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Reframe features stories about those who are striving to build a better society by embracing fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Reframe features stories about those who are striving to build a better society by embracing fresh perspectives and new ideas.
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Reframe features stories about those who are striving to build a better society by embracing fresh perspectives and new ideas.






Ohio’s Goal to Guarantee Great Readers | Ep.61

Children who fail to read well by 3rd grade risk facing many long-term consequences. Low reading scores in elementary school have been linked to lower high school graduation rates, a higher risk of poverty, a lack of global competitiveness, and even less overall productivity as adults. So Ohio has implemented the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee to help all elementary-aged students get the support they need to read at grade level. And on this episode, a school psychologist explains how this...


Periods Rock! | Ep.60

When we talk about inequality and poverty, one issue is rarely addressed. Even though it is a natural part of life that affects more than 800 million people every day, the menstrual period can still be a source of financial hardship, shame, embarrassment, and even inequity. So at Miami, there is a new outreach project called Periods Rock! Which addresses issues such as period poverty, the pink tax, and the ongoing social stigma that still persists in many ways. Music: “Tech Toys” by Lee...


Inside The Synnovation Lab | Ep.59

What if we could recreate school all over again? What if there were no more lectures, or worksheets? What if school became a place where students could create their day as they saw fit? These were the kinds of questions asked by Sycamore High School, which set out to create the Synnovation Lab – a modern, self-paced learning environment that encourages students to take full ownership of their education. Music: Tech Toys and Let that Sink In by Lee Rosevere. Our Ego featuring Different...


The Profound Impact of Coaches in Youth Sport | Ep.58

On this episode, we continue the conversation around youth sport. This time, by looking at the role that coaches play. And how their feedback and bias and expectations, can have an overwhelming impact on the performance and development of so many young athletes. Music: Tech Toys, Under Suspicion, and Swift Wind by Lee Rosevere.


Make Youth Sport About Children. Not Adults | Ep.57

There was a common saying that once went along with youth sport. “It’s all about the kids.” Today, critics say youth sports has become much more about the adults. Which has led to a hyper-competitive culture that’s pushing kids to become elite athletes at younger and younger ages. In their recent book, Best Practice for Youth Sport, Miami University professors Melissa Chase and Robin Vealey, explore just how much youth sport has changed. On this episode, we talk to Melissa Chase about some...


No-Nonsense Nurturing With Kristyn Klei Borrero & Noah Borrero | Ep.56

Kristyn Klei Borrero is the CEO and co-founder of CT3, which is now used by K-12 schools across the country to help teachers quickly connect with young learners. She is also the author of the new book, Every Student, Every Day: A No-Nonsense Nurturer Approach to Reaching All Learners. Noah Borrero is a full professor of teacher education at the University of San Francisco and an associate with CT3. Both Kristyn and Noah are also graduates of Miami University, and they joined us here to talk...


When Work And Family Life Collide | Ep.55

On this episode, we talk about the challenges, social expectations, and the cultural biases that many women still experience when trying to balance work and family life. Dr. Hassan Raza also discusses his research in this area, as well as how both women and employers can help reduce the conflicts that can arise when work and family collide. Music: Tech Toys by Lee Rosevere. Transitioning by Lee Rosevere.


Changing The Way School Works | Episode 54

Frederick Douglass Elementary serves grades K-6 in the Cincinnati Public School District. The school Principal and Miami University graduate, Jeffery Hall has set higher expectations and is offering more opportunities, through several key programs, partnerships, and approaches.


Brukel | Episode 53

Bob De Schutter is the C. Michael Armstrong professor of applied game design at Miami, where he studies games in the lives of older adults, as well as the gamification of learning. He's also the lead designer on a new game called Brukel, which was just named runner up for the best digital game award at Meaningful Play 2018.


How Autism Affects Family Life | Ep 52

A disability can affect entire families in ways that are not yet well understood. While much has been done to understand how people as individuals are impacted, some researchers are now starting to look at how a single diagnosis or a disability can spread outward, to impact the lives of everyone in a family.


The Social Emotional Sides Of Teaching | Episode 51

As an award-wining teacher, Benjamin Walker is interested putting what he calls the “human side of the child first,” which means caring about their social and emotional well-being, as well as their academic performance.


The Personal Sides of Academic Advising | Episode 50

Planning for the future can be fun and exciting, but it can also be intimidating and overwhelming. Sometimes it’s all of these things at once, especially for college students, who are continually plotting a course into the unknown. But that is where Ashleigh Dubois comes in. As a Miami graduate with a degree in family studies, Ashleigh is now an academic advisor at Northeast Lakeview College. She is also a recent recipient of the prestigious 18 of the Last 9 Award, which honors Miami alumni...


School Decline | Episode 49

When we talk about struggling schools, or schools in decline, we often talk only about the challenges of certain schools in certain neighborhoods. But Meredith Wronowski, Miami University visiting assistant professor of educational leadership, is exploring this idea of school decline in a much broader way.


Critical Literacy | Episode 48

Hear from Katherine Batchelor about how critical literacy can help future teachers take a step back, and get a clearer look at a bigger cultural picture. And she’ll also talk about some new research that helping students see the world in new and sometimes eye-opening ways.


Urban Cohort Inspires Radical Empathy and Social Change | Episode 47

Empowerment is for everyone. This idea is championed by those who take action, get involved, and try to make a difference. And at Miami, these ideals are embodied by a program called the Urban Cohort. And what makes this program so unique is how it’s grounded in community life in very, very real ways.


Amid A Teenage E-Cigarette Epidemic | Episode 46

Electronic cigarettes are spreading like a wave across this country. Just three years after hitting the market, e-cigarettes are being used by teenagers almost everywhere. Even the FDA has recently called it an epidemic.


Comic Books Promote Public Health | Episode 45

Even though we have a better understanding of what’s healthy. And what’s not. Improving public health is still tremendously difficult. Because changing attitudes and behaviors is never easy. After all, how do you get people to first pay attention to accurate and relevant information, and then actually get them to do something about it? So in this episode, we’ll hear about how a local community is making a calculated and creative public health initiative to try and communicate the right...


How Fifth-Grade Students Became Citizen Activists | Episode 44

Back when Brian Schultz was a 5th-grade teacher in a struggling urban school, he asked his students to name some issues they could address through a class project. But when his students decided that they really needed was a whole new school building, no one could have predicted how the project would have unfolded from there. But their efforts soon attracted national media attention and, eventually, even inspired a book called Spectacular Things Happen Along the Way, which now in its 2nd...


Bringing More Diversity to the World of Robotics - with Katie Henry | Episode 43

What do you know about building a robot? It’s not a subject that most people would claim to know a lot about. And even despite the growing opportunities across many engineering and computer science-related fields today, there are still many barriers that prevent so many people -- especially younger students who come from families or schools that lack the proper resources – from learning about robotics, and why that’s now so important. But this is exactly what one former teacher is working...


Are Students Prepared to Thrive in a Knowledge Economy? - with Marc Nachowitz | Episode 42

Are Students Being Prepared to Thrive in a Knowledge Economy? In this episode, we explore the complex answer to this simple question, especially as it relates to the literacy skills students now need today.