibility, advocacy, and equality. Hosted by two siblings who were born blind. Heard on 94.9 Radio Western every Monday from 11 AM to noon.




Inspired by The Canadian Federation of the Blind, Outlook is a show about accessibility, advocacy, and equality. Hosted by two siblings who were born blind. Heard on 94.9 Radio Western every Monday from 11 AM to noon.






Outlook 2022-08-08 - From One President to Another With New CFB President Doug Lawlor

From one president to another. Doug Lawlor has become President of the Canadian Federation of the Blind. This week on Outlook On Radio Western, we speak with Lawlor about this new position and the responsibility that goes along with it, including his recent first-time experiencing a National Federation of the Blind national convention where he had an introductory meeting with the NFB’s president Mark Riccobono. On the show, we hear about all this, but we begin by hearing about Doug’s...


Outlook 2022-08-01 - Through The Grapevine With Victoria Francis

We’ve known of this particular guest for years, through a friend, but now we welcome Victoria Francis as a friend of ours on the show after meeting her in an airport flying home from Orlando, Florida. This week on Outlook we speak with Francis about her experience coming here as a little girl, her parent’s determination to give her and her twin brother every possible chance as blind people, and their time in both the integrated and segregated education systems once they arrived. Victoria...


Outlook 2022-07-25 - Elegant Insights Braille Creations With Founder Laura Legendary

Jewelry isn’t only about what visually glitters and sparkles: both jewelry and braille are tactile experiences. Our latest guest tells us about her more than a decade in the accessible jewelry and accessories world, after studying music and theatre and working in assistive technology roles, leading to the role of accessibility advocate alongside. Laura Legendary is the founder of Elegant Insights Braille Creations and tells us about what true accessibility means to her, along with her road...


Outlook 2022-07-18 - Take Pride In Yourself, It's Disability Pride Month

On Outlook this week, we’re talking disability pride during July’s Disability Pride Month. Whether it’s us starting out the show talking about Brian’s recent musical practice with an old friend and society’s devaluing of music as an art and a skill, a skill many people with disabilities have. Or our recent guest, H May, whose short film Awaiting Tiresias highlights discussions of the continuum of both blindness and gender and the illustration of intersectionality with Hannah, a black and...


Outlook 2022-07-11 - Awaiting Tiresias (with Professor Heather "H" May)

“Even a blind pig finds a truffle now and then” —Medical technician from Awaiting Tiresias Awaiting Tiresias is the short film, loosely based on our guest’s story of disability and gender, this week on Outlook On Radio Western. Dr. Heather(H) May is a director and professor of theatre at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. May shares from their recognized platform of privilege as a white faculty member on the lands of the Haudenosaunee and on the intersectionalities of...


Outlook 2022-06-27 - Welcoming First-Time Guest Kyla Berry

It’s graduation season and our guest this week is a recent Masters of Counselling Psychology graduate at University of Victoria in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. We met Kyla Berry when she attended the 2022 National All-Virtual Canadian Federation of the Blind Convention in May and invited her on Outlook. On the show this week, we talk to Berry about how she became interested in counselling, coming from a biology background at home. We hear more about what two out of three on this...


Outlook 2022-06-20 - A June Mixed Bag Monday Pt. 2

We’re back for a Mixed Bag Part II with all variations of Father’s Day, already halfway through 2022. This week on Outlook, we talk bat caves and finding braille at the ROM, yet not on university bathrooms, and the complicated business of the travel urge, Kerry tells of a new author friend named Nicole who visited her and Brian and Kerry together read a statement by Penny Leclair (a guest from last year) on June being National Defblind Awareness Month. Kerry also shares about some of the...


Outlook 2022-06-13 - A June Mixed Bag Monday Pt. 1

It’s been a while since our last Mixed Bag Monday episode with only us two, but we’re back again with our mixture of topics. On Outlook this week, we talk unforeseen poles leading to ambulance rides and stitches, reflecting on our experience of kidney failure with a recent study on childhood medical trauma done out of the B.C. Children’s Hospital, and continual election day inaccessibility during Ontario’s June 2nd’s provincial elections. (Also, there’s talk of Luminato Festival Toronto. It...


Outlook 2022-06-06 - On Fatherhood & Kidney Donation, Our Father Looks Back

June is Father’s Day month in North America, but this year is a special one - featuring a father/daughter connection like no other. This week, on Outlook, we speak with our father, for his debut on the show, as June 5, 2022 marks 25 years since he gave a kidney to Kerry when she was a teenager. We discuss themes of ancestry and family with our father, Bob, whose parents were immigrants/settlers in Ontario, Canada after World War II. Our father has always instilled in us the value of family...


Outlook 2022-05-30 - Heather Hutchison Performs Live

Singer/song writer and author Heather Hutchison now, will think of herself during the toughest moments of these last few years, as if it were another girl entirely: “She’s been so mean to herself for so long. And if we talked to our friends the way we talk to ourselves, we wouldn’t have any.” It’s been six months since we spoke with Hutchison about her memoir, released a year ago: Holding On by Letting Go. Since then, the January 28 release of her new EP, If I Could came out, a sort of...


