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A Podcast About Dispute Resolution and Prevention

A Podcast About Dispute Resolution and Prevention


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A Podcast About Dispute Resolution and Prevention




Barking Up The Right Tree: Pets in Mediation

Anyone in the dispute resolution world knows the value of empowering parties and giving them a voice. But what if their voices are hard to understand—if, for example, they bark rather than speak? Karis Nafte knows all about this—she’s a credentialed mediator and an animal behaviorist who helps work with separating couples on the best solution for their pets. She joined Resolutions to explain how her practice came about and how it works. For more information on her practice, you can visit...


A Conference To Remember: The ABA Section Meets Virtually April 14-17

Our Section's annual conference is nearly upon us, and for the second time, the team has planned a blockbuster event that you can enjoy from anywhere. Jaya Sharma of the conference planning committee joined me to discuss why you can't miss this year's conference and what to expect. The conference begins this Wednesday, April 14th and runs through Saturday, April 17th. For more on the conference, please visit Registration closes on April 13th at 5 pm ET. You can reach...


Building the Pipeline: Introducing the Section’s Student & Early Career Services Outreach

In this episode, Rekha Rangachari sits down with Elliot Herland (Vice Chair of the Section's Membership Committee) and Kanika (Niki) Singh (the Section’s Student Liaison) to discuss a new avenue for student and practitioner members to increase their engagement, connection, networking, and mentorship with stakeholders through the Section. They discuss the impact of COVID-19 and how Section leadership pivoted to expand initiatives and provide the return on investment to the expanding group of...


A Conversation About the 2021 DR Tech Pitch Series

Chris Draper of Trokt ( discusses the Dispute Resolution Section's Technology Committee's Tech Pitch Series where innovators can present new technology directed to advancing the practice of ADR. If you’re interested in pitching, fill out a form here


Handling Conflict Constructively: The Week of Constructive Conflict

With all the conflict we face and try to resolve, what if we stopped and reconsidered how we approach conflict in the first place? That's a question that's been on the mind of Rabbi/Dr. Daniel Roth for quite some time. He's the founder and creator of the Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict, which is taking place around the world on February 15-21, 2021. He is based in Israel and teaches at Bar-Ilan University and the Pardes Institute and is director of Mosaica, The Religious Peace...


Re-release: A New Approach to Law Enforcement Training in Dispute Resolution and Diversity

In honor of Black History Month, enjoy this re-release of the March 10th episode with community activist, John Thompson. Community activist and candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives, John Thompson, gives us a preview of his plenary presentation at the Dispute Resolution Spring Conference. Thompson will describe and demonstrate the training necessary to create a new relationship between communities of color and law enforcement. He will challenge conflict resolvers to look at...


Pathways to Mindfulness with Phyllis Morgan, Founder and Principal Consultant at Resilient at Work

In this episode, Phyllis Morgan discusses her journey in mindfulness with Rekha Rangachari and how delegates can apply these tools in their own lives. Focused on building resilience at work, from myriad vantage points from her career in the law, Phyllis shares a novel scale of evaluation she developed — Mindful Management of Self in Conflict Scale ( Phyllis also teases out how to create opportunities for one’s personal brand (including the mantra,...


Embracing Change in ADR: A Conversation with ABA Past President Linda Klein

In this episode, guest host Marcie Dickson speaks with Linda Klein, past president of ABA and senior managing shareholder at Baker Donelson. Klein, also a mediator and arbitrator, discusses a range of topics, including specific actions to address diversity and inclusion, the permanence of ODR, compulsory mediation, and what's next in dispute resolution.


Selecting Arbitrators in the Age of COVID and Beyond

Prof. Catherine Rogers, Professor of Law and Paul and Marjorie Price Faculty Scholar at Penn State Law and Professor of Ethics, Regulation & The Rule of Law, at Queen Mary, University of London discusses her legal tech startup, Arbitrator Intelligence, how COVID-19 has impacted arbitration, and how we can use those insights in the future of international dispute resolution. Read more about Prof. Rogers' research here:, Find out...


