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Welcome to the Plants and Me podcast hosted by grower and horticulturist Alan Lodge. On this podcast you will get to learn about the people behind the plants as well as some fantastic tips from growers, gardeners, designers, product makers and everything in between. Want to learn more use #plantsandme

Welcome to the Plants and Me podcast hosted by grower and horticulturist Alan Lodge. On this podcast you will get to learn about the people behind the plants as well as some fantastic tips from growers, gardeners, designers, product makers and everything in between. Want to learn more use #plantsandme
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Welcome to the Plants and Me podcast hosted by grower and horticulturist Alan Lodge. On this podcast you will get to learn about the people behind the plants as well as some fantastic tips from growers, gardeners, designers, product makers and everything in between. Want to learn more use #plantsandme




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EP42 The Heritage of Newlands Nursery with Ray Lodge..

This week's episode I have wanted to bring to you for some time. As many of you regulars to the podcast will know Newlands Nursery is coming close to its 70th year. (The actual age is of some contention as you will hear in the episode) So this week we are joined by Ray Lodge (Alans Dad). Together we chat about how the Nursery started and the changes it has been through over the years. Including how Newlands Nursery came to exhibit at the RHS shows and specialize in Chilli and Herb plants. At...


EP41. Something a bit different: Amazing tips from out guests

We have a slightly different episode for you this week which we’re very excited about. Since the launch of The Plants and Me Podcast we’ve spoken to a huge number of knowledgeable gardening experts who have shared their fantastic tips and have discussed about the people who have inspired them. As we get to the start of the growing season in the UK it’s well worth repeating some of the tips our guests have shared with us to help inspire you. In this episode we look back at some of our most...


EP40. The Plants and Me Podcast with Rob from 7 Pot Club

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to our first episode of 2020! Joining us this week is Rob Coleman from 7 Pot Club and like myself, Rob has a passion for chillies and has loved hot food from a young age. In this episode you’ll learn about how Rob’s passion for chillies began, the variety of chillies he grows in his front yard and how he preserves chillies and makes his own chilli sauces. Learn more about Rob and 7 Pot Club by visiting: Website: YouTube: 7 Pot Club Facebook:...


EP39. The Plants and Me Podcast with Jan from Organic Edible Garden

Joining us on our last episode of 2019 is Jan McIntosh from Organic Edible Garden and she joins us all the way from New Zealand. Jan created ‘The Palmers Garden Show’ which is a long-running television series in prime-time, and we discuss about her experiences as a television director and producer as well as her experiences in horticulture and organic gardening. Learn more about Jan and Organic Edible Garden by visiting: Website: Facebook: @oegarden...


EP38. The Plants and Me Podcast with John from Backyard Eden

Joining us on our last episode before Christmas is John from Backyard Eden and John discusses about his small urban farm and his inspirations for growing as much as he can. John runs the Backyard Eden blog where he shares experiences growing on his urban homestead, along with some great tips to inspire others to grow their own food. Learn more about John and his homestead experiences by visiting: YouTube: Backyard Eden Facebook: @backyardeden Instagram: @backyardeden Twitter: @backyardeden1...


EP37. The Plants and Me Podcast with Plant Daddy

On the podcast this week we’re joined by avid house plant growers, Matthew and Stephen from Seattle who run the Plant Daddy Podcast. We had a great discussion about their passion for house plants and they share some great advice about how to get into growing house plants and caring for them. This is a brilliant episode for house plant lovers and for those who are keen to start growing them. Learn more about Plant Daddy and their great podcast by visiting: Website:


EP36. The Plants and Me Podcast with Richard from Sharpen Your Spades

Richard Chivers joins us this week and we had a brilliant chat about his passion for growing fruit and vegetables on his family allotment and he also shares some brilliant tips on how best to approach an overgrown allotment you’ve taken on. Richard runs his blog, Sharpen Your Spades where he writes about his allotment progress, his gardening knowledge and his passion for food and cooking. This is a great episode for anyone who’s keen to take on an allotment or is passionate about growing...


EP35. The Plants and Me Podcast with Debra Lee Baldwin

We chat about all things succulents with the succulent expert, Debra Lee Baldwin. An author of three bestselling books, Debra has contributed to various garden magazines, including Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens Garden Design and is a presenter at a range of venues such as the Epcot Centre, the Cactus and Succulent Society of America convention, botanical gardens, universities and horticultural groups across America. In this episode you’ll learn about Debra’s experiences writing for Sunset...


EP34. The Plants and Me Podcast with Scott Wilson

Gardening is a brilliant outdoor activity and encouraging children to get into gardening can be an enjoyable hobby filled with education and creativity. Scott Wilson joins us on the podcast this week to discuss about his life in horticulture and his experiences in teaching children how to garden. Learn more about Scott by visiting: Website: YouTube: Gardener Scott Facebook: @GardenerScott


EP33. The Plants and Me Podcast with Ross Minton

Joining us this week is Ross Minton from Grow Your Own Life. Ross vlogs about disability and his allotment growing and in this episode, Ross discusses how gardening has made a positive impact on his life and how it can do the same to others. You’ll also learn how to make the most of gardening and being in touch with nature if you have a small garden, or no garden at all. I really enjoyed chatting with Ross and I hope you enjoy listening to this episode. You can learn more about Ross by...


