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Episode 14: Reflecting on a Year of Radical Moderation

Rabbi Segal takes your questions and looks back on the lessons learned from the first year of Radical Moderation. We'll see you in season two!


Episode 13: The Authenticist with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin (Part II)

In the second part of his conversation with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, Rabbi Ari Segal introduces a new challenge: the “Radical Moderation Game.” Together, the Rabbis defend and debate several controversial subjects in the modern Jewish and secular worlds from both traditionalist and radical points of view. Rabbi Bashevkin also shares his philosophy on how to best handle being confronted with offensive behavior, and he and Rabbi Segal trade tips for ‘marking’ pages while reading on Shabbat....


Episode 12: The Authenticist

This week on the Radical Moderation podcast, Rabbi Segal speaks with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, Director of Education at NCSY. In the first part of their conversation, Rabbi Bashevkin discusses his “quacky” childhood, and how he came to have roots in diverse corners of the secular and religious worlds. Rabbi Segal and Rabbi Bashevkin also explore the importance of authenticity in religious life, their feelings on the roles of other religions, and the surprising inspiration found in “Jesus Camp.”...


Episode 11: Storytellers, with Thaly Germain (Part II)

In the second part of their conversation, Rabbi Segal and Thaly Germain dig into the ideas of allyship in social justice, and how to find common ground when values conflict -- as they do on subjects like that of Minister Louis Farrakhan. Thaly also shares more stories from her life and work, compares her favorite Jewish holidays with Rabbi Segal.


Episode 10: Storytellers, with Thaly Germain (Part I)

This week, Rabbi Segal is joined by his friend Thaly Germain, a Haitian-American activist and the founder of Equity Partners/Onward. In Part I of their conversation, Thaly shares her inspiring life story, and she and Rabbi Segal discuss the concept of social privilege in America. Rabbi Segal and Thaly also reflect, with some amusement, on how they came to meet at the Aspen Institute.


Episode 9: Inside the OU, with President Moishe Bane (Part II)

In the second part of their conversation, Rabbi Segal and OU President Moishe Bane dive into the question of unity within the Orthodox community. What does it mean to be Orthodox, and how does the Orthodox Union decide when and how to enforce boundaries of dogma? What about practices that skirts the edge of traditional observance, such as female clergy? Rabbi Segal and President Bane discuss the difference between individual philosophies and communal behavior, the role of Open Orthodoxy in...


Episode 8: Inside the OU, with President Moishe Bane

This week, Rabbi Segal speaks with Moishe Bane, President of the Orthodox Union and partner at Ropes & Gray LLP. In the first part of their conversation, President Bane offers an inside look at the OU, and discusses his educational philosophy (for children and adults alike) with Rabbi Segal. President Bane also explores his background as an activist within the Orthodox community, and shares his most powerful moment of the Jewish year.


Episode 7: One Page at a Time, with Accidental Talmudist (Part II)

In the second part of his conversation with Accidental Talmudist, Rabbi Segal explores Sal and Nina’s approach to discussing politics and anti-Semitism through courteous discourse. The Litvaks also share their secret to finding wisdom in multiple places, spill the assumptions that frustrate them the most, and tell the story of how an imaginary woman helped a troubled kid back on the right path.


Episode 5: Common Sense Comedy, with Elon Gold (Part II)

In the second part of his conversation with Rabbi Segal, comedian Elon Gold explores his approach to comedy(and other subjects) as a proud radical moderate. Rabbi Segal and Elon also discuss the liberal bent of modern comedy, and Elon shares his thoughts on whether this slant is a positive part of the art, or alienating in our increasingly divided world. Rabbi Segal is joined by internationally-renowned comedian Elon Gold. In Part I of their conversation, Rabbi Segal and Elon exchange...


Episode 3: Pulling Up the Ladder, with Rabbi Sharon Brous (Part II)

In the second part of this two-part episode, Rabbi Segal continues his conversation with Rabbi Sharon Brous. The rabbis discuss Israeli-American politics, and debate which voices are going unheard in the current Jewish dialogue. Tune in to explore what radical moderation really means as significant issues in the Jewish and global communities continue to evolve.


Episode 2: Pulling Up the Ladder, with Rabbi Sharon Brous (Part I)

This week, Rabbi Segal welcomes Rabbi Sharon Brous to Radical Moderation. A leading voice in liberal American Judaism, Rabbi Brous is consistently ranked among the most influential rabbis in the United States, and joins Rabbi Segal to explore the concept of radical moderation from their differing points of view. In Part I of this episode, Rabbis Segal and Brous discuss Rabbi Brous's remarkable journey to Jewish leadership, a compelling message of Torah, and the value of a good cup of coffee.


Episode 1: The Embassy Question, with Professor Avi Helfand

Rabbi Ari Segal talks to Professor Avi Helfand of Pepperdine University about President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the fallout in Yeshiva University and the wider Jewish community.