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A podcast for current and prospective St. Lawrence College students to learn more about what's happening on our Kingston campus. Learn more about our events, your fellow students, the school, and our community. This is your podcast; be a part of it: saengage@sl.on.ca.




A podcast for current and prospective St. Lawrence College students to learn more about what's happening on our Kingston campus. Learn more about our events, your fellow students, the school, and our community. This is your podcast; be a part of it: saengage@sl.on.ca.






College Students opinion on Cancel Culture, Reviewing Celebrities who got cancelled.

Cancel culture is a phenomenon in which someone is ostracized, boycotted, or otherwise punished for saying or doing something that is considered objectionable or offensive. It has become increasingly common in recent years, particularly online. In this episode, we talk to college students about their opinions on cancel culture. We also review some examples of celebrities who have been cancelled. Is cancel culture a good thing or a bad thing? Is it fair? Is it effective? We discuss all of this and more in this episode.


College GymBros give their fitness tips to students, the mindset & share their fitness journeys.

In this episode of the Voice Podcast, in a casual conversation, four College GymBros dive into their own fitness journeys, sharing the highs and lows, and most importantly, the mindset that got them through it all. Whether you're a newbie to the gym or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, these tips and stories will inspire and motivate you. Tune in for actionable advice and incredible stories of transformation as we explore the world of college fitness. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more episodes like this one!


Tips & essentials for new college students moving to on-campus residence.

Moving to college residence can be a intimidating and challengin for new students. Our student cas this week will cover some tip and tricks from their own personal experience in residence and give advice they wish they got while moving for the first time in residence. They also share some of their own adventures and how to deal with those situation. First time in college also means making new friends, we share more information about the different events remaining for the month such as the Blue Jays game, The Annual Boat Cruise and Speed Friending at St. Larrys Pub.


The College Podcast by College Students, Our goals for you students, Season Premiere S5 E1

The College Podcast is back for season 5, and we're bringing you even more laughs, tears, and everything in between. In this episode, we're talking about all the best and worst things about college life, from the parties to the classes to the roommates. We'll also be giving you some tips for surviving your first year of college. So whether you're a freshman or a senior, tune in to the College Podcast S5 premiere and get ready for a wild ride!


Working at Tim Hortons, Coffee Shops in Kingston, Season 4 Review w/ Nima Bakhshi

A season finale in chill mode with one of my friends, Nima Bakhshi, where we talk just about his housing situation, working at Tim Hortons, the coffee shops downtown, and the nightlife in Kingston.


Making short-form videos showcasing the authentic life of college students by Nitin Mohan

Nitin Mohan, a recent graduate from the class of 2023. Nitin is here to share his passion for creating captivating short-form videos and his expertise in the world of video editing. Nitin's journey at St. Lawrence College is truly inspiring. Despite juggling a jam-packed schedule filled with classes, assignments, and work, he has managed to master the art of content creation. He opens up about his content creator workflow, revealing valuable tips and tricks for fellow students who aspire to pursue their creative passions while managing their academic commitments. In addition, we delve deeper into Nitin's unique content style, which beautifully portrays his personal journey in the most authentic manner on his Instagram. Through his content, Nitin also sheds light on the significant challenges he faced during his transition as an international student moving to Canada.


Farewell Episode of Laura Kittner: 15 Years of Dedication and Passion as a faculty member.

We dive into Laura's inspiring journey—from being a graduate of SLC to becoming a valued faculty member in the AMC/DMC programs at St. Lawrence College. Discover her insightful learning moments, her unique approach to marketing, and the impact she's made on students' lives. Get ready as we discuss her exciting new challenge at Centennial College, where she'll have the opportunity to make strategic decisions to enhance the college student experience. We also explore the fast-evolving landscape of digital marketing and share tips on how to kickstart a successful career in this exhilarating field. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation!


