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Episode #31 - Turning around a struggling school - Guest Jeff Eben

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Jeff Eben as they talk about transitioning a struggling school into a vibrant and thriving home for staff and students. Jeff shares recommendations from his experience as a principal on how to empower your staff, find a trademark routine, and ensure the mission/values are leading all major decisions. Jeff has an incredible story of overcoming major obstacles in life and has used this to help drive his passion towards better schools for everyone. Listen in...


Episode #31 - The impact of elective classes on school culture - Guest Robyn Guest

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Robyn Guest, Dance Program Director at Antelope High School in Northern California. Robyn has a passion for teaching students leadership skills through the art of dance and shares how she sees the connection between electives and great school culture. Listen in to hear about their dance internship program, what she makes the student’s do to kick off the new year and ways she has been impacted the her students. You won't want to miss this!!


Episode #30 - Think Outside the Box - Guest Paul Branagan

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Paul Branagan, the Principal at Middleborough High School in Massachusetts as they talk about the power of being intentional with your staff and students. Paul has implemented incredible programs at Middleborough to help celebrate and inspire everyone who steps on campus. Listen in as he shares how they transformed staff meetings into faculty expositions, guide students through their STRONG program and partner with parents to celebrate what is going “right" on...


Episode #29 - Building a Team Mentality with Coach Pat Murphy

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Pat Murphy, the Bench Coach for the Milwaukee Brewers as they talk about the power of culture in sports and how to build a great team mentality. Pat’s coaching and managing career has spanned over three decades at all levels of the game and he shares from his perspective how to set your team up for success. During this podcast, Phil and Pat talk about the importance of leaders first seeking to understand each player, the power of building positive connections...


Episode #28 – Parent/Teacher Home Visits Project with Guest Jay Schenirer

Join Phil Boyte as he talks with special guest, Jay Schenirer, a Sacramento City Councilmember. Jay has a heart for helping students be as successful as possible and believes that parents have an incredibly large role in this. Based on this belief, Jay and a team developed a program called Parent/Teacher Home Visits, where teachers get to build trust and relationships with parents. He shares a bit about the program, the benefits they have seen and how you learn more about doing this type...


Episode #28: “Keeping the pulse on your student’s lives” - Guest Bryan Slater

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Bryan Slater as they talk about building rapport with students. With 15 years under his belt as a teacher both in the United States and abroad, Bryan has learned some great ways to check the pulse on students and shares why it has been so powerful in his classroom. Listen in to hear simple, yet profound ways to build relationships in the classroom or around campus.


Episode #26: Inspiration from Twitter - Mini podcast

Where does Phil Boyte find inspiration on #Twitter? Listen in to our latest mini podcast to hear a few of my favorite people to follow and ideas to implement in your classroom.


Episode #25: Ignite your Shine - Guest LaVonna Roth

Join Phil Boyte and his guest, educational consultant and speaker LaVonna Roth as they talk about little things she has seen while working in schools across the nation. LaVonna shares about the concept of shifting from “my school” to “our school,” how understanding your student’s stories can be so impactful and why taking care of administrators is vital.


Episode #24: Mini podcast with Phil Boyte - Navigating hard conversations

“The Undiscussables: Three areas to work with your team to help navigate hard conversations” We have all heard those conversations... the one's that take place in the parking lot or by the water cooler AFTER the meeting. What if instead, your team was encouraged to share the hard stuff DURING the meeting? On this week’s podcast, Phil shares three ways you can foster an environment where people are willing to share the “undiscussables.”


Episode #23 - “Supporting students with a biracial background” - Guest Eric Jackson

Join Phil Boyte and Eric Jackson as they talk about the research he has done when it comes to supporting students with a biracial background. Eric shares ideas he has used to develop relationships in his classroom that lead to deeper conversations and a better understanding of what different students face. Check out this podcast for a thought provoking conversation.


