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Ep. 25 History of Philosophy: Socrates

This week we return to Greece to say lots and lots about someone we know very little about. Enjoy, once more, Dr Mike and Danny mispronouncing the name of a revered philosophical figure for comedy effect and through a mouthful of mince pie. Consider, for a moment, why is Socrates considered so significant? Why is he such an attractive philosophical figure? Were the robes a contributing factor? Did he really know nothing? Why did he ask so many questions? What were the 30 Tyrants to him? Why...


Stan Lee Tribute Part Three

In this 3rd and final - yes we promise, really, the very last part, honest to goodness no matter how much Mike begs and rolls around on the floor making a scene - part of our Stan Lee tribute we explore artificial life and identity in comics. We ask whether a hero has to transcend authority or be accountable to it, is the true hero the one who exercises the will to power and operates according to their own conscience or the one who is answerable to a higher power? Could you marry a machine?...


Stan Lee Tribute Part Two

In this second part of our tribute to Stan Lee and the comic genre We consider how important philosophical and ethical issues have been smuggled into comics over the years as the genre flew under the radar of popular culture. Watch Dr Mike meddle with force beyond human control and reap the terrible consequences. Stare in amazement as Danny tries in vain to find an opportunity to slip Wittgenstein into the discussion. It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s our next episode leaping complex...


Stan Lee Tribute Special

Face front true believers! In this Stan Lee tribute special Danny gets caught up in a philosophical experiment which transforms him into “Captain Tractatus” guardian of truth, justice and precise propositions! Meanwhile and elsewhere Dr Mike is bitten by a radioactive copy of the complete works of Hegel and becomes Dialectic-Man with the power to talk almost non-stop without taking a single breath. Join them in their adventures as they confront the philosophical issues lurking within the...


Halloween Special 2

This week as Danny and Dr Mike pull the duvet further up around themselves for protection they continue to insist that there is something out there watching them. Danny thinks he hears a funny noise but Dr Mike is sure it is only the wind or possible Danny’s imagination. The shadows start to move, is it the ghost of Plato trying to make a point? Is it a piece of undigested beef or the ghost of Christmas yet to come? Is Dr Mike merely trying to plug the inevitable Christmas special? Settle...


Halloween Special 1

In this belated Halloween version of the podcast, Danny and Dr Mike muse on the question 'What is a Monster?' Do they have to be other worldly, have sharp teeth and claws or are they something much closer to home? Thrill to the suggestion that monsters may look like us but aren’t one of us. Shiver at the thought that monsters really don’t give a rats about us. Marvel at the beast within, the cold monster and the relentless creatures from the dark side. Also, snigger at Danny whimpering like...


The Harvard Sound Education Conference Special.

Danny and I were approached by the conference organisers to participate in this event and to chat about the podcast. Sadly we were not able to attend but we made every effort! This cast is a special contribution to the conference by way of a post-event resource. Enjoy while we paddle back home...


Ep.18 History of Philosophy:The Pre-Socratics p.2

This week Dr Mike and Danny go back to the beginning and talk a great deal about people we know very little about. What is more important, fire or water? In a fair race who would win over 100 meters, Usain Bolt or a tortoise? What is the standard Lego brick size 4x2 or 2x2? Also, this weeks special feature! Thrill to the adventures of Mike and Danny's Philosophical Detective Agency, feel tingles down your spine as Mike is bludgeoned by a sock full propositions ... what will become of him?...


Episode 17 The History of Philosophy:The Pre-Socratics

This week listen to Mike and Danny try to pronounce Anaximenes! Marvel at Danny’s sharp intake of breath as he realises that the Milesian philosophers came from Turkey and not Greece. Encounter cosmic play-doh and the importance of moistness. All this boiled up in a vat full of pre-socratic philosophy with a touch of Thomas Kuhn and all washed down with the usual flagon of Wittgenstein - remember to chew your food everyone. Please note this episode was brought to you single handed and...



Sorry, no podcast this week. But Dr. Mike and Danny are busy cooking up some philosophical delights for a new season on the History Of Philosophy once Danny has recovered. In the meantime, be sure to check out their article on the American Philosophical Association Blog here:


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep. 16 Believe!

In a final look at god and religion, Dr. Mike and Danny ask 'Do we really need to prove the existence of god?' UPDATE! Check out our recent article about the podcast here! Get into Mike and Danny's heads for free! Join Our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf Contact us:


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep. 15 You want proof?

This week: Danny and Dr. Mike tackle the various proofs for the existence of God. Also Dr. Mike reviews the Freudian heavy 'Forbidden Planet'! Also: Herbert Marcuse and the 'Resistance Fighter'! Join Our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf Contact us:


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep 14 Getting Emotional!

This week: Dr. Mike and Danny talk Reason Vs the Emotions, Polytheism Vs Monotheism, Buddhism and Shintoism, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Apollo and Dionysus! Plus a special interview with Dr. Sally about the Problem of Evil! Join Our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf Contact us:


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep. 13 The Needs of the Many...

This week, Dr. Mike and Danny ask 'do we need a god to be ethical?' They throw a light on Jeremy Bentham, Utilitarianism, the Hedonic Calculus and Kant's 'Ought to'. Also:the Enigma Code and the WW2 bombing of Coventry, the Ethics of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn and the 'Invisible Gardener'. Join Our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf Contact us:


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep. 12 Don't mention the 'G' word

In this week's episode Danny and Dr. Mike try very hard to talk about things that can't be expressed. Included in the chat: Early Japanese history and Christianity. Kant, Wittgenstein and Polyani and the impossibility of talking meaningfully about the spiritual and metaphysical world. Faith, knowledge and Star Trek. Time slipping Samurai and the end of social structures. Plus, bonus EVIL. Join Our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter:...


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep. 11 Where is your god now?

In this near blasphemous episode, Mike and Danny ask the question 'Do we really need a God to be religious?', talk about 'religion-less Christianity' and discuss whether or not Jesus might have been an anarchist. Philosophical stars on the bill this week include: Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Special Celebrity Guest Thinkers Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx! You can join Our Facebook discussion group: ,Follow us on Twitter:...



Danny and Dr. Mike are taking a bit of summer break. Normal services will resume in September.


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep. 10 Do we need the real world?

Recorded in Danny's sprawling Oxford mansion, the old dudes sip Pina Coladas and ask the question: can the virtual world replace the real world? Also: Fate and the Will of the universe, the Enlightenment and the triumph of science. Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx. Stan Lee and Joseph Campbell. Join Our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf Contact us:


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep. 9 Philosophy & Religion

This week Danny and Mike are looking for meaning, pinning the beard on cosmic consciousness, believing a bunch of stuff that they can't prove and wondering how philosophy is different to religion. Featuring special guest stars David Hume, Michael Polanyi and the god of your choice. This week's competition: How many gods does it take to run a universe? Fabulous prizes to be won! First prize is an existential feeling of well being. Three runner-up prizes of existential dread to be had! Mike...


Philosophy? WTF?? Ep.8 Where is our Humanity?

Is Danny losing his empathy or was it just a bad pork pie? In this dehumanising episode, Dr. Mike and Danny discuss what it means to lose our humanity. Among the topics discussed: frustrating fights on Facebook, Blade Runner and the Voight-Kampff test, the rise of the 'stock bad guys' the Nazis, demonising and isolating people, The Ballad of Halo Jones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Karl Marx. Also a bonus film review of subversive Hollywood action film, John Carpenter's They Live! Join Our...