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School Dazed features experts tackling a variety of challenges affecting children’s education from bullying, to gaming, to figuring out the “new math” and much more.

School Dazed features experts tackling a variety of challenges affecting children’s education from bullying, to gaming, to figuring out the “new math” and much more.


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School Dazed features experts tackling a variety of challenges affecting children’s education from bullying, to gaming, to figuring out the “new math” and much more.






The One About Dad Involvement In Education

According to the Fatherhood Institute, a father's interest in his child's education has been found to have a more direct impact on educational outcomes than family background, poverty, or even the child's personality. In this episode David Bailey came back to host! Joining him in the co-host chair was Salvador Villalobos, host of the HREBA show on Fishbowl Radio Network. David and Salvador sat down with Eric Phillips, Family Engagement Specialist from Arlington ISD to discuss the vital role...


The One About Developing Strong Writers

In this digital age an informal style of writing has begun to creep into our lives. Strong writing skills are important for life and career readiness, effective communication, and academic success. These days it can be difficult to motivate our kids to get excited about writing for pleasure when competing with the latest video game or tech gadget. In this episode I was joined by writer and AP English teacher, Michelle Agbedawu and adjunct professor and author LaQuisha Beckham. They offered...


The One About Dyslexia

70-80% of people with poor reading skills, are likely Dyslexic. One in five students has a language based learning disability, Dyslexia being the most common. In this episode we sat down with Dyslexia specialist from Irving Independent School District, Samantha Sneed-Echebelem and Linnea Oxley from School of Lexia. Watch us live every Tuesday at 11:am - Noon CST on our Facebook page Noggin Educational Foundation. For more information about our show head to SPECIAL...


The One About Organization and Time Management

Good organization and time managment skills are not only crucial for academic success but for success in life! In this episode my guests, AVID Coordinator Andrea Midgett and principal, Erica Gorruso shared tips for helping your child strengthen these skills as well as tips for helping parents create systems that work for academic success at home. Joining me in the co-host chair was Alicia Simon, mom of 7 kids (6 of them under 12)! Listen for her 7 month old, Livie who came with her. She had...


The One About Character Development

Some say that character is the way we behave when no one is looking. We can't be with our kids 24/7 and we hope and pray that the investment we’ve made in them pays off when it counts most. Success in life does not always rely on academics. Character not only impacts academics but impacts how we get along throughout our lives. Lack of character