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Quick Med Claims (QMC) presents The Board and Collar Podcast Series for EMS Professionals. This uniquely developed pod-platform provides specialized programs for our listeners with thought-provoking and informative presentations including EMS Keynote, EMS Diagrams and revival of the acclaimed EMS pod-magazine, Excuse My Medic (starting August 2019).

Quick Med Claims (QMC) presents The Board and Collar Podcast Series for EMS Professionals. This uniquely developed pod-platform provides specialized programs for our listeners with thought-provoking and informative presentations including EMS Keynote, EMS Diagrams and revival of the acclaimed EMS pod-magazine, Excuse My Medic (starting August 2019).
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Quick Med Claims (QMC) presents The Board and Collar Podcast Series for EMS Professionals. This uniquely developed pod-platform provides specialized programs for our listeners with thought-provoking and informative presentations including EMS Keynote, EMS Diagrams and revival of the acclaimed EMS pod-magazine, Excuse My Medic (starting August 2019).






Fun at Work? Is this Possible...Really?

Who decided long ago that work has to be all work? Surely, most of us in the working world do NEED to work but does it have to be all work and no fun? I think not. Today, in this Keynote episode of the QMC EMS|Board & Collar we explore having fun at work. Yes, having fun. Fun needs to be an essential element of every workplace but probably none more importantly than the public safety sector and for the sake of this podcast, EMS Professionals. Our profession dictates stressful decisions be...


New Challenge for Today's EMS Leaders...The Employee and the Medical Marijuana Card

So, what's your plan Stan? Great employee, chronic back pain and he/she comes to work with the Medical Marijuana card. What is your approach, how is your policy written and gosh, what do you say in response when confronted with this new organizational challenge headed your way? A few tips along the way for you to consider. Not legal advice but surely some sound recommendations that you should pay attention in order not to be caught off guard. Today, we explore this medicinal weed and the...


And They're At the Post....Reserve the Blinders for the Racehorses

Have you taken the time to gaze outside your own EMS backyard or do you live in the world that there is only one way to get things done and that's your current way? This is an ever-changing industry and one that requires us to be open-minded and vigilant to that change. Today, we take a look at what happens when you choose to wear blinders and how far it can place you behind the power curve as well as ways to combat this rut that many of us find ourselves in more often than we'd like to...


Cost Data Collection Could Be On Your Christmas Table This Year

This edition of the QMC EMS | Board & Collar continues to examine new information put forth from CMS regarding Cost Data Collection. Folks, don't bury your heads on this one, it's happening and it has the force of a locomotive behind it. Pay attention to your organization's USPS mail and be prepared to respond on time if your organization's name is drawn. This all begins in December so, for those of you who do get the notification, your holiday shouldn't be ruined but please pay attention...


Are You Lookin' Good? The Important Art of Non-Verbal Communication

So, who wins the confidence prize here with your patient...The guy who shows up with the "I Love Beer" belt buckle accompanied with Burger King Whopper stains or the medic with the neatly pressed uniform, groomed hair and nails? This episode of the QMC EMS | Board & Collar we take a look at the importance of non-verbal communication and how it can work to your benefit in providing care and gaining the trust of your patient. Speaker's Note: Special thanks goes to Bob Holdsworth, President of...


Does Your EMS Organization Have the Low-Price Mentality?

Does your EMS organization have the low-price mentality purchasing low-priced equipment and goods? This episode of the QMC EMS | Board & Collar takes a look at pitfalls that may come into play when you consider the cheapest means options as the best way to move your organization forward. Speaker's Note: Special thanks goes to Bob Holdsworth, President of The Holdsworth Group for today's podcast script. Bob is a well-respected veteran paramedic, entrepreneur and founder of The Holdsworth...


Want to Learn New Things? Be a Beginner

Some people shy away from the beginners at the ambulance base. Too many questions, too green, not one of the gang yet and a plethora of other reasons. However, their is a silver lining with beginners that we all need to keep alive within - that is, the power of the beginner's mindset. On this edition of the EMS | Board & Collar we will take a look at why even the seasoned veteran should retain this unique trait of all beginners. Written by: C. Humphrey Presented by: G. Harvat


10 Questions | 30 Minutes (10Q30) EMS Profile: Carilion Clinic Patient Transportation Services

Welcome to QMC's 10Q30 EMS Leadership profile. This month, we are featuring the leadership team from Carilion Clinic Patient Transportation (CCPT) in Roanoke, VA. Tune in to hear their take on how CCPT Leadership is addressing many issues in their service area which are also affecting EMS across the US. Join Krista Henderson, Senior Director and Dr. Haley Inman from CCPT as they discuss their organization and showcase their overall operation including their large ground operation as well as...


Key to the City: Obtaining Insurance and Signature Information

If I had to place my finger on one or two items that delay reimbursement to your EMS organization, I would immediately state lack of signatures or insurance information on a patient care report (PCR). Every business survives on cash flow and part of the solution in ensuring a positive cash flow starts with crews in the field obtaining not only solid patient information but also the patient's insurance coverage and signatures. This edition of the QMC Board & Collar looks closely at the...


