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Outrageous Love the Podcast: Our Journeys to Responsiveness

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Hear the journeys, stories, and testimonies of educators who are committed to being equitable and culturally responsive to the students who need them to be the most. Hosted by Dr. Sharroky Hollie, nationally recognized educator in cultural responsiveness

Hear the journeys, stories, and testimonies of educators who are committed to being equitable and culturally responsive to the students who need them to be the most. Hosted by Dr. Sharroky Hollie, nationally recognized educator in cultural responsiveness


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Hear the journeys, stories, and testimonies of educators who are committed to being equitable and culturally responsive to the students who need them to be the most. Hosted by Dr. Sharroky Hollie, nationally recognized educator in cultural responsiveness






Suzanne Nguyen's Journey To Responsiveness, Season 2, Episode 4, Unsung Heroes Series, Part 3 of 4

Hear Suzanne Nguyen's fascinating journey to responsiveness. Suzanne is Executive Director of Federal, Bilingual, and Native American Programs for the Rio Rancho Public School District in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From her position in "mid level management," she has positively influenced cultural and linguistic responsiveness (CLR) in Rio Rancho slowly but surely. Her advocacy is not only professional but personal because of her upbringing in New Mexico as an Asian American with Vietnamese...


Dr. Meg Schnoor's Journey To Responsiveness, Season 2, Episode 3, The Unsung Heroes Series, Part 2 of 4

The focus on the unsung heroes - assistant superintendents, chief academic officers, and directors - continues with Dr. Meg Schnoor, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning in Palatine Schools (Chicago area). Meg's insights and sharp perspective about how to lead from behind is worthwhile. Rarely do we hear from the mortar of the brick so to speak. More interestingly is Dr. Schnoor's journey to responsiveness which takes us from her experience as a teacher in alternative education...


Dr. Ian Buchanan's Journey To Responsiveness, Unsung Heroes Series, Part 1 of 4

Episode 2 of season 2 debuts the Unsung Heroes Series, focusing specifically on assistant superintendents of instruction/professional development, chief of academic officers, and directors of equity/instruction/professional development. Dr. Ian Buchanan, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction in University City Schools (St. Louis), kicks off the series with fire. Hear Ian's incredible journey to responsiveness from East St. Louis to now founder and CEO of the Nia Education Group...


Imani Hollie's Journey To Responsiveness, The Personal Episode, Season 2, Episode 1

Welcome to season two of Outrageous Love the Podcast! The first episode, dubbed the personal episode, features Dr. Hollie's daughter, Attorney Imani Hollie's journey to responsiveness. Imani shares her journey from the lenses of a daughter, a former student of the Culture and Language Academy of Success (CLAS) and as an attorney working in criminal law. The highlights of CLAS, a laboratory school for cultural responsiveness founded by Dr. Hollie, Anthony Jackson, and Janis Bucknor in 2003...


Bianca Suglia's Journey To Responsiveness, Episode 12, Teachers Teach Series, Part 3 of 3

Episode 12 is the final entry for season 1 and it end on a very high note. Meet Bianca Suglia, 5th grade French Immersion teacher, for one of the most diverse and interesting journeys to responsiveness thus far. In addition to her teachers teach testimony, Bianca fascinates us with her journey, which starts in Romania and lands in, of all places, Edina, Minnesota. Incredible! Bianca's diversity brings intrigue on multiple levels - language, nationality, and ethnicity. Find out the cultural...


Felicia Homberger's Journey To Responsiveness, Episode 11, Teachers Teach Series, Part 2 of 3

The deserved spotlight on the frontline workers in education continues. Episode 11 features high school teacher Felicia Homberger from the Hopkins Schools in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Felicia's journey to responsiveness starts in Milwaukee and works its way through Boston to New York, landing in the Twin Cities. Key to her journey is the celebration and resonation of her Jewish heritage, which she is very proud of. Felicia provides insight and perspective about cultural responsiveness through...


Dr. Genita Williams' Journey To Responsiveness, Episode 10, Special Series, Teachers Teach, Part 1

Welcome to the new year, a new president, the new normal, and a new episode of Outrageous Love the Podcast. 2021 and episode 10 kick off a new 3-part series, Teachers Teach, which puts the focus on the outstanding, noble, and sacrificial work educators have been doing for our students for almost one year. Whether it be in-person with students, in a so-called hybrid model, or totally virtual, our educators have stepped up to the plate and made a significance difference for countless students....


