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The Remotely Interested (RI) Podcast is a show about technology and people. Adam Spring started the show based on his experiences and interests in a world driven by technology.

The Remotely Interested (RI) Podcast is a show about technology and people. Adam Spring started the show based on his experiences and interests in a world driven by technology.
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The Remotely Interested (RI) Podcast is a show about technology and people. Adam Spring started the show based on his experiences and interests in a world driven by technology.




RI Podcast 22: John Markoff – Silicon Valley, Networks and Distributed Computing

John Markoff is a Pulitzer Prize winning technology journalist, who retired from his position at the New York Times in 2017. He grew up in the Bay Area of California, and was one of the first journalists to write about the World Wide Web. This interview includes a discussion about Silicon Valley as an idea and workplace; counter cultures and technology; distributed computing and the evolution of the internet / World Wide Web. There is also some discussion about self-driving vehicles toward...


RI Podcast 21: Adam and Ravi - The New New

The Remotely Interested Podcast (RiP) enters a new phase with a new co-host. Adam P. Spring introduces Ravi Abbott - long time listener and friend of RiP - as his new partner in the remotely interested journey. This episodes outlines things to come. Ravi also gets Adam to talk about himself for once - on his own podcast.


RI Podcast 20: James Rolfe - Crowd-Sourced Production, Cinemassacre and AVGN The Movie.

James Rolfe, an independent filmmaker from New Jersey, became an accidental pioneer on YouTube when he created an Angry Video Game Nerd. Rolfe took some time away from his busy schedule to answer questions for Remotely Interested Podcast 20. The episode includes Crowd-Sourced Production, Cinemassacre and AVGN The Movie. Guest soundbites include Kevin Finn (AVGN The Movie), Kim Justice (Retro Gamer Magazine and YouTuber) and Greg Dykstra (Pixar Animation Studios). Cinemassacre:...


RI Podcast 19: Ed Fries - The Archaeology of Microelectronics, Programming and Halo 2600

Ed Fries worked on Excel and Word at Microsoft. That was, before leading the development of the first Xbox video game console. RI Podcast 19 discusses the relationship between hardware / software and life after Microsoft. Topics include the 3DO and Sega connection to the first Xbox; better understanding design processes to better understand product development; and the creative side of microelectronics. Ed Fries Wordpress Blog: Atari 2600 Programming:...


RI Podcast 18: Carl Bass - Generative Design, Distributed Computing, Autodesk and Beyond

Carl Bass is the former CEO of Autodesk - a 3D design company located in San Francisco. As of the time of this interview, Bass was a special adviser to Larry Page and his team at Alphabet (including Google X), as well as adviser to a number of startups working to improve the physical world. Carl Bass: Autodesk: Amar Hanspal: Chris...


RI Podcast 17 Part 1: Lee Felsenstein - Community Development, Social Media & Personal Computing

Part one of this RI Podcast interview with Lee Felsenstein includes the years leading up to the development of personal computers; the Homebrew Computer Club; community learning and the origins of social media. Lee Felsenstein was made a Fellow of the Computer History Museum in 2016. He was moderator of the Homebrew Computer Club - the hobbyist group famous for helping bring about companies like Apple. Other credits include the Osborne 1 portable computer and being an integral part of making...


RI Podcast 16: Glenn Keller – Chip Design, Camera Sensors & Micro Electronics

Glenn Keller became a chip designer under the guidance of Jay Miner – father of the Amiga computer and a chip developer for the Atari 2600 / 8-bit range of computers. Keller’s life in computing includes the Paula sound chip for the Amiga computer; contract work with Commodore for the AAA chipset, as well as helping RJ Mical and Dave Needle bring the Handy (Atari Lynx) and 3DO gaming machines to life. He has been designing imaging sensors at Foveon since 1998. RIP 16 starts out with Glenn’s...


RI Podcast 15 VIVA AMIGA Exclusive: Zach Weddington – Community Sourced Documentary Making

RIP 15 VIVA AMIGA Exclusive: Zach Weddington – Community Sourced Documentary Making Zach Weddington has a well-established background as a professional video maker. VIVA Amiga is his first documentary film, and it tells the story of the people behind the Amiga computer. RIP 15 covers a range of topics – from crowdfunding a film to accidentally leveraging the power of a user community. This podcast is a must for anyone interested in people and how a technology driven journey can change...


RI Podcast 14: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: C. J. Romer - Ghostly Technology and Paranormal TV

Chris "C.J." Romer has been studying the paranormal since the 1980s. He has worked on 13 different televised series - from Ghost Hunters to Most Haunted. This episode discusses the paranormal, technologies used to try and document the unusual, as well as the Sinclair ZX 81 fuelled ‘Spontaneous Psychophysical Incident Data Electronic Recorder’ (SPIDER). Thomas Edison's attempts to communicate with “the other side” are also featured. Christian Jensen Romer:


RI Podcast 13: Michael Ashley - Benefit Corporations, Cultural Memory & Preservation

This episode discusses the perceived divide between universities and businesses. It discusses how startups come out of disciplines like anthropology; the long term preservation and concerns associated with digital information, as well as the ways in which people are at the heart of this. Michael Ashley received his doctorate and PhD from University of California Berkeley. He also worked for UC Berkeley before forming Codifi. Codifi Inc: Paperless App for AEC:...


