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Marketing Your Pediatric Dental Practice: A Key To Your Success - Ep.15

Marketing is key to the success of any pediatric dental practice. Between developing relationships with your current patient families to finding new patients every month, marketing your practice can be difficult! But marketing is key to increased traffic that allows your practice to continue to grow. In this podcast, Dr. Bobby Elliott provides successful tips that can be incorporated into your practice to boost your brand and reputation.


Basic Behavior Guidance Has Evolved over Time. Why? - Ep.14

Dr. Clarice Law has been following the trends in basic behavior guidance over the past 15 years. In this podcast, Dr. Law discusses some of the changes influencing behavior guidance, reviewing both the peer-reviewed scientific sources as well as popular press and online sources. Listen in to develop your own ideas on how to balance between pharmacological and non-pharmacological options as society continues to evolve.


What's New and Trending in Orthodontics? - Ep.13

It is a very interesting time in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics! New orthodontic technologies and techniques appear to be emerging daily. Some of these innovations are merely hype, while others are incredibly powerful tools to improve the quality of clinical care as well as practice management efficiencies and effectiveness. In addition, general dentists are attempting to keep much more Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in-house, corporate Pedo and Ortho are on the rise, and...


Making Medicaid Work Effectively in Your Office - Ep.12

In this interesting and important episode, Dr. Jessica Meeske, a leader in practice ownership, advocacy and in being a spokesperson for the profession discusses how she established a thriving practice that focuses on caring for all patients. She tells us how to make Medicaid work effectively by training and educating staff, patients, parents and all parties to make all aspects of practice work at the highest level. Learn from the expert how to do well and do good at the same time by...


Things to Know About a DSO: Learn About What DSO Means in Practice - Ep.11

The biggest trend dental practice today is the growth of dental service organizations (DSO). The growth of large group practices continues at a steady rate, and it remains unclear how this growth will continue. This podcast brings to you Dr. Jim Shealy, an AAPD member pediatric dentist who is on the inside of practice and management of a DSO with his insight on what it means to him, and how he sees it changing dental practice. What is different and what is not. Listen to this interesting...


Dr. Rob Delarosa – 10 Rules for a Successful Pediatric Dental Practice. You Should Know Them - Ep.10

In this inspiring podcast, Dr. Rob Delarosa discusses the list of habits and behaviors that have made him a successful practitioner. Particularly for our younger listeners, this podcast is a must to learn from a seasoned expert who has done it all. Dr. Delarosa shares his keen insight into the business of a successful practice.


Dr. Jeanette MacLean - Bring Minimally Invasive Medical Management into Your Practice Today! - Ep.9

From SDF to ICON, minimally invasive treatment options are trending topics in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Jeanette MacLean discusses how embracing the concept of the medical management of caries has transformed her practice and her approach to patient care, recorded in front of a live audience at the 2018 AAPD Annual Session in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Dr. Travis Nelson - Need a Primer in Integrative Clinical/Restorative Decision Making? Here You Go! - Ep.008

Dr. Travis Nelson sits down in front of a live audience at the 2018 AAPD Annual Session in Hawaii to discuss decision making in pediatric dentistry. Contemporary pediatric dentists have more good treatment options to share with parents than ever before. Travis talks with us about some of these, including the Hall Technique, silver diamine fluoride, and the use of sedation and general anesthesia to deliver safe, high-quality care. Get Dr. Nelson's great ideas on clinical decision making by...


Dr. Nestor Cohenca - Are You up to Date on Trauma Care and Vital Pulp Therapy? Maybe Not! - Ep.007

Listen to Dr. Nestor Cohenca, President of the IADT (International Association of Dental Traumatology) tell us FIRST on Pedo Teeth Talk about the brand new IADT guidelines to be released in August, 2018. He talks to us about the way we SHOULD be performing vital pulp therapy and early trauma care... INCLUDING... new materials! Get up to date by listening to this exciting podcast.


Dr. Anu Tate - The AAPD Reference Manual: THE Guide to Evidence Based Practice - Ep.006

The AAPD Reference Manual, along with its policies, guidelines, definitions, etc., provides a basis on which sound and up to date dental practice can be performed each day. Those who follow this document as a guide to pediatric dental practice will achieve the best possible results and will be in compliance with current practice, as supported by evidence. In this interesting and important podcast, Dr. Anu Tate, who chairs the AAPD's Evidence Based Dentistry (EBD) Committee, discusses the...


Dr. Jed Best - Are You Using Your Dental Materials for Children Correctly? - Ep.005

This program talks with expert practitioner Dr. Jed Best. Over several decades of practice and via connection with dental industry scientists, Dr. Best has honed his skills in providing restorative dentistry for children. In this podcast, Jed talks about glass ionomer materials, resin-modified glass ionomer materials, and their indications and proper use in children. He also talks about composites and the relative advantages glass ionomer materials have in primary teeth. Light curing is...


Dr. Richard Chaet - Resin Infiltration: Using ICON to Halt Caries Lesion Progression - Ep.004

This program interviews Dr. Richard Chaet, who has performed hundreds of ICON resin infiltration procedures in permanent teeth. Rick talks about indications, methods of use and benefits of using ICON as opposed to waiting and “watching”. He describes everything from how to describe and discuss with parents, how to bill for the procedure and follow up methods and documentation. This podcast will tell you why will want to learn and do more with resin infiltration as part of your non-surgical...


Rob Delarosa - Practice Management: They Didn’t Teach Me That in Dental School - Ep.003

This episode provides a thought-provoking look at running a successful pediatric dental practice. Drs. Joel Berg and Rob Delarosa have an interesting discussion about the ‘why’ you need to have a vision and also the ‘how’ to start creating a practice. A number of paths are discussed to help guide you in being a successful business owner in terms of caring for your patients, your team and the community you serve.


Pulp Fiction: Can We Regenerate a Pulp Following Dental Trauma? - Ep.002

Numerous pulp revascularization/regeneration case reports have shown successful clinical and radiographic outcomes which include continued root development, thickening of the dental walls and return of pulp vitality. All indicating that it is possible to regeneration a pulp following a traumatic injury where the neurovascular bundle is severed in young children. Upon clinical and radiographic exam the regenerate cell seems to act like the pulp. But absent exact signaling mechanism by which...


Dr. Horst - SDF: Game Changer? If So, How Do I Change My Game? - Ep.001

This podcast provides an interactive discussion about the newest phenomenon in pediatric dentistry known as medical management of caries, specifically the use of silver diamine fluoride. Drs. Horst and Berg review the indications, use and follow up requirements for the product. Also discussed are limitations, future directions and the science behind this game changing phenomenon.