CDC For EMS: It's Cost Data Collection NOT Centers for Disease Control

Some folks hear the acronym CDC and immediately think Centers for Disease Control. However, in the EMS industry, the acronym brings about a new meaning hitting our backyard very soon - Cost Data Collection. In this second Board & Collar podcast, Chuck makes this sometimes confusing topic, a bit easier to understand and the implications it brings. Folks, pay attention to this topic as "our" CDC affects everyone who has any leadership responsibilities in any ambulance service across our great...


Excuse My Medic Pod Magazine Special Edition (September 12, 2019): Plastic Makes it Possible!

Welcome to this Special Edition of Excuse My Medic. Today, we explore how ambulance services across the country are accepting credit card payments in much greater volume than once was used previously. Joining us today is the Chief Executive Officer of eServices Technology, Jesse Siefert. Jesse provides a unique overview of the credit card industry and how it now integrates with patient payments given the rising deductibles and increased co-pays associated with today's health insurance...


Riders on the Storm: EMS and the Lady Named Dorian

Did you enjoy that week's vacation over Labor Day? I hope so but for some of our colleagues and friends, vacation was cut short due to this lady named Dorian who devastated the Bahamas and cities along our mainland. Dorian's wrath did injured many and sadly, a number of people lost their lives. EMS was there once again to assist and work through the terror that Dorian evoked. While we were saddened by the loss of life, we were heartened that ambulance services from across the country went...


Excuse My Medic Pod Magazine (August 28, 2019)

Welcome to Episode #3 of Excuse My Medic (EM2). EM2 is a pod magazine for EMS Professionals which brings you headline stories, interesting news and even a few light-hearted moments with Chuck and Gar. In this episode we will further explore Part 2 the proposed CMS Ambulance Cost Data Collection System and the impact it will have on your organization. Also in this edition, Positive News, The EMS Word of the Day and a couple of zany stories from the "What were you thinking?" files that we are...


Documenting A Bug Named "Flu"

So, how are you enjoying your Summer? Great, eh? Good, take it all in because, it's just about history...over...done. Here comes Fall 2019 and with the leaves and the cooler temperatures comes even more fun for those of us in EMS and it's called FLU SEASON (hold the applause please). Yes, get ready for the "flu-like symptoms" responses and the catch-all from your 911 center squawks through the radio as, you know it....generalized weakness. Today, on The QMC Board and Collar we look at...


Great Googa Mooga Just a Ball of Confusion - The Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN)

Without question, probably the most misunderstood and misrepresented form in the ambulance business. The Advance Beneficiary Notice rears its ugly head daily in our industry primarily because providers are just not sure about when or when not to use the form. In this edition of The QMC Board & Collar, we will help sort through this Ball of Confusion and set the record straight on the ABN or more confusingly known as CMS-R-131 (v.03-11). Ugh...Great Googa Mooga! Written by: C....



While the thought of Zzzzs may equate to a good night's sleep, in the EMS industry, Zs remain part of the detailed coding now required to process your PCR for payment. Z-codes play a unique role of enabling the coder to drill down to further specify a patient's illness or injury. Without these codes illness and injuries remain somewhat generic in nature and as a result, create more opportunity for denials of claims. Z-codes have been a critical coding component for several years now and in...


SSNRI, HICN, MBI...What's This, More Healthcare Acronyms from the Federal Government?

The other day, I had a conversation with a co-worker and throughout the conversation both he and I used multiple acronyms - all which have originated from CMS (acronym for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). I thought to myself, goodness, there are a ton of healthcare acronyms out there today, aren't there? In this episode of The QMC Board & Collar we will continue to use acronyms to detail the Social Security Number Removal Initiative or SSNRI (yet, another acronym) as well as the...


"The Misunderstoods" - A Pixar Movie? No, It's About Understanding and Documenting SCTs

They don't occur that often but when they do, Specialty Care Transports (SCTs) present to the provider a unique cloud of uncertainty when it comes to documenting these "Misunderstood" transports. While they have long been a part of the EMS Transportation industry, SCTs seem to come as somewhat of a phenomena when making sure billing prerequisites are well-covered to process the trip for payment. In this episode of The QMC Board & Collar, we explore this subject matter and hopefully, bring...


Money Ball: Analytics, Cost Data Collection and Your Ambulance Service

Today, nothing happens without good, solid data to backup every decision that governments and corporations make. Even professional sports teams use analytical data on such things as how to pitch to power hitters or where to position the fielders when a specific batter comes to the plate. From an EMS perspective, with good data we can look to better structure the Medicare ambulance fee schedule to reflect the true costs of providing ambulance services. We will also be able to use the data to...


Stop the Watch: The Importance of Recording Accurate Times on Your PCR

Writing well-documented patient care narratives is extremely important but chronological entry of events within the report is also key for many reasons. One of the largest problems with reports is incorrect entry of times to include time of event to time of medication introduction. Accurate time entry is paramount in every patient care report and providers need to pay attention to ensure that all chronological entries are correct. This edition of The QMC Board & Collar takes a closer look at...