EP32. The Plants and Me Podcast with Simeon from Swedish Homestead

I chat to Simeon from Swedish Homestead who discusses his homesteading journey with us and shares his advice for people who want to become a homesteader. Simeon also talks about how Joel Salatin inspired him and how he even went out to Virginia to visit Joel to spend some time with him on his farm. Joel Salatin is a farmer from Polyface Farm in Virginia, and you can learn more about Joel by visiting If you’re interested in homesteading, you don’t want to miss Simeon’s tips...


Ep31. The Plants and Me Podcast with George Williams

We get all techy this week with George Williams, the CEO of SmartPlant. SmartPlant is a plant identification & care app which identifies plants with a photo and provides simple monthly care advice to ensure your plants stay green and healthy. In this episode you’ll learn how SmartPlant began, how it works, why it’s a must-have app for all plant lovers and how it is helping the plant retail ecosystem. Learn more about SmartPlant by visiting: Website: Facebook: @SmartPlantUK...


EP30. The Plants and Me Podcast with Rob Woodhouse

This week we chat about all things landscaping with Rob Woodhouse, the managing director of Solent Garden Services. The business was set up by his dad and Rob discusses the history of the business and explains his experiences in working with gardens and how they have interestingly evolved over the years. We even come onto the very controversial subject about artificial grass… Learn more about Rob and Solent Garden Services by visiting: Website: Facebook:...


EP29. The Plants and Me Podcast with Mark Valencia

Joining us on the podcast is Mark Valencia from Self Sufficient Me. Mark has always had a passion for self-sufficiency and it wasn’t until he retired from his military career that he decided to start a more self-sufficient, healthier lifestyle by growing as much produce as possible to supplement a single income. Mark encourages people to become more self-sufficient through his blog where he teaches people about organic gardening and realistic self-sufficient living and focuses on growing our...


EP28. The Plants and Me Podcast with Lizzie Dean

Lizzie Dean joins us this week to share her allotment journey and how she lives zero waste, not only throughout her home but also in her allotment. If you’re not sure what zero waste means, it’s using products that are recyclable, renewable and creates minimal waste for landfills. She also discusses about accessible gardening and shares her tips on how to make gardening possible when living with a disability. When she’s not busy in her allotment, Lizzie spends her time making how-to videos...


EP27. The Plants and Me Podcast with Michael Perry

We’re very excited to have Michael Perry, also known as Mr Plant Geek, join us this week. Michael has been in the horticultural industry for many years, previously working at Thompson and Morgan and helping them win a range of awards, as well as getting involved with TV and radio having appeared on QVC, This Morning, The Alan Titchmarsh Show and The One Show. Michael has introduced hundreds of plants to the UK and this has been one of his main activities during his career. Some of these...


EP26. The Plants and Me Podcast with Daniel from Home Gardens

Are you looking to optimise the size of your garden? This week we’re joined by Daniel from Home Gardens who uses his YouTube channel show you what you can achieve in a small garden. Perfect for those who are in need of some gardening inspiration! This is useful for so many of us now that gardens are unfortunately getting smaller and smaller and Daniel demonstrates what can be achieved for many gardeners with a small space, mainly focusing on fruit and vegetable growing. Learn more about...


EP25. The Plants and Me Podcast with Hellah Sidibe

Hellah Sidibe joins us on the podcast to discuss his vegan diet and how it has changed his life. Hellah is a vegan athlete who has ran every day since 13th May 2017 (and is still going!) and he explains how his plant-based diet has made this possible, as well as sharing some tips on where people should start if they want to become vegan. Hellah shares his running progress on his YouTube channel and shares many running tips where he aims to inspire and change people’s lives. Such an inspiring...


EP24. The Plants and Me Podcast with Joe Lamp'l

This week we’re joined by Joe Lamp'l, also known as Joe Gardener, all the way from Atlanta. Joe is an organic gardener and has a passion for teaching people how to garden. He has been teaching people everything you need to know about gardening as a TV host on 3 national gardening shows and is currently the host of the national television show, Growing a Greener World. As well as his TV shows, Joe enjoys teaching people how to garden through his YouTube channel where he teaches about organic...


EP23. The Plants and Me Podcast with Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson from Any Pond joins us this week to discuss all things pond related and shares more about his passion for ponds and wildlife, specifically aquatic wildlife. Any Pond is a water garden design specialist company based in the Midlands and Mark and his team have travelled across the globe to help other pond contractors, including Europe, North America and Mexico. Mark is also internationally recognised as The Pond Adviser and he shares his knowledge of freshwater ecosystems on his...