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Professor Game Podcast | Rob Alvarez Bucholska chats with gamification gurus, experts and practitioners about education

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Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and will inspire us in the process of getting students or trainees to learn what we teach.

Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and will inspire us in the process of getting students or trainees to learn what we teach.




Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and will inspire us in the process of getting students or trainees to learn what we teach.






Game Creativity on Professor Game | Episode 249

Engagers special episode alert! This time we will be going through one of the game creativity exercises I like to do with my students and workshop participants, so sneak peak into an important part of my work!


Chi Cheng Master of Psychology and Starter on Gamification | Episode 248

Chi is a Clinical Psychologist living in Brisbane, Australia. Chi has worked in many psychology settings, including private practices, correctional centers, universities, and public mental health systems. Chi is most passionate about working with a wide range of clients using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), developing training and group therapy, supervising psychologists, and most importantly, playing a lot of board games. Chi has a simple mission statement, “to promote living a...


Zac Fitz-Walter with Digital Gamification and Boardgames in Education | Episode 247

Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter is a lecturer, trainer and games master sought out for his expertise in gamification and behavior design. He earnt one of the world’s first PhDs in gamification design and has since lectured and developed curricula on gamification for universities. He works with individuals, governments and companies around the world, teaching them how to effectively use game design, gamification and behavior design to improve their products, services and teaching. Zac is obsessed with...


Bruno Setola is Constantly Creating Games | Episode 246

Bruno Setola describes himself as a "game thinker". He looks at daily interactions between people as games and aims to make them more fun, fair, and engaging. Bruno helps organizations reimagine the rules of their game. This is always a participatory process in which Bruno inspires the players to apply the best ideas from games in order to redesign the game of living, learning, and working together. Bruno is a consultant with 10+ years of hands-on experience in applied game design, while...


Peter Filak Uses Games for Business | Episode 245

Peter Filak is the Head of Partnerships and Sales and is currently expanding the client and partner base of the Games for Business learning platform. Since 2010, he has been involved in the development of gamification-based solutions for L&D and HR purposes for multinational corporations and higher education institutions. Peter has earned the Coursera Verified Certificate in Professor Werbach’s Gamification class. He enjoys participating at international events where he follows the latest...


Keith Pond Brings the Real World into Simulations | Episode 244

Keith is the EFMD Global Online Course Certification Scheme (EOCCS) Director, having worked with EFMD from 2014 to design and implement EOCCS. Managing a small but experienced team he leads various digital initiatives, including the EOCCS Online Community of Practice. Keith maintains an intensely practical approach to his role and champions e-learning and employability development at School, University, National and International levels. He has a wide experience in teaching internationally...


Mfon Akpan Plans for Success and Failure in the Metaverse | Episode 243

Mfon Akpan is an assistant professor of accounting at Methodist University. He has a passion for emerging technologies and is an expert in virtual reality technology. He researches new technologies and educational methods to offer students a current, effective, and relative teaching experience.


Dominique Mangiatordi with Process Gamification | Episode 242

Dominique Mangiatordi is CEO and founder of ØPP, a gamification studio based in Belgium and working for clients like Toyota, the International Olympic Committee, Aéroports de Paris, Altran, Ogilvy, ING, Calvin Klein, L’Oreal… His team also launched several successful gamified business apps, like Peak Me Up, Business Royale or Hunterz. He teaches Gamification at Solvay Vietnam, EDHEC Paris and HEC Liège.


Norhan Zahran Builds Gamification with Empathy and Testing | Episode 241

Originally a pharmacist who fell in love with games and using gamification to transform learning experiences! so she decided to leave her career as a pharmacist and focus on using gamification in education; specifically with non-profits and the underprivileged communities. She worked with different entities multinational, public, private, and non-profits on designing gamified learning programs which diversified and enriched her experience. Currently, pursuing her master's of public...


LEGO and Gamification on Professor Game | Episode 240

This is a special episode to discuss some ways in which I've personally and professionally made use of LEGO® around gamification, and also some of my plans for the future after getting certified as a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator!


Aris Emmanouloudis Goes for the Right Difficulty in the Game of Life | Episode 239

Argyrios “Aris" Emmanouloudis is the Coordinator of the Game Art & Animation department at the SAE Institute of Amsterdam. He has also finished his PhD on Cultural Analysis in the University of Amsterdam, focusing on the intersection between online gaming communities and the industry. Not satisfied with just playing video games, he has always been on the lookout for the deeper, often ignored, side of games and their cultural extensions. With a background in Journalism and Media Studies, Aris...


