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EP 38: An Education by Any Other Name...

In today’s episode, Mystie, Pam, and Brandy discuss the power of educational metaphors – are we using the right images to picture our homeschools? Metaphors aren't absolute -- it's what we mean by them and how we apply them that matters. Join the Scholé Sisters as they hash out metaphors and discuss what makes a good one worth using. *** Click here to get the show notes for today's episode. *** This episode is sponsored by In Memoriam. After Charlotte Mason died in 1923, the PNEU held...


EP 37: Livin' La Vida Latin

Brandy is talking at length about Latin today with Angela Reed. Angela is a homeschooling mother of 5 in the Sunshine State of Florida. A former classroom teacher, degreed in Classics and Latin and persuaded by Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy, she channels these enthusiasms onto Instagram: building community with friends @charlottemasonirl, researching how Latin fits within a CM paradigm @thecmlatinproject, and documenting family life, homeschooling, and the day-to-day...


EP 36: Is Scholé for Everyone?

In today’s episode, Brandy, Pam, and Mystie raise the question of whether scholé is for everyone. Or is it just for the bookish and more academic? They had to begin by defining scholé, of course. This episode is about scholé in real life with our kids and FOR our kids. How do we help them "do scholé"? There are some big questions discussed this time! *** Click here to get the show notes for today's episode. *** This episode is sponsored by Teaching Reading with Bob Books. Teaching...


EP 35: Twaddlicious!

On today's episode, Mystie, Pam, and Brandy have a rousing discussion on the subject of twaddle. What is it? What isn’t it? Is it ever acceptable? Some of us have unconventional opinions on this subject. *** Click here to get the show notes for today's episode. *** This episode is sponsored by Plan Your Year. Plan Your Year is the homeschool planner that shows you how. It walks you step-by-step through creating a homeschool plan unique to your home, your kids, your family. There are...


EP 34: Bling Your Pre-Reading with a Notebook Makeover (with Celeste Cruz)

Our guest today is Celeste Cruz. Celeste is the Catholic homeschooling mother of nine children ages 11 and under, blogger at Joyous Lessons, and one of the hostesses of CharlotteMasonIRL on Instagram. In this episode, Pam, Brandy, and Celeste have an in-depth conversation about transforming the chore of pre-reading for our children’s lessons into a beautiful scholé experience for Mom. They cover the technical aspects of notebooking, letting go of perfectionism, and MORE! *** Click here...


EP 33: Narration: The Act of Knowing (with Karen Glass!)

Brandy is pleased to have Karen Glass back on the show today. Karen is the author of Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition, she’s the brain behind Mind to Mind, an abridgment of Charlotte Mason’s sixth volume, and her third book, Know and Tell: The Art of Narration just debuted last month. Karen Glass is part of the Advisory of AmblesideOnline. She has four children, mostly grown and married, who were homeschooled using Charlotte Mason’s methods from beginning to end....


EP 32: Paideia Is All Greek to Me

In today’s episode, Mystie Winckler and Brandy Vencel discuss Werner Jaeger’s introduction to his three-volume series, what Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture, Jaeger's definition of education, what culture is, why Christians are resistant to honoring the Greeks, and much more. Download to listen, subscribe and be a Sister! *** Click here to get the show notes for today's episode. *** This episode is sponsored by The Afterthinker’s Guide to Charlotte Mason’s Home Education....


SS #31: Being Impervious: Now it's [Not] Personal (with Cindy Rollins!)

Welcome to SEASON FIVE of Scholé Sisters! Mystie and Brandy are kicking this season off right with the one and only Cindy Rollins. Today's discussion centers on the idea of being impervious. We discuss not allowing "things" to get to us, absorbing emotion, self-control, menopause (gulp), and more! This is a conversation you don't want to miss. *** Click here to get the show notes for today's episode. *** This episode is sponsored by Personality Pages. Want to figure out and understand...


EP 30: Putting the Merry Back in Christmas

Today, the Scholé Sisters get real about Christmas. Mystie says we can be classical not just in our approach to education, but also in our approach to happiness. Does the classical tradition have something to offer us at Christmas as well? We talk about depression and grief, yes, but also bad attitudes and dangerous expectations, all in an attempt to encourage all of us toward a better Christmas. Christmas is important, because the incarnation is important. Let's never forget what it's all...


SP 02: Leading Well (You Had Questions, We Had Answers)

This episode is a something of a bonus for those of you who attended our Leading Well retreat this past summer. If you DIDN’T attend the retreat, we think you’ll still enjoy the episode. But more importantly, a lot of you have asked if we offer replays of the retreat for those who missed it, or didn’t know about it at the time. Starting TODAY, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! So – enjoy this question and answer session. We are all over the place – logical consequences,...