Dive into the beauty of Brazil with Nini who guides us in her culture & adjusting to life in Canada

Join us for an exciting episode on YouTube as we explore the incredible journey of Nini, a vibrant and joyful international student at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON, Canada. Nini is studying the creative program of Advertising Marketing Communications, and during this vacation, we couldn't resist discussing the wonders of Brazil, a truly magnificent destination. In this episode, Nini enthusiastically shares with us the vibrant aspects of Brazilian culture and its wonderful people. She goes beyond stereotypes, shedding light on lesser-known facts that everyone should be aware of. We also learned how to have a quick conversation in Portuguese and gaining insights into Nini's personal journey since arriving in Canada. Get ready for an engaging conversation filled with colourful anecdotes and a celebration of cultural diversity. Tune in to our YouTube episode and embark on this fascinating adventure with Nini!


Level Up Your Connections: The Power of Networking for College Students ft. Gail Talasan-Manigsaca

Level Up Your Connections! 🌟 Discover the Power of Networking for College Students with Gail Talasan-Manigsaca. We also played the "Big Talk" card game which she brings to the networking events! 🎙️ Get ready for some game-changing tips and engaging conversations that will transform your college journey! 🤝💼


College Teacher Shares Advice for International Students Starting Their Journey in Canada.

Whether you're moving halfway across the world or just a few hours away, studying abroad in a new country is a huge step. It can be overwhelming to adjust to a new culture, language, and way of life. But with the right guidance and support, you can thrive as an international student in Canada. Human Resouce teacher at St. Lawrence College, Lisa Macdonald has been working with a lot of students from all over the world and is excited to share their insights with you. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to learn some valuable tips for making the most out of your study abroad experience in Canada! 📚👩‍🏫🌎


Student Eats: Kabby Clinton's Ghost Kitchen, African Chow Dishes offers affordable meal plans.

Kabby Clinton, a business accounting student at St. Lawrence College Kingston, has realized one of his dreams by opening a food business, African Chow Dishes, a ghost kitchen. He talks about the determination and positive mindset to learn. Unsurprisingly this is not his first business endeavor, when he was fifteen years old he started by selling chicken in the market of his community in Cameroon. "Impossible is Nothing" resumed Clinton perfectly as he believes in achieving his various goals here in Canada. He shares a lot of positive thoughts on how to approach those challenges. ~Follow Us~ To stay updated on future giveaways, information, and episodes! Facebook: SA Voice Podcast Instagram: @savoicepodcast


Navigating college friendship drama | Toxic friends, betrayals, dating friend's ex & boundaries

Host Gabby is joined by Ben, Nathaly, and Annie our newest guest member. The latter isn't shy to share her opinions about how to deal with toxic friend groups. In this episode, we propose various scenarios that can happen in potential friend groups. Some themes we discuss in this episode are friends distancing themselves from you, dating your friend's ex, getting out of the friend zone, and many more.


Moving to Kingston, Canada from Colombia| Foodie, Dance, Lifestyle, Mindset with Nathaly Ortiz

Nathaly Ortiz has recently finished her one-year post-graduate certificate program in Digital Marketing Communications at St. Lawrence College Kingston, Ontario Canada. Having lived in various destinations around the world as Malta, Miami, and Medellin, Colombia where she grew up, she tells us how those stages of her life journey shaped her into the strong and loving person she is today. She also tempted us in visiting Colombia by describing the vibrant culture of Colombians growing more and more globally thanks to musical stars such as Karol G, J Balvin, and Shakira. She also explains how Medellin transitioned from one of the most dangerous cities in the world to now being a top tourist destination. This episode is for you if you love traveling, getting insight into the everyday lifestyle of students in Canada, or if you want to be inspired by the awesome mentality that Nathaly approaches her life with. ~Follow Us~ To stay updated on future giveaways, information, and episodes! Facebook: SA Voice Podcast Instagram: @savoicepodcast


Dating & Relationship advice from college students | Date Ideas, Insecurities, Open relationships