Tamir Bayasgalan with Digital yet Offline Gamification | Episode 238

Tamir has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Games Technology (Singapore 2010) a Masters in Project Management (Australia PMP2012) and is also a Certified Football Coach "D" Licence (Mongolia 2021). He's a seasoned veteran in the Mongolian pharmaceutical market (from project assistant to CTO and CIO) 2010 - 2021, he also is an expert in Change Management and is officially now Football Coach and Owner of "Khovd Western FC"! Tamir has successfully finished project implementations in Workplace by...


Robert Rasmussen and the Power of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY | Episode 237

Managing Director and Chief Facilitator. A former employee of LEGO, Robert is a main architect of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology and co-author of the book Building a Better Business Using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method. After several years and more than 20 iterations, he and his team developed the concept into the reproducible and robust methodology it is today. He is the master trainer in the LSP methodology. Robert is co-principal for Rasmussen Consulting in the US and in Denmark and on...


Dan Bennett Uses Creative Behavioral Science | Episode 236

Dan leads the behavioural science practice within Ogilvy Consulting London looking after clients from the public and private sectors. He is a Practitioner, Speaker and Writer on the creative application of behavioural science to the world's stickiest challenges. Joining the practice at its commencement in 2012, he has worked on over 80 of the world’s major brands & organisations. He has a diverse experience working across the design of products and services, consulting for organisational...


Will Rush Teaching Finance with Gamification | Episode 235

Over the past twelve years, Will has worked with seven different billion-dollar banking and securities companies. During that time, he witnessed long-time industry incumbents lose market share to FinTech unicorns, as products democratized access to financial markets and minted millions of new investors overnight. Will felt that the industry had prioritized access over education, and in the process failed to appropriately equip new investors with the knowledge to succeed. Will built Stack to...


Noa Lahav is Cross-pollinating Games-based Learning | Episode 234

Noa Lahav is a community manager at the Tech Innovation Unit in the Israeli Ministry of Education, and head of Start GameDev - a unique program where teachers become game developers, using a no-code game engine. They learn from top game designers and have weekly meetings with a personal mentor. We (the Ministry of Education) will share the games with all teachers and students for free. Former middle school science teacher and district coordinator, M.Ed in science teaching, researched...


Danielle Orsino Goes Deep into Worldmaking | Episode 233

Danielle M. Orsino is a fantasy novelist whose lifelong vision is to create whimsical realms that her readers can escape to. Her compelling word-weaving pays homage to a multitude of personal muses, from Chris Claremont and George Pérez (both famous comic book writers) to Anne Rice and Wonder Woman. The creative spark of storytelling has been with Danielle ever since she was a child, but martial arts and her nursing career took center stage into adulthood. Then, on a day like any other, it...


Tammie Schrader Got Into Games Before Playing Them | Episode 232

Tammie Schrader is a science and computer science coordinator at Northeast Washington Education Service 101 for the State of Washington. She serves 59 public schools in their science and computer science implementation. Recently, Tammie has worked with the Department of Education and been a guest at their Education Games Expo in Washington D.C. She also spoke at the White House Game Jam in 2014, that was sponsored by The Department of Education and the White House. She has since spoken 6...


Barbara Chamberlin Gets People Thinking About Games and Education | Episode 231

Barbara Chamberlin directs research and development at the Learning Games Lab at New Mexico State University. She first started developing educational games in the early 90s and sought her doctorate to help guide ways research could inform the design of educational games. Her department creates research-based educational media such as games, apps, animations, videos, interactive programs and virtual reality experiences, for a wide range of audiences and content. Her Ph.D. is from the...


Katherine Prince Adapts a Game to Discuss the Future of Learning | Episode 230

One of the United States’ foremost educational futurists, Katherine Prince leads KnowledgeWorks’ exploration of the future of learning. As Vice President, Strategic Foresight, she speaks and writes about the trends shaping education over the next decade and helps education stakeholders strategize about how to become active agents of change in shaping the future. Katherine earned a certificate in Foresight from the University of Houston and is a member of the Association of Professional...