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I am a redneck that fell in love with filming a long time ago and I made it my job. I am going to use this podcast platform to try and help as many guys out there that are thirsty for the information.

I am a redneck that fell in love with filming a long time ago and I made it my job. I am going to use this podcast platform to try and help as many guys out there that are thirsty for the information.
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I am a redneck that fell in love with filming a long time ago and I made it my job. I am going to use this podcast platform to try and help as many guys out there that are thirsty for the information.






Episode #42: Western Filming Tips

Ryer is back on the podcast with me this week and we talk about some of the Do's and Dont's of filming out west specifically for elk. We are by no means experts or seasoned out west hunting/filming veterans but we have done it enough to know a few things that have worked well for us in the past and as well as looking into our upcoming Wyoming hunt.


Episode #41: Ryer Porter

This week I have Ryer Porter all the way from Sunny California in the studio to talk about his experience here at the Copeland Creative office. We got out and do some content shooting as well as take a ton of pictures and edit. Ryer talks about what he has taken away from the last few days as well as some of the things he plans to go home and work on in the mean time before our Elk hunt in September. Enjoy.


Episode #40: Lake Pickle of Primos Hunting

This week I am on the phone with Lake Pickle of Primos Hunting and we talk about how he got his start in the outdoor industry as well as some of the gear they run and the style in which Primos TV is filmed. Also he tells some hunting stories from past seasons. This is a good one for guys that want to know how much a producer actually is in the field each year as well. Enjoy.


Episode #39: (REPLAY) Which Camera is Best for You

Been getting a ton of questions about this lately so I figured I would replay this one, hope it helps: Show Notes: The number one question is "hey dude, which camera should I get?" Well that is not an easy answer. It depends on several factors so in this podcast we talk about all the things you should consider before buying a camera.


Episode #38: In an Editing Rut

This was an unanticipated podcast. I have been working on a project for a couple of days now and honestly it should already be done. I have been cutting, watching, then deleting things a lot. I am trying to get through this one before I go out of town again and it just doesn't seem like it is going to happen. So on this episode I sit down and talk through my process of when this happens. I am not sure if this will help anyone but i did it anyway so get over it. Enjoy


Episode #37: Jim Youngblood of 8th and Tine

Got my buddy Jim from 8th and Tine in the office today going over some editing practices and workflow. Jim is fairly new to the filming/editing game but he is wanting to elevate his knowledge and I am hoping I can help him even if its just a little bit. We talk about 8th and Tine and about his hunting plans for the fall but most importantly we talk about what he learned and how you can apply it to your next edit.


Episode #36: My Story

I get asked all the time how I got into this line of work, and I always ask, do you want the long version or the short version? Well since I have a podcast you are going to get the long version.


Episode #34: GEAR TALK

Just got home from a 16 day turkey tour road trip and I am getting some time to move some footage around and record a podcast. This is one I have been wanting to do for a while. I have went through a ton of gear in the last few years and there is some of it that has stuck out to me as being the best of the best. I am going to go over the stuff I use every day and trust. Let me know if you think I forgot anything or if there is something you want me to talk more about next time. Enjoy


Episode #32: Walt Gabbard of Mossy Oak's "Capture Digital Productions"

Walt Gabbard is a good friend of mine and an industry veteran. This dude has been around the block a couple of time. He has seen the changes that this industry is undergone over the last 10 years and is in the trenches right now creating some of the best content out there for Mossy Oak's new digital platforms such as "Obsessed" and "Impulse". Walt will be a familiar voice to some of you that have seen some of their latest work being as he is the voice over talent on the series as well....


Episode #31: Do The Hard Things (Thanks Andy Stumpf)

While listening to the "Cleared Hot" Podcast put on by Andy Stumpf he talked about DO THE HARD THING. He was talking in terms of life and how doing the hard things in life are always the better way to success and being an example. I wanted to talk about the same subject but in terms of Creating Content and doing what we do. There are tons of shortcuts you can take in this line of work but none will get you the result you are wanting. Generally by cutting corners you or more importantly...


