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What is Philosophy? Why should we bother with it? Sit down with Danny and Dr. Mike in the comfort of their local pub, as they grapple with the big ideas in a unique and accessible way! Send us an email: Check out our article about the podcast here! Get into Mike and Danny's heads for free! Discuss our episodes on our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf

What is Philosophy? Why should we bother with it? Sit down with Danny and Dr. Mike in the comfort of their local pub, as they grapple with the big ideas in a unique and accessible way! Send us an email: Check out our article about the podcast here! Get into Mike and Danny's heads for free! Discuss our episodes on our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf


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What is Philosophy? Why should we bother with it? Sit down with Danny and Dr. Mike in the comfort of their local pub, as they grapple with the big ideas in a unique and accessible way! Send us an email: Check out our article about the podcast here! Get into Mike and Danny's heads for free! Discuss our episodes on our Facebook group: Follow us on Twitter: @PhilosophyWtf




Ep. 102 Film Night: A Matter of Life and Death

This week we ask the question, what is the difference between a blow to the head, a religious experience and an aberrant psychological condition? Is the after life really in black and white or are other realities, as Dorothy will attest, actually more colourful than the one we know? Will there be dogs in heaven? Join Mike and Danny once more on the stairway to heaven as they ask the question - what has philosophy ever done for us? Can Plato help you get a date? Does Aristotle know how to use...


Ep. 101 Film Night : Romero's Zombie Trilogy Part 2

This week join Mike and Danny on a shopping spree as they take to the Mall. Yes, it’s all there to be consumed, just join the crowd and head on over. Everything under one roof! What’s that? We can’t get in? It’s locked down?? But we must get in, we have to get in, we need those socks and that washing up bowl!!! They can’t keep us out, storm the entrance, break the windows, find the back way in, they can’t stop us, nobody can stop us! Okay, who just said “brains”? Come on, come on, who was...


Ep. 100 Film Night: Romero's Zombie Trilogy Part 1

Ergggh...argh...errrrr…mmmmm.arrrrr…grahhh…blarrrg…huuu?…Braaaaaaains?’ Yes, this week work on your cardio exercises, check the corners and always, always double tap as Danny and Mike hold up with you all in a deserted farmhouse. As we all hunker down together who will be the first to crack? Will our supplies hold out? Which of us will hear a noise and just 'step out side for a few minutes to check - be back before you know it’? Yes, join us as we delve into the world of monomania and single...


Ep. 99 Film Night: Things to Come

This week WAR! What is it good for? Reflection on the human condition as it turns out. Listen in as Mike and Danny act all tough over the phone but avoid actual face to face confrontation. Yes, this week we consider the 1936 film version of HG Wells “Things to Come” - an epic exploration of human savagery, nobility and indomitable exploration of the universe or an hour and a half promotional video for Engineering and Science degrees? Is shooting anyone who looks like they may be unwell the...


Ep. 98 Film Night: Seven Samurai

This week take to the road with Danny San in search of honour and glory. Listen in unbounded admiration as Danny comes to the defence of the weak and disadvantaged while Mike sneaks round the back to make off with their valuables. What is the ethics of responsibility? Who can afford honour? Is expediency the only pragmatic route to survival and is honour an outmoded concept always destined to end up in the mud missing it's trainers and it's phone? As ever, take a side and ride


Ep. 97 Film Night Part 3

Tune in this week as Mike and Danny start to listen to the voices in their heads OR are the voices listening to Mike and Danny? How coherent is our identity? What would it take to separate out one voice from our internal cacophony? If only there were some sort of medication we could take? Step forward Dr Jekyll and his patented bottled "two weeks half board in Ibiza” guaranteed to lubricate the ID and release the good time in even the most upright of individuals. Don’t like the idea of...


Ep. 96 Film Night Part Two

This week the lights have gone down, the adverts have run and the trailers have been noted. Join Mike and Danny as the annoying kid behind them starts kicking the back of their seats while the couple next to them keep checking their phones and talking too loudly. What do we have to hope for? Are children really the future or are they just the repetition of all our past mistakes in hipper clothes? What is our responsibility for the things that we bring into the world? Are there things that...


Ep. 95 Film Night

Having dragged their way through the historic corridors of philosophy Danny and Mike emerge from the mists of time in need of some R & R, a good long bath and some clean clothes. Listen in this week as our weary philosonauts hang up their togas, berets and black roll-neck jumpers and put their feet up for a well earned change of pace and a large glass of something tasty from the cellars. Sink back into the WTF wingback leather chairs as teams of house servants return the piles of learned...


Ep. 94 Postmodernism Part 4

This week listen in with all due deference as Danny and Mike … no, hang on, I’m not doing this. Why should I impose a narrative on you? The cast is out there now, you make of it what you will. Look, I’ll even leave you space to construct your own blurb, enough of this authorial priority, you go to it. I’ll just sit here and watch. Away you go then. [ ] There, see, not as easy as it looks is it? Oh yes, we all want to march to the beat of our own drum and throw away the rule book but then...