Episode #22 - Empowering students from all different backgrounds - Guest Kristy Cooper

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Kristy Cooper as they talk about preparing students for success. Kristy is a leadership teacher who believes students from all different backgrounds can achieve what they set their minds to. She shares why it is important to trust your students, how she encourages them when they face adversity and activities she uses in her classroom to set her students up for success.


Continue building great culture... three weeks in: Mini Podcast with Phil Boyte

Building great culture is a year long effort and with the first few weeks under your belt, you may be scratching your head thinking, “now what?!” Join Phil Boyte as he gives a few practical ideas to continue building relationships and trust on your campus a few weeks into the new school year.


Episode #20: Creating a vibrant culture in your classroom - Guest Matt Grigas

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Matt Grigas, as they talk about the power of connecting with students in the classroom. Matt shares ideas he uses in his own classroom to set the tone for the year, model what he expects from his students and why having an "open door policy" is so vital! Looking for simple yet transformative ideas to implement in your classroom this year? Check out this podcast! Matt runs the Theater program at Neuquay Valley High School in Illinois.


Episode #19: Judo Math - A creative way to teach in the classroom - Guest Dan Thoene

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Dan Thoene, creator of Judo Math, as they talk about his approach to helping students thrive in the classroom. Using the concepts of martial arts, Judo Math encourages students to work at their own pace as they progress through a series of belts to master each topic. In this podcast, Dan shares the inspiration behind the program, how students collaborate and celebrate together and why team building is so important. Looking to kick your year off with some...


Episode #17: Fresh ideas for engaging every student - Guest Greg Hroch

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Greg Hroch as they talk about engaging every student on your campus. Greg has been working in education for over 30 years and now helps run a company focused on tracking student involvement. In this podcast, Phil and Greg talk about the benefits to engaging more students, how to redefine "Friday Night Lights" and why students are drawn to the NEW.


Culture from the front office

"I spent more time in the principal's office than I did at my desk..." - Debbie talking about her partnership with the principal. Join Phil Boyte and his guest Debbie Brannam as they talk about creating a great culture in the front office. Debbie has spent her career learning how to make Del Oro High School feel like home to thousands of students and hundreds of staff members. In this podcast, she and Phil talk about the impact the front office has on creating an incredible culture....


Building Culture on a Large Campus - Guest Ted Goergen

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Ted Goergen as talk about building great culture across a large campus. Ted has learned a lot over the years working as the Activities Director at Stevenson High School in Illinois with nearly 4,000 students. Ted shares ideas on how to break down silos within grade levels with ideas like “class karaoke” and how they have engaged students and parents from all different backgrounds. Looking for easy, yet deeply impactful ideas… listen today! Ted has been in...


“How to be a great leader” - Guest Bill Geivett

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Bill Geivett as they talk baseball. AND leadership. With over 28 years of experience as a player, scout and front office executive, Bill has learned a lot about leadership on and off the baseball field. During this podcast, you will hear him share his perspective on why making time for people is so important, how selfishness always breaks down trust and some great stories from some of his past leaders in MLB. A little about Bill: Bill Geivett has 28...


Culture in the Classroom - Guest Beth Schmidtgall

Culture in the Classroom – Guest Beth Schmidtgall Join Phil Boyte and his guest Beth Schmidtgall as they talk about creating a fantastic culture in the classroom. During this podcast, Beth shares ideas she has seen work well when building long lasting relationships with your students. She shares ideas such as "Raffle Friday," hallway dance parties, and her "doorway flash quiz." Let's just say, this podcast will inspire you to have fun in your classroom while being intentional about...


Using Little Things To Make a Big Difference In School Culture - Guest Danny Steele

Join Phil Boyte and his guest Danny Steele as they talk about the simple, yet powerful tools Danny has used on his campus to create a great student and staff culture. During this podcast, Danny shares simple ideas like how he had a goal of making 100 positive calls in his first 100 days, birthday selfies and how he turns a negative meeting into a positive one. Looking for some fun and fresh ideas to add to your campus? Check out this awesome podcast! A little about Danny: Danny...