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Dr. Jessica Lopez Lyman “Manifesting Your Dream Job, Writing as a Spiritual Practice, and Engaging In Daily Acts of Discipline”

In this episode, Dr. Jessica Lopez Lyman recalls her earliest memories of learning and the resulting availability of new worlds and possibilities. She centralizes this question for our deep consideration in order to imagine ideal conditions for a better tomorrow: “What do you want?” She directly connects the act of manifesting, something as simple as writing and keeping our dreams and visions in order to make them a reality. She offers guidance for today’s higher education inclusion...


Dr. Cynthia Alvarez “Navigating the Borderlands and Overcoming Survivor’s Guilt When You’re 'First-Gen for Life'”

In this episode, Dr. Cynthia Alvarez shares what it means to be first-gen for life. Her work celebrates and supports first-generation students, parents, and family members. She speaks to her experiences straddling two worlds, experiencing survivor’s guilt, and imposter syndrome. Her earliest experiences as a student observing structural barriers experienced by her twin brother influenced her pursuit of a Ph.D., so that she could enact positive change in educational environments. Dr. Alvarez...


Z Nicolazzo “Recrafting Language, Building Kinship Networks, and Unconventional Partnerships Towards Transgender Liberation”

Z Nicolazzo highlights her current work in higher education with the primary goal of public engagement and service. Her current areas of interest include cultural discourses about gender and their asymmetrical impact on transgender people in higher education, as well as inquiry into research methodologies and epistemologies that are trans-infused. Z also uplifts the importance of kinship networks for transgender and queer communities. Z concludes her interview by asking a powerful...


Shawn Moore and Dr. Brandon W. Jones "Black Panther Syllabus, Representation, and Taking a Mental Health Day”

This episode is an engaging exploration of two impressive higher ed professionals who are dedicated to the work of inclusion and have manifested their academic work with their personal passions through the incredible Black Panther syllabus. Learn more about their respective stories, how they met, their perspectives on mental health, and the importance of representation of people of color in the media. #WakandaForever About Shawn J. Moore: In between reading comics, checking out the latest...


Dr. Terrell Strayhorn (Part Two) “Authenticity, Drawing Out the Light from Within, and Amplifying Your Message with Science, Art, and Performance”

In this second part of our interview with Dr. Terrell Strayhorn, we discussed bridging the worlds of scholars and practitioners in higher education. We talk about how to navigate both roles simultaneously as professor, administrator, and consultant. He shared his own undergraduate experiences and draws connections to his research today about college access and success. Dr. Strayhorn sheds light on the culture and expectations of publishing and research, as well as the slow adoption of...


Dr. Terrell Strayhorn (Part 1) “Professing the Good Work in Academic and Community Spaces”

Dr. Terrell Strayhorn is one of the foremost authorities on college student success and issues of equity and diversity in education, especially in terms of race and belonging in college contexts. Author of 10 books, over 200 journal articles and chapters/reports, Professor Strayhorn has secured nearly $3 million in grants to support his research over the years. He's a highly sought public speaker--and he has delivered hundreds of keynotes and public lectures at more than 500...


Maxwell Poessnecker “Challenging 'allyship' and Centering the Power of Collectivity During Times of Pain and Struggle”

Max shares how coming into new identities has expanded his perspective of allyship and representation as it relates to both movement work and his work on campus. Working in the first and possibly only Minnesota two-year college campus LGBT Center, Max talks about navigating his many and various roles as educator, director and resource to many minority students on campus. Max centers the brilliance of adrienne maree brown and Mia Mackenzie, which are both pivotal to informing his approach...


Jessica Pettitt “Uplifting Humor from ‘Who You’re At’ in Exquisitely Designed Systems of Higher Education”

Jessica Pettitt, M.Ed., CSP, discusses her personal philosophies and methods to bring about change in the institutions that hire her and in the world. She outlines how encouraging empathy and cultivating connections can actually be the shake up that we need as we critique our systems and ways of going about business. Jessica pulls together her stand up comedy years with 15+ years of diversity trainings in a wide range of organizations to serve groups to move from abstract fears to...


Jamie Piperato “Becoming Comfortable with Discomfort, Taking Time, and Building Communities of Support”

Jamie Piperato and Dr. Saby Labor have an open conversation about navigating college campuses as inherently political environments. Piperato shares her personal origins, the path the led her to her work as a higher education professionals, and where she is at today as an independent consultant and mentor. From there, the two discuss burn out and the ways which universities silo and tokenize the work that revolves around inclusion and social justice, and how communities and colleagues can...


Dar Mayweather “Doing the Good Work: From Spiritual Practice to Social Justice Entrepreneur”

Dar Mayweather shares his journey from childhood spirituality and spiritual community to university employee to social justice entrepreneur. We get a perspective of diversity and inclusion work from both inside and outside the university and campus setting, as Dar explains the principles and tools involved in his practice of deep self work, and how taking risks and staying humble have led to his success as an independent contractor. Dar Mayweather serves as the founder of...


Bri Sérráno “Hardcore Community Care and Supporting LGBT Students as Your Authentic Self”

Bri shares some of their first generation and queer college student experience, and provides insight on how they were able to set themself on a rising professional trajectory in an environment with limited resource for LGBT student services. Bri explores the tough questions, like navigating privilege and working towards equity within systems that perpetuate oppression. Ultimately, Bri covers the big, complex and rewarding challenges of supporting students, seeking support from leadership,...


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