A Conversation About Access to Justice and the Efficacy of ODR Processes

Amy J. Schmitz, Elwood L. Thomas Missouri Endowed Professor of Law at the University of Missouri School of Law discusses her research into the efficacy of online dispute resolution processes and how those processes affect access to justice for participants. Prof. Schmitz's research can be found on her SSRN page:


Be Inclusive: Opportunities to Take Action for Gender Diversity

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution in collaboration with the New York International Arbitration Center (NYIAC) hosts this innovative podcast convening global thought leaders to discuss the state of gender diversity in international arbitration. Topics include the impact of key initiatives and working groups (e.g. the recent ICCA Report of the Cross-Institutional Task Force on Gender Diversity in Arbitral Appointments and Proceedings, the Equal Representation in Arbitration (ERA) Pledge...


Meet the Education Committee Co-Chairs Linda Gerstel and Aaron Gothelf

New Leadership at the Section: Meet the Education Committee Co-Chairs Linda Gerstel and Aaron Gothelf In this podcast, Linda Gerstel (Independent Arbitrator and Mediator and Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham Law School) and Aaron Gothelf (AAA-ICDR Commercial Vice-President in San Francisco) discuss their goals for the year ahead. Topics discussed: -increased collaboration across Sections and with key dispute resolution stakeholders (e.g arbitral institutions, academic centers, in-house...


A Conversation on Ombuds Day 2020

Jon Lee and Ken Skodacek discuss Ombuds Day 2020, what it means to be an Ombudsperson, and how ombuds programs have adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic. For more information on how to virtually attend Ombuds Day 2020 on October 8, 2020, visit


The Inaugural 2020 Dispute Resolution Tech Expo: Meet the Organizers

In this episode, Susan Andrews, Chris Draper, and David Larson sit down to discuss the newly fashioned Tech Expo, tailored to meet the demands of ADR professionals in the new age of virtual connection. Sessions will include discussions on accessibility and picking the right technology, present and future scenarios in ODR, increasing collection rates and getting paid, and overcoming leadership challenges, in parallel with innovative social sessions in the exhibit hall and with thought...


A Conversation on Screening Guidelines for Abuse and Neglect in Elder Law Mediation

A panel of members of the Task Force on Elder Abuse Screening for Mediators discusses the newly created Elder Abuse and Neglect Screening Guidelines that provide information about possible signs of elder neglect and abuse that negatively impact the ability of older adults' participation in mediation. In this episode, Adam Martin speaks with Monica Lichtenberger, an elder care mediator and trainer with 24 years of experience; Shawnieka Pope, a licensed clinical social worker, who currently...


Adventures in Environmental and Public Policy Mediation

We’ve covered lots of practice areas for dispute resolution, but one you may not know as much about has to do with environmental issues: from the air we breathe to the water we use. Michelle Straube has made environmental and public policy mediation the focus of her work. She’s a retired professor at the University of Utah and former director of the Environmental Dispute Resolution Program at the Wallace Stegner Center in the College of Law. She also directed Salt Lake Solutions, a...


Re-Release: Nuts & Bolts of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) with Colin Rule

In this second installment, Colin Rule shares his insights on online dispute resolution’s (ODR’s) growth in the last decade, during the COVID19 pandemic, and future applications in collaboration with artificial intelligence, bitcoin, and smart contracts. Of note, Colin was awarded the inaugural 2020 Frank E.A. Sander Award by the ABA Center for Innovation in conjunction with this Section. Tune in to learn more about Colin and his work! Note: Since the episode’s recording, Colin joined...


The Imperative on Prevention: How Does This Change Your Practice

On Tuesday, June 30th, the ABA Dispute Resolution Section will host a special virtual “town hall” starting at 12pm Eastern time with both full group and breakout sessions to discuss a fascinating topic. A Task Force on Innovative Processes of Conflict Prevention led by Section Chair Joan Stearns Johnsen has spent the last several months exploring how we can adapt our skills to conflict prevention through the use of standing and stand-by neutrals as well as deal facilitators. This task force...


A Conversation with JAMS’ Kimberly Taylor, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal & Operating Officer

Rekha Rangachari sits down with Kim Taylor to discuss JAMS’ involvement with the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, new developments, and resilience in the time of COVID-19. The Section thanks JAMS for their sponsorship of the successful Virtual Spring Meeting that ran May 18-22. Tune in to learn more!


A Moment In History: Dispute Resolution and Public Safety

Our profession and work in mediation and arbitration spans virtually all professions and walks of life, including personnel decisions involving first responders. In this episode, we hear from veteran arbitrator, mediator, and litigator Lynn Rubinett, whose practice includes the arbitration of disciplinary actions, suspensions, and firings of police, fire, and other public employees.