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Referee’s have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

Referee’s have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.
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Referee’s have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.




Episode 37, the Rant: Kevin Sparrock, Officiating at the Apex in the WNBA, Women’s Division 1 College Ball, and Making Art out of the Whole Experience of it

Episode 36, the Rant: Kevin Sparrock, Officiating at the Apex in the WNBA, Women’s Division 1 College Ball, and Making Art out of the Whole Experience of it


Episode 36, the Rant: Bernard Bowen Sr: New York City Pro Am legend, Master Communicator, and Mentor of all Mentors.

He can’t help it - Bernard Bowen Sr. has fingerprints in all things officiating. A staple in the 80’s in the NYC Pro Am Circuit, he leveraged his experiences and took the lessons he learned with a whistle on court, and proliferated it - spawning a slew of successful officials that are the who’s who in the world - the top referees in High School, College, and the Professional Ranks, respectively. What’s most impressive is his communication skills. A master at that, he imbues his wisdom to...


Episode 35, The Rant: Dan Basile. Division 1 Basketball Player turned Coach, Turned High Level Referee.

Dan Basile has found an advocation in officiating. After playing at a high level in college, he decided to make a mark in coaching, only to find out that his best fit in staying close to the game in basketball was officiating. He discusses his come up, his Stripe Life Inc. brand and his ultimate pursuit to become a Division 1 college official. All that and more, my conversation with Dan, now.


Episode 34, The Rant: Notes from the New York State Federation Tournament with co-host Michael Grant

Co Host Michael Grant joins Ralph the Ref, and asks him questions on his experince at the Federation Tournament in NY State. He discusses his game, his interaction with his fellow officials, and watching Mr. Basketball play in his home crowd. All that in more, now.


Episode 33, the Rant: Derek Maddrey - NYC PSAL Legend, Dual Member of Board 41 & 119, and an Island Garden Staple.

A professional in every way, Derek imposed his wisdom early on me, which informed the rest of how I handled my own officiating career. He taught me how to be stern, he taught me how to be fair, and he taught me most of all, how to manage the game. The game within the game. He discusses his come up, his love of doing great Basketball in New York City, and giving it his all every time he gets on the court. My conversation with Derek, now.


Episode 32, the Rant: Lindsay McBean: NBWBOA official, Passionate Coach, and Collegiate Basketball Athlete

Lindsay McBean and I took the Girl’s Basketball Officiating class a few years back. I’ve been on the court with her in various ways; I’ve officiated with her, I’ve seen her ask clarification for a rule while being a head coach, and I’ve seen her drive down the lane as a player that can make a lay up and make her free throws. She discusses what Basketball means to her, her experience officiating, and her dream fulfilled of playing Basketball in college. All that and more - my conversation...


Episode 31, the Rant: Coach Von: Playing and TEACHING the Game of Volleyball, and the Game of Life.

As everyone may or may not know, I could never officiate the game of Volleyball. It means too much to me, and Coach Von does as well. For all intents and purposes I’m her right hand. For 10 short weeks from August to November, we have the same goal, every year, without fail. We try to beat the very best in High School Volleyball to claim any championship we can. In this pod, Coach Von discusses her journey as an athlete growing up, playing multiple sports, her relationship with officials,...


Episode 30, the Rant: Stewart Davis. Board 119 Legend, Madison Square Garden Clock Resetter, Collegiate Volleyball Official, Head Football Ref, Girl’s Lacrosse, and Flag Football Staple.

Stewart Davis lived a full life; so full, that it would be full if it were 2 decades ago. An accomplished official in Lacrosse, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Basketball, Stew discusses his love for sports, his addiction to thinking, and getting paid, resetting the shot clock at Knicks game, all the while having fun with it. Side bar, CONGRATS TO STEWART FOR ADDING FEDERATION BASKETBALL OFFICIAL TO HIS MANY ACCOLADES! My conversation with Stew, now. “You’re ready. You did enough officiating...


Episode 29, The Rant. G3G Basketball founders Devrinn Paul and Gabby Gibson. Playing, Coaching, Reffing, and Training, all for the Game they Love: Basketball

G3G Basketball has already been a success. They have taught countless young men and women to reach new heights and skill in the game of Basketball. Devrinn and Gabby talk about their own journeys within the game of Basketball, how they met, their experiencing playing and coaching, and even officiating. But most importantly is to give back to the new crop of kids, hence G3G Basketball. My conversation with Devrinn and Gabby, now.


Episode 28, the Rant: Joe Flick! Board 127 Boy’s Basketball Official, CHSAA Staple, Avid Runner, and his pursuit to be a Division 1 College Official.