New host Gabby and her friends Jaden, Clara and Ben talk about relationships and dating scenarios that can happen to anyone, especially college students. They give their different opinions about how to deal with each scenario. Sit back, relax and enjoy this highly entertaining yet informative podcast episode. ~Follow Us~ To stay updated on future giveaways, information, and episodes! Facebook: SA Voice Podcast Instagram: @savoicepodcast ~Follow the Student Association~ To stay updated on events, giveaways, and much more! Instagram: @sa_slc Website: saslc.ca


Working out & healthy lifestyle tips for college students | Kyra Masson

Kyra Masson is a veterinary technician student at St. Lawrence College Kingston. Though having a heavy schedule which includes lab experience, assignments, classes, a job and daily routine she finds the time and dedication to a healthy life and working out. If you are a student who wishes to improve their health and fitness, this is for you, as our guest will give you some tips, and beginner foundations on how to get started or keep a fitness routine as a busy student. ~Follow Us~ To stay updated on future giveaways, information, and episodes! Facebook: SA Voice Podcast Instagram: @savoicepodcast ~Follow the Student Association~ To stay updated on events, giveaways, and much more! Instagram: @sa_slc Website: saslc.ca


The student journey of Vishaha Agrawal from India to St. Lawrence College Kingston Canada

Vishakha Agrawal has just finished her one-year post-graduate certificate in Digital Marketing Communications. She reflects on her growth journey from day one coming to Canada until now a soon-to-be graduate of St. Lawrence College in Kingston Ontario Canada.


Youth behaviours | Regrets of being a bully | Behavioural Science - Student Brendan Mason

Meet Brendan Mason, a behavioural Science student driven to help teenagers grow into wonderful human beings by not following the wrong path he was on. He goes in-depth into the psychology of children and teenagers and explains the challenges they face in today's society. He gives ethical advice on how to help the young generation so that they do not fall victim to traumatic behaviour. ~Follow Us~ To stay updated on future giveaways, information, and episodes! Facebook: SA Voice Podcast Instagram: @savoicepodcast ~Follow the Student Association~ To stay updated on events, giveaways, and much more! Instagram: @sa_slc Website: saslc.ca Looking for St. Lawrence College resources and updates? Try these! https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca/about/covid-19-resources-students/ https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca/about/information-on-covid-19/ ~Listen to Us On~ Spotify: Student Association Voice Podcast Apple Podcasts: Voice Podcast Youtube: Voice Podcast


Music club at St.Lawrence College by Riley Fitzgerald, Mason Forsey Mackinnon & Joah Vaillancourt.

This week's episodes feature three talented musical students from the Music and Digital Media program at St. Lawrence College who just created a new music club with the ambition to guide other passionate students to get the courage to be on stage and also to make St. Larry's, the college on campus pub, a hotspot for the Kingston, Ontario music scene. In this episode, you will learn about their musical beginnings, their first time getting on stage, how they feel about producing music, the behind-the-scenes of a young musician's life, and most importantly joining their new club. GUEST BANDS SOCIALS: Riley Fitzgerald @rustpump @isbisterband Mason Forsey-Mackinnon: @masonforseymackinnon Joah Vaillancourt: thecountylads Checkout Mason's single Forsaken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRpLt_DYXpY To stay updated on future giveaways, information, and episodes! Instagram: @savoicepodcast


Bartending in a college pub, and passionate about student welfare & student lifestyle | Byran Hearn

Bryan Hearn is part of the board of students at the Student Association and is most famously known to be the bartender at St.Larry's Pub. Since his first day at St. Lawrence College, he has been heavily involved in the student lifestyle and welfare even during a pandemic by hosting amazing podcast episodes. In today's episode, Tiffany catches up with Bryan about his experience as a barman, his future after SLC, the importance of the board of students for student welfare and some friendly banter between two friends.


Holiday Recommendations by co-hosts Tiffany and Alisa for St. Lawrence College Kingston students.

Co-Hosts Tiffany and Alisa talk about their funny Christmas memories and their awesome plans for the magical holiday season. The whole team wishes all our listeners a happy holiday season. Watch more episodes of the Voice podcast on Youtube and Apple Podcast every TUESDAY at 2 p.m.