Outlook 2022-05-16 - The Disability Experience (with Author & Historian Hanna Leavitt)

Hanna Leavitt is an author and blindness historian whose life passion is in creating a world with words and she is our guest this week on Outlook. We met Hanna through the podcast she co-hosts called Triple Vision, all about the past, present, and future of blindness in Canada. We have a lively chat about the brain tumour that was the cause of the damage to her eyes, the importance of finding out about our own blindness history here in this country and the community and culture of blindness...


Outlook 2022-05-09 - Accessible Art and the Multisensory Experience

Last fall, Kerry participated (as community consultant of lived experience) in a virtual Inclusive Design Multisensory Museum course through Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U). The instructor of that course was Melissa Smith, who works at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) as Assistant Curator, Access and Learning. This week on Outlook we speak with Melissa and two students who took the course about what was covered throughout and about the multisensory translation projects the...


Outlook 2022-05-02 - Welcoming The AT Banter Podcast Crew

Banter: the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks. (quips, ribbing, witticisms) A banter based conversation is happening this week (with more than just the two of us) and we like that - the wittier the better. This week on Outlook, we speak with Rob Mineault, Ryan Fleury, Steve Barclay and Lis Malone who host the podcast AT Banter, some of whom are blind and visually impaired and others not. We discuss old timey blind tech from the nineties, how smartphones and other modern...


Outlook 2022-04-25 - National Volunteer Week (with First-Time Guest Nancy Gill)

During National Volunteer appreciation Week, held every year at this time in April, we’re pleased to feature one of the kindest, friendliest people we know who’s volunteered for years. We first met this guest at a Canadian Federation of the Blind convention out in B.C. and we greatly appreciate her support of this show. This week on Outlook, we speak with Nancy Gill, a mother and now newly a grandmother who’s had to learn to manage and adapt to Usher’s Syndrome throughout her life. Usher’s...


Outlook 2022-04-18 - Disability Possibilities (with Speaker & Freelance Writer Maribel Steel)

We spoke to this guest on a Sunday night/Monday morning, all the way from Australia. This week on Outlook we hear from author, mentor, public speaker Maribel Steel about motherhood while losing her sight, about her book Blindness For Beginners, and she even gave us a demonstration of a handy little gadget called the PenFriend. With her guide dog by her side, Steel is always open to the possibilities, acceptance of disability and those same endless possibilities we all want for our lives. For...


Outlook 2022-04-11 - An April Monday Mixed Bag (Remembering Blind Advocate John Rae)

We’re back for our first Monday Mixed Bag show, live in studio, since early February. This week on Outlook, we make sure to mix in the silly stuff, the light stuff, in with some of the more serious, the sad things like the death of a recent guest, John Rae. Just goes to show, don’t put off something to next week that you could do today. We share a braille alphabet song to kick things off and discuss the upcoming We’re With U benefit concert for blind Ukrainians being put on by the blindness...


Outlook 2022-04-04 - Talking Braille Fashion (with Founder of Aille Design Alexa Jovanovic)

Alexa was out window shopping during her final year of studying fashion in Toronto when she spotted a beaded jacket and had an “Aha moment.” Alexa Jovanovic loved fashion as a little girl, but it wasn’t until she studied it in school that she learned about a topic not yet trending on social media, not yet a common thing to see diversity boards and plans factored in everywhere, but she thought braille could both look aesthetically appealing and be functional as well. Her final project became...


Outlook 2022-03-28 - Welcoming First-Time Guest Janet Erikson

When our guest this week was a child, she’d follow a string her parents had strung up for her, tied to poles on the road between her home and that of her grandmother. She was encouraged to walk the route, but it wasn’t until later that she saw the value in the mobility cane in lieu of one. This week on Outlook we speak with star athlete Janet Erikson who competed in the Geilo 1980 Paralympic Winter Games. Skiing and cross country in her mainstream high school, but Janet had grown up in rural...


Outlook 2022-03-14 - "My City Speaks" (with illustrator Ashley Barron & author Darren Lebeuf)

Co-host Kerry was a sensitivity/authenticity reader/consultant on a recent project, a picture book published by Toronto’s children’s book publishers’ Kids Can Press. “My City Speaks” is a book for young readers, a delightful exploration of a cityscape, through the perspective of a little blind girl. In it, she travels her city, experiencing the sounds and smells along the way. This week, on Outlook, we’re speaking with the author of the book, Darren Lebeuf and its illustrator, Ashley Barron....


Outlook 2022-03-07 - Think Global, Act Local with John Rae

According to John Rae, it was 1975 when he jumped, feet first, into the world of legislative advocacy, community organizing, and activism in the blindness community, first with something called Blind Organizing Ontario with Self-Help Tactics (BOOST) which evolved into the Alliance for the Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC). Rae has lived all his life as a Torontonian, fighting human rights cases, and working as a civil servant, taking early retirement where he’s been able to focus on lending...