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Continental philosophy, theology, religious studies, and useless commentary on various issues by Eric Aldieri and Jacob Given.

Continental philosophy, theology, religious studies, and useless commentary on various issues by Eric Aldieri and Jacob Given.
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Continental philosophy, theology, religious studies, and useless commentary on various issues by Eric Aldieri and Jacob Given.






Violent French Nietzscheanism: Georges Bataille on the 'Summit and Decline' [41]

In this episode, we FINALLY cover Bataille. It's been a while in the making. Just a heads-up, we do make some oblique reference to sexual violence, necessitated by the nature of the material. Also, we play out with a clip of Thrpii's "Driveway." You can find them on Spotify, or check out their Facebook page here: Don't forget, if you like what we're doing, and you want to lend us some monetary support, visit !


Grab Bags And Joi Bois [40]

In this listener DM grab-bag episode, several controversies emerge, dealing especially with birds and pizza, but a surprising unanimity develops on the question of a philosophical hunger games. You can still sign up for the Caputo course at ! AND, you can support our comrades at Friendly Fire here: And, if you still have money left over, support us on Patreon at !


Bonus Episode! Theology Of Culture Course Preview

In this bonus episode, Jack Caputo, Tripp Fuller, and Jacob talk about the upcoming online course on "Theology of Culture," as well as Tillichian theology in general. There's still time to sign up at !


Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love [39]

This week, we cover Julian of Norwich's "Revelations of Divine Love" (the "Short Text" version). The audio quality on this episode is, uh, not awesome, but the content, we felt, was good enough to warrant us afflicting you with background noise and lags in conversation. Make sure to SIGN UP FOR THE CAPUTO COURSE at !


The Wickedest Man in the World Part 2: Aleister Crowley with Thomas Koen [38]

Here, we finish the second part of our discussion of Aleister Crowley with the great and mighty Thomas Koen himself! Sign up for the Caputo class here: Don't forget... if you can, we'd love for you to join team PTR at !


The Wickedest Man in the World Part 1: Aleister Crowley with Thomas Koen [37]

In this episode, we have our friend Thomas Koen on to talk about the controversial and contrarian figure: Aleister Crowley! (yes, we finally did it.) If you are a true fan of this podcast, you'll sign up for the June Caputo course here: And, if you have the means and the inclination, we'd love for you to support us at !


John-Marc Ormechea On The Theory And Practice Of Stoicism! [36]

Ok, a day and a half late... Sorry! Finals week snuck up on me this semester! This week we have John-Marc Ormechea on to talk about the theory and practice of Stoicism! Don't forget to sign up for the Caputo course here: Support us directly here: Thanks!!!


Critical Contemplation: Adam Robbert On Philosophy And Practice [35]

In this episode, Adam Robbert joins us to discuss a lecture by Jacob Sherman called "Contemplation, Participation, and the Practice of Philosophy." You can find the lecture here: Support us on Patreon at Sign up for the Caputo class at enter the book giveaway here:


Non-Being Sandwich: Rachel MacKinnon On Plotinus [34]

In this episode, Rachel MacKinnon gets neoplatonic with us by guiding us through the metaphysical system of the late antique philosopher, Plotinus! Don't forget to sign up for the course with JC here: And enter to win signed copies of JC's last three books here!: Want a nerdy TShirt? Check this one out:...


Spinozist Motivational Posters - Gil Morejon On Spinoza And Ideology Critique [33]

In this episode, we're joined by Gil Morejón, who recently defended his dissertation on Spinoza. We discuss the "persistence of inadequate ideas" in Spinoza's thought, and talk about how this framework is helpful for ideology critique. Don't forget to sign up for the Theology of Culture class! PTR is joining up with Homebrewed Christianity and John Caputo this June to bring you four weeks of Tillichian theology of culture.... get ready! And the best part? It's pay what you want ($0+)! Sign...


The Post-Catacombic Tent Revival Machine on "Globalatinology" [32]

In this episode, we're joined by Matt and Preston from The Catacombic Machine podcast to discuss Gil Anidjar's essay, "Globalatinology"! Additionally, we've got some really exciting stuff coming up, including a course with Homebrewed Christianity and Jack Caputo on Theology of Culture... and it's pay what you want ($0+)! Check it out here: If you haven't already, go to iTunes and leave us a review... it really helps with our...


Deleuze Yourself Vol. 4: God Is A Lobster [31]

In this episode, we dive into the third plateau in Deleuze and Guattari's "A Thousand Plateaus": The Geology of Morals!


Retractions Vol. 3: Disappointing Hegel [30]

In this episode, we look back on some themes we've covered in the last few episodes: The Combahee River Collective, Hegel, Altizer, Kristeva, Psychoanalysis, and the intersection of philosophy, theology, religion, psychoanalysis etc. Next week... We're joining forces with The Catacombic Machine!


The Self - Annihilation Of God: J. Leavitt Pearl On Altizer's Apocalyptic Theology [29]

In this episode, Justin Leavitt joins us to outline the contours of Thomas J. J. Altizer's apocalyptic theology of the death of God. Guys... this episode is so fun. I'm so glad Justin joined us for it! If you are "picking up" what we're "putting down," then throw us some monetary support at !


Deleuze Yourself Vol. 3: One Or Several Wolves? [28]

In this, the third volume of the "Deleuze Yourself" series, your podcast hosts attempt to outline the basic moves that Deleuze and Guattari make in their first plateau, "1917: One or Several Wolves?" If you enjoy this episode, consider supporting us in one of two ways: First, you can support us on Patreon at Or, you can order your very own Deleuze Yourself TShirt, complete with the rhizomatic head-rupturing art work of the great and honorable Jessi Turri here:...


John Cage On Nothing [27]

In this episode, we reveal the new cohost for PTR, and discuss John Cage's lecture on Nothing! Don't forget to purchase your Deleuze Yourself TShirt Here: And support us on Patreon here:


Inclinations With Paula Landerreche [26]

In this episode, we have Paula on to talk about Adriana Cavarero's work, Inclinations. The discussion ranges from feminist and political philosophy to psychoanalysis and ontology. If you haven't already, get your Deleuze Yourself t-shirt here!: AAAAND suport us on Patreon here!:


Paula Landerreche On Kristeva, Feminist Psychoanalysis, And Stabat Mater [25]

In this episode, we've got Paula Landarreche on to talk about Kristeva's essay, "Stabat Mater." We talk a lot about the development of psychoanalysis from Freud, through Melanie Klein and Lacan, to Kristeva, particularly with regard to the place of the mother, and the relationship between language, structuralism, and the drives. Finally, we address a few themes surrounding the Virgin Mary in Kristeva's "Stabat Mater." Don't forget to get your Deleuze Yourself T-Shirt here!!!:...


Tripp Fuller- The "En" In Panentheism, Part 2 [24]

This is part two of our conversation with Tripp Fuller on panentheism (if you haven't already, it might be a good idea to check out part 1 first!). We discuss science and religion, ecstatic naturalism, Catherine Keller, and a whole host of other related topics that find their nexus in Clayton's article. To keep up with all of Tripps projects, go to: To get your hands on a Deleuze Yourself T-Shirt (awesomely designed by Jesse Turri!) go here:...


Tripp Fuller- The "En" In Panentheism, Part 1 [23]

Part one of a two part series, in this episode, the unstoppable Tripp Fuller joins us to talk about Philip Clayton's article: "How radically can God be reconceived before ceasing to be God? The four faces of panentheism." Next week... Part Two!!