RI Podcast 12: Kim Justice - Retro Gamer, YouTube and Patreon Crowdfunding

Kim Justice is a storyteller, video documentary maker and guest journalist for Retro Gamer Magazine. Her YouTube channel had almost 20,000 subscribers when RIP 12 was recorded. Her videos have firm roots in retrospective computing and gaming. They also serves as good examples of how following your interests can lead to great content with long term value. This episode of the Remotely Interested Podcast will be of interest to anyone thinking about YouTube or always on media as a communication...


RI Podcast 11: Nicholas Briggs - Big Finish Productions, Daleks & Doctor Who

Nicholas Briggs is an Executive Producer at Big Finish Productions. He is also the voice of the Daleks on Doctor Who. We talked about numerous aspects of Nicholas’s career when he was at Time Game in Atlanta, May 2016. The conversation included his work at Big Finish Productions; how Briggs followed his passions in order to become the voice of the Daleks, as well as all things Doctor Who. Big Finish Productions has provided audio content based around classic Sci Fi shows like Doctor Who...


RI Podcast 10: Gregory C Walsh PhD - Engineering 3D Laser Scanners

Gregory C Walsh was a tenured professor at the University of Maryland before working at a startup called Cyra Technologies. Greg currently helps to develop software and hardware dedicated to working with 3D images known as point clouds. His current title is Director of R & D for TLS software at Leica Geosystems. Prior to this, he was the system architect for Leica 3D laser scanners - from the HDS 3000 - ScanStation C 10. He also contributed to the ScanScation P40. Cyra Technologies developed...


RI Podcast 9: Bil Herd - Makers, Commodore and the 8bit Generation

Bil Herd is a computer engineer. His CV includes being the principal engineer on the Commodore Plus/4, C16/116, C264, and C364. He also designed the Commodore 128. Herd worked for Hackaday, and had also narrated the “8bit Generation” documentary, by the time of RIP 9. Herd’s interview included memories of Jack Tramiel and Dave Needle; Sinclair’s impact on Commodore; the company's position as a chip manufacturer; the Tramiel family today; as well as his viewpoints on the Maker movement. This...


RI Podcast 8: Jerry Manock - Industrial Product Design, Steve Jobs and Mac 1

Jerry Manock is considered the father of the Apple Industrial Design Group - best known in recent times because of Sir Jony Ive. Manock was the key industrial designer on the Apple II, Apple III and the original Apple Macintosh. He was with Apple from 1977-1984. Manock talks about Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and his career in industrial design. Insights into the formative years of the personal computing market are also a key take away from RIP 8. RIP website: RIP...


RI Podcast 7: Tim Urbaniak - High Tech in the Wild West

Tim Urbaniak is a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University (MSUB). He started his career as a draftsman working in construction based industries before moving into higher education. Tim taught a variety of hardware and software techniques in this part of his career. This one is a must for anyone interested in as built based design and unique people. RIP website: RIP facebook: RIP twitter:...


RI Podcast 6: Dave Needle - A Tribute to and Conversation with

Dave Needle passed away in February 2016. He was a humble yet brilliant man. Needle was part of the original Amiga development team, and went on to co-creator the Atari Lynx and 3DO with RJ Mical. There were also many unsung accolades that could be put against his name. This interview with Dave Needle vwas recorded in January of 2015. We discussed the Amiga, ARM chips, Apple, 3D0 as well as many other things. Long live the memory of Dave Needle, my friend:...


RI Podcast 5: John Mathieson - Jaguar Tales, Nvidia and Moore, Part 1

John Mathieson talks about his amazing career in micro electronics. At the time of interview, he was a system architect at Nvidia. Prior to this, John had worked at Sinclair Research on the Spectrum computer; co-formed Flare Technology which would evolve into the Atari Jaguar and was then part of VM Labs. This interview is a must for anyone interested in hardware and startups. RIP website: RIP facebook: RIP twitter:...


RI Podcast 4: "Laser" Larry Kleinkemper - A World of 3D Documentation

Larry Kleinkemper and Sheri Blackford are both architects. They head up a company called LANMAR Services operating out of Austin, Texas ( In this interview, Larry took some time to talk about several topics when we were at Autodesk University 2015 in Las Vegas. This one is a must for anyone interested in documenting and modelling reality. RIP website: RIP facebook: RIP twitter:...


RI Podcast 3: Aaron Ruscetta - Video Toasters & Community Learning

Aaron Ruscetta is a videographer, artist and community taught professional. He is also a self described "techy". His interview covers topics based around his professional life in video making. This includes his extensive use of Amiga computers in the 1980s and 1990s. Aaron's interview is a real must listen for anyone interesting in peer to peer learning, and how accessibility to affordable / well designed technologies shape what we do with them. RIP website: RIP...