Joe Flick is an inspiration to us at Referee Rant. As you know I go to championship games annually, and pit myself with the other refs to reflect on if I am ready. Joe participated in one of these championship games, this year, thus starting our friendship. Aside from being an amazing husband and father, he can blow the whistle with the best of them - as he services Division 2 men’s Basketball, Double A CHSAA ball in NYC, and even middle school games in Suffolk! I know the feeling Joe! I...


Episode 27, the Rant: Ernie Rudloff - Board 119 Interpreter, NBWBOA Women’s Official, and Mentor to Countless.

For nearly 5 decades, Ernie Rudloff has put an imprint in the refereeing game, especially in the Northeast region. Aside from his many, many accolades, some of which include officiating Division one for both the Men’s and Women’s side, he is an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend to many who he’s had the pleasure to teach as the rule interpreter to Board 119 - the professionals. This is a wide-ranging conversation with Ernie, as he discusses his career as a whole, his beginnings, his...


Episode 26, the Rant: Jason Gant! Officiating Bowl Games in the NCAA, Division 2 College Women’s Basketball, being a NIRSA director, and growing the sport he loves, Flag Football

Jason Gant is a renaissance man when it comes to officiating. We share a bond as Ravens fans, and surely he ref’s like a Raven. How many people do you know ref Division 1 Football Division 2 Women’s Basketball, all the while have time to run a successful intramural program at a local college? Jason can! My conversation with Jason, now.


Episode 25, The Rant: Jared Jacobson, officiating in NYC and the College Ranks

We sit down with Jared Jacobson, New York City A veteran, and Men’s College Official. He discusses his origins in officiating in Boston, his experience with reffing the best games in NYC, and his pursuit to become a Division 1 Men’s College Official. All that and more. My conversation with Jared Jacobson, now.


Episode 24 - Fabian-Jara - Juggling-Family, Work, and Basketball and being the Best at all things at all times.

Fabian lights up in anything he’s involved with; whether it’s being a Dean of a high school, being a Salsa Instructor, being a great husband, and of course when it comes to officiating the game of Basketball. It’s a great conversation where Fabe discusses his love for basketball, nutrition, the greatness of The Rock, and loving the process much more than the goal itself. All that and more. My conversation with Fabian, now.


Episode 23 - John Schroeder - Servicing Soccer, Battles in Basketball, and his Eternal Love of Lacrosse_

Although I met him through Basketball, I learned in 4 quarters that John is an official’s official. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, that includes Championship games in Soccer, High Level Basketball, and his favorite sport - Lacrosse. He discusses his battles in each sport, and his interesting stories of conflicted interest. All that and more - my conversation with John, now.


Episode 22 - Barry Getzoff - A Side Hustle King, Moving his Kingdom from New York, to Sunny Florida

I’ve been to many many battles with Barry Getzoff. A great man who officiates Basketball and Baseball, and added a sport that’s near and dear to my heart - Flag Football. We discuss how he got into officiating, his experiences in New York, and how it compares to Florida. My conversation with Barry, now.


Episode 21 - Cassio Machado - Navigating the Basketball Reffing game in Australia, and Brazil, and how it stacks up to the US

In Brazil, Footbol is king. But somewhere along the way, Cassio found a love of officiating in Basketball. He went to Australia, and back to Brazil only to live and tell the tale. This young man heard the podcast, THE RANT, abroad and wanted to hop on. Ah, the beauty of technology. He discusses his love for balling, his new love of officiating, and his plot to bring his A game, to see what it’s like blowing a whistle in the United States. All that and more - my conversation with Cassio, now -


Episode 20 - Sandeep Singh - Rookie Ref, Board 119, Young SABL OG

Being raised all around SABL, Playing, Stat Keeping, and Finally Officiating at a Gym Near You, Sandeep Singh has been always around. He sits down with the Rant to describe him watching his older cousins, how he got involved with Stat keeping, and now officiating under the Queens Boy’s Officials Board, 119. My conversation with Sandeep, Now.


Episode 19 - Bryan Jones - Officating Basketball Center Stage with his Nieces, Nephews and everyone in Between

For all intents and purposes, Bryan Jones is my mentor. He was the first one that saw me, and told me if I took this game serious, that I could go places. Today, we pull up in a basement to discuss his illustrious career as a Basketball official, his community visionary work, and what his future holds as he still officiates at the highest level possible. All that and more.


Episode 18 - Michael Grant - Leveling up on Varsity, Working games in NYC, and other things - 1st Season All The Way Up!

Introducing Michael Grant, who will serve as a regular consultant and contributor to the Podcast and our website, Referee Rant. He is a Board 41 Basketball Member, NBWBOA Girl’s Certified, making a huge leap on the Girl’s Basketball circuit, including officiating some of the top games in NYC. This episode is different, because I talk about our parallel universes where he’s elevating on the Women’s side, and I, The Men’s. This is a free flowing conversation where we talk about our first full...