Ep. 93 Postmodernism Part 3

Pst, hey, kids, do you want some po-mo? Don’t sweat it brah, this is the good stuff won’t make you go blind or nothing. No this is quality stuff and the best of it is the first hit is absolute free. Yeah, you heard us, Danny and Mike are hooking you up with the real deal and it will set…you,,,free! No more living in a world that’s already written oh no, with our high grade po-mo you can play by your own rules like it weren’t no damn thing. That’s right, it’s the hottest thing on the streets...


Ep. 91 Postmodernism Part 2

This week, Mike succumbs to the pressures of the time and mentions Wittgenstein before Danny does. Listen in with mounting disappointment as Danny makes the obvious Lyotard gag - low hanging fruit bro, low hanging fruit. What is the condition of postmodernity? Who was the irritating student who suggested that the movement following postmodernism should be called post-postmodernism? Guess at the kind of grade they received for their final philosophy exam, go on, guess! Yes this week, as with...


Ep. 90 Postmodernism

This week the pressures of lockdown start to get to Danny and Mike. Listen in as their narratives begin to unravel and they appear to waffle on about anything that comes into their heads under the pretext of a postmodern disposition. Join them in their new stories or are these just the old stories seen from a different perspective? Are they absolutely right in abandoning their previous absolute convictions? Are scones and jam part of an imperialist metanarrative? Were the Tracy family...


Ep. 89 Wittgenstein Part 4

This week listen with your head cocked to one side, in a bemused and slightly suspicious way, as Mike confesses that while he loves fish and chips he has no desire to sleep with them. Raise your hand and fan you face in the wake of Danny’s confession that he built his daughter out of leftover body parts - he says that, right? Yes, wacky Wittgenstein is at it again, taking the words and phrases we love so well and making them perform for us in a Renaissance ruff while riding a unicycle. In...


Ep. 88 Wittgenstein Part 3

This week join us as Wittgenstein kicks over his Tractatus and storms out of the room declaring that he doesn't want to play that stupid game any more because it's dumb and we are all stupid and dumb. Listen in as Dr Mike responds by informing Wittgenstein that he's the stupid one and also that he smells like farts. Be amazed as Wittgenstein goes on to elaborate that sticks and stones may break his bones but words are thoughts so probably have the power to do more damage and maybe he ought...


Ep. 87 Wittgenstein Part 2

This week agonise with Danny as he tries to get to the end of the Tractatus without interruptions. Do Mike and Danny LOOK like they have meaning but in actual fact make no logical sense? Are we simply talking nonsense? Does the sentence “Mike and Danny are exemplary Star Fleet Officers” carry any real meaning in spite of its grammatical legitimacy (even though we know it to be 100% true)? Should we all give up on philosophy and take up gardening? Tune in this week, it’s all nonsense of...


Ep. 86 Wittgenstein Part 1

This week, listen in slack jawed amazement as Danny talks about the Tractatus for over 30 mins without mentioning Wittgenstein once. That’s right, not once but a gazillion times! This is it folks, Danny goes proposition crazy as his time finally comes and he gets to use the W word without let or hindrance. Reel back in stupefied awe as the podcast ladder is kicked away leaving Dr Mike hanging precipitously from something overhanging that may or may not be the case. Strain your ears as Mike...


Ep. 85 Phenomenology Part 6

This week FREEDOM! But do we really want it? Listen with care as Sartre warns us that freedom can make us a little queasy. Do we always have choices? Can I choose to have Sugar Puffs for breakfast tomorrow even though I don't have any in the house? What would Sartre have? Our guess is croissants. Enjoy the spectacle of Jean-Paul and Che Guevara having a beret-off. Don't be concerned as Danny and Mike gaze at you in a peculiar way, we aren't trying to objectify you, really we aren't ......


Ep. 84 Phenomenology Part 5

This week we grab hold of stuff and make it ours, not yours, ours… well… mine actually. How much of the world you live in is authentically ready-to-hand? Consider that, you spectator, as Heidegger judges you hard. Listen with escalating embarrassment as Mike and Danny adjust their black berets and jam along with Jean-Paul Sartre. Yes, it’s blackberry jam all the way this week! (we have been waiting 84 episodes for an opportunity to crack that gag, laugh damn you!). Who wore it best, the...


Ep.83 Phenomenology Part 4: Inauthenticity

This week DON’T join Mike and Danny - seriously, stay away, keep your distance - as they lock themselves down in the WTF bunker to wait for everything to blow over. Listen in (from a remote and safe distance) as we discuss microwaves, freezers and incessant noise. Enjoy the peace and quiet of social isolation as the chatter dies down and we confront the inauthenticity of our existence. Alternatively, open the social media windows wide and throw yourselves into the digital maelstrom. Is our...


Ep.82 Phenomenology Pt 3: Heidegger and Sartre

This week Mike and Danny are there, no not just there but THERE. Listen in as Heidegger throws us all into a party we never signed up for. Will we enjoy it? Will it have decent snacks? What will the toilet-paper situation be like? We just don’t know and nobody will tell us. Yes, join the un-negotiated rollercoaster, don’t listen to the chatter, oh no, ignore the rumours and speculation, yes, that’s it, just like that. Mix your drinks, combine your snacks, talk to strangers, don’t read the...