EP 29: I'm Not the Holy Spirit (with Eric Hall)

Have you ever tried to sort out the tension between God's grace and our pursuit of virtue? Is virtue ultimately a free gift of grace? And, if so, how can we say it is the goal of Christian education? If virtue IS our goal, how do we impart it? How do we test it? And is there a danger in homeschooling when it comes to virtue tests? And what if we fail? What if everything we've done isn't enough? Today on the show, Mystie and I are please to welcome Eric Hall. Eric is a classical scholar...


EP 28: Education is a Life

The third and final episode in our series on education as an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life, today's discussion is all about LIFE. What is meant by "education is a life?" How do we procure this life for ourselves and our children? We manage to dip into Vittorino da Feltre, Plato, Quintillian, Cicero and MORE -- don't miss it! BONUS: Scroll down to the bottom of the show notes to get a downloadable Life Audit to help you put these ideas into action in your homeschool. Don't forget...


EP 27: Education is a Discipline

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life." Today, in the second of our three-part series, we're discussing education as a discipline. What do we mean by discipline? How do we use it as a tool of education? The Scholé Sisters get real about this topic. BONUS: Scroll down to the bottom of the show notes to get a downloadable Atmosphere Audit to help you put these ideas into action in your homeschool. Don't forget to find us on Facebook! *** This episode is sponsored by Start...


EP 026: Education is an Atmosphere

Today, we kick off a series of three episodes that were recorded live online with some of our Forum members. This series is organized around Charlotte Mason’s motto that education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life. Today’s episode is all about atmosphere. BONUS: Scroll down to the bottom of the show notes to get a downloadable Atmosphere Audit to help you put these ideas into action in your homeschool. Don't forget to find us on Facebook!


EP 025: To Pre-Read or Not to Pre-Read (Why Is It Even a Question?)

Today's episode was recorded when we had the joy of all being together in the same room (along with our friend, Dawn Garrett) for the Scholé Sisters Leadership Retreat in Portland. We had so much fun! We hope you enjoy this episde, even though there are a couple places where the sound is sub-par. (What can we say? We were all sharing one mic!) Today's topic is pre-reading. We talked about why to do it, how to let your personal goals lead the process, when to do it, and more! Want the...


EP 024: The Late Great Memory Debate

This summer, we shared an article from The Atlantic on memorization, and WOW did the discussion explode on Facebook! We couldn’t help chatting about it ourselves, and that conversation eventually became this podcast episode. We don’t pretend to have the last word on memory work, but we do think this is a great beginning place to start thinking about this issue. Want the show notes? Go here: Don't forget to find us on Facebook:...


Special EP 01: Leveraging Summer for Success

Today, Mystie, Pam, and Brandy are chatting about summer. Instead of letting summer slowly slip through our fingers, we can leverage summer and set ourselves up for greater success in our upcoming homeschool years. And you don’t have to do it alone! You'll want to listen all the way to the end because Scholé Sisters is announcing something super special for summer ... we're hoping it'll encourage you to find (and bond with) your sisters! Want the show notes? Find them here:...


EP 023: The Nitty-Gritty Guide to Homeschooling High School Boys

In her book Mere Motherhood, Cindy Rollins made the passing comment that she was not as big of a fan of homeschooling high school boys as she had been in the past. This turned into a rumor: Cindy Rollins doesn't think boys should be homeschooled in high school. Um. NOT TRUE. Today, Mystie and Brandy chat with Cindy about homeschooling high school boys (as well as using AmblesideOnline for high school), the pros, the cons, and how to know if it's time to let it go. Want the show notes?...


EP 022: Don't Lose That Lovin' Feelin'

For today's episode, Pam, Mystie, and Brandy had quite the discussion surrounding the idea of interest and being interested – what does it mean, are we born interested, how do we lose interest over time, how do we gain it, what do we do when our children aren’t interested? We talked about a lot! Want the show notes? Find them here: If you haven't heard, there will be a summer book club studying Anne White's Book Minds More Awake on the Scholé Sisters Forum. If you...


EP 021: Amusing Ourselves to Leisure

In today’s episode, Mystie and Brandy discuss amusement and entertainment. Does our commitment to scholé mean that there’s no room in life for things that are completely frivolous and entertaining? Believe it or not, Aristotle had something to say on this subject! Want the show notes? Find them here: Come find us on Facebook! We'd love to have you join the conversation there.