Episode #29: On Location with Chris Irwin getting a little deeper about photography.

Just got finished with a shoot in South Florida where I was filming some content for Mossberg shotguns and my buddy Chris Irwin was running the still camera. It was so good to get to be in camp with him again and get to work together on another project now that both of us are out on our own and getting to do what we love more and more. We finally got a little break the last night before we drove home to sit down and get a little more in depth on photography. I got to watch Chris work a lot...


Episode #28: Pricing Yourself

Pricing and how to price a job or yourself is hard sometimes. Essentially you are selling yourself and I am not good at selling myself. What it all comes down to is how much time is this going to take to complete. I try and outline just how I go about my process of pricing. Its not revolutionary at all but here it is!!


Episode #27: Camera Functions

Got a message the other day wanting some of the camera functions explained. I wanted to go over all the buttons and basic functions of most prosumer cameras that are out there today but not only talk about what the functions are but how they work and also how they work together. By understanding these functions and their meaning you can use them to manipulate your image to achieve a certain look or feel. This is when you get to be creative.


Episode #26: Redneck Tech Production Class

I am finally getting to nail down a time and date for my production class. Its going to be in July from the 13 to the 15 in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the time that is working for most of the guys that are already signed up. I outline in the podcast what we are going to go over in the class as well as where you can go to register. Sorry this one isn't "informative but its the easiest way to get the info out there in the best way!


Episode #24: The difference between a Cameraman and a Producer

The fundamental question we all need to ask ourselves when we are in the field creating content, no matter what it is for, is are we a camera man, or are we a producer. There is a huge difference between the two. Trust me, you want to be a producer, not a cameraman. Listen in as I answer a listener question about how to get more out of his team that is out there filming. Long story short, it all starts with a purpose.


Episode #23: Photography with Chris Irwin

I have had several influences in my career but none stand out more as an awesome person and mentor like Chris Irwin. Chris was a staff photographer for Bass Pro Shops for over 26 years. He has been to more places and taken more pictures than most will in 10 lifetimes. He is a true veteran but even more than that, he is just a good dude. We got a little carried away and ended up talking a lot longer than we intended but I think it was worth it. Bare with us on this one because there are a...


Episode #21: Packing a Traveling Tips for a Filming Trip

I do a lot of traveling for filming trips and I have learned a lot along the way. There are a couple do's and dont's when it comes to getting on a plan or driving across country. In this episode i share some of what I have learned and some ways to save some money and time!


Episode#20: ATA Show Wrap up and State of the Industry IMO

I just got back from ATA Show which is my favorite show of the year, I got to catch with several buddies and fellow producer friends and we talked about where we saw the industry and what was going on in our respective worlds and the same things kept being said and brought up. The TV business is hurting and there are a few reasons why. I also talk about a couple products I am eager to get my hands on as well as make the announcement about an upcoming production class I am working on. Enjoy.


Episode #19: "The Marketing Approach" with Andy Campbell of Diamondback Covers

As you know there are a ton of outdoor TV and web shows. All of these shows for the most part are trying to get sponsor dollars from the same handful of companies. These companies only have so much to go around. The hardest part sometimes for a new show is "what questions to ask" or "how do I approach a potential sponsor". For the marketing perspective I sit down with one of my favorite people in this business, Andy Campbell. Andy is the Marketing Director for Diamondback Covers and he is...


Episode #18: Self Filming with Casey Shoopman and THE... Tom James

It's show season and I am at the ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis. Its always fun to come to this show for me because these are my people. It is like a family reunion where I get to hang out with all my other industry buddies, meet new ones, get some business, and check out everything that is new in the archery world. While I was there I got with Casey Shoopman, and Tom James from The Management Advantage web show to cover a topic that I am not the best at, Self Filming. These guys have done...