Claudia C. Salinas' Journey To Responsiveness - Episode 9 - Holiday Edition

The final episode of 2020! Episode 9 celebrates the end of a helluva year and the optimism of a new year, 2021. This edition also celebrates Claudia Salinas, Vice President of English Learning for Curriculum Associates and her fascinating journey to responsiveness from Nicaragua to the United States. Claudia speaks about validation and affirmation from various perspectives - the corporate world, the education world, and as a parent and community member in Dallas, Texas. Not to mention her...


Dr. Judy Baseman's Journey To Responsiveness, Episode 8, Special Series, Superintendents Who Love Outrageously, Part 4 of 4

In the final edition of the special series, Superintendents Who Love Outrageously, Dr. Hollie culminates the focus on leadership with an outstanding superintendent, Dr. Judy Baseman of Appleton Schools in Wisconsin. Dr. Baseman shares her journey to responsiveness from music teacher with indigenous students in Montana and with urban students in Chicago to principal and assistant superintendent in Appleton and now the current superintendent. Judy makes key connections between the importance...


Dr. Luvelle Brown's Journey To Responsiveness, Episode 7, Special Series, Superintendents Who Love Outrageously, Part 3 of 4

What is the connection among Meg Thee Stallion, showing outrageous love virtually versus in person, born and raised in Virginia but living in Ithaca (of all places), the struggles of leading a district courageously and unapologetically Black, being a lifelong reader and lover of comic books, and an unsolved murder mystery? Find out in this suspense-filled, action-packed episode. We are continuing the special series on featuring superintendent's who love outrageously. This month, Dr. Luvelle...


Dr. Laurie Heinz's Journey To Responsiveness, Episode 6, Special Series, Superintendents Who Love Outrageously, Part 2 of 4

The special series continues with Dr. Laurie Heinz, fearless and courageous leader of the Palatine/D15 Schools, located near Chicago. Dr. Heinz's journey to responsiveness treks from her childhood in Chicago to being named one of the top 100 superintendents in the nation. She brings a diverse perspective to cultural and linguistic responsiveness (CLR) as a female leader with an Irish/Italian cultural background. Laurie checks all the boxes for loving and leading outrageously, leveraging her...


Dr. Sharonica Hardin-Bartley's Journey to Responsiveness, Special Series, Superintendents Who Love Outrageously, Part 1 of 4

Of the many variables the twindemic - Covid-19 and Racial Justice Reckoning - has revealed, lack of strong leadership at the national and, in some cases, at the local level is most telling because of the life and death consequences. This fifth episode begins a special series focusing on leadership at the superintendent level. The focus will be supts who get cultural and linguistic responsiveness (CLR) and have been able to implement it successfully. We call these leaders superintendents who...


Dr. George Nolan's Journey To Responsiveness - Episode 4

Straight from the epicenter of the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing global uprisings, in this episode, we hear from school leader and equity warrior, Dr. George Nolan. As an educator in Minneapolis-St. Paul and the surrounding areas, Dr. Nolan witnessed first hand the aftermath of Floyd's murder that has gripped not only the Twin Cities but the world in what has become the spark for racial justice reformation. His perspective is multi-faceted and fascinating. Over the past 15 years,...


Dr. Berlinda Begay's Journey To Responsiveness - Episode 3

This episode features the compelling journey of Dr. Berlinda Begay, first and foremost, a citizen of Navajo Nation and also an educator and advocate. Hear her "tell it like it is" as it applies to US education and the struggle for Navajo students, including her personal story of being able to reach the highest levels of academia. For those wanting to hear from an authentic Navajo educator, Dr. Begay's narrative will shift your mindset. The depth of her truth is in the nuance. Listen...


Dr. Anthony Muhammad's Journey To Responsiveness - Episode 2

As the first "official" guest, Outrageous Love, the Podcast is honored to have renowned, international author and speaker, Anthony Muhammad. He is founder and CEO of New Frontier 21,newfrontier21.com, founded in 2006. Long ago, Dr. Muhammad observed a void in the field of education in the area of authentic and powerful professional development opportunities for urban and rural educators. As a successful and award-winning teacher and administrator, he wanted to provide real strategies that...


Inaugural Episode - Dr. Hollie's Journey To Responsiveness

In this inaugural episode, Dr. Sharroky Hollie provides the purpose and format of Outrageous Love the Podcast, which includes the core principles of cultural and linguistic responsiveness or being validating, affirming, and building, and bridging (or VABB) as we define it. He also serves as host and the first guest. So, Sharroky interviews Dr. Hollie to give him (Dr. Hollie) the opportunity to share his journey to responsiveness. To know more about VABB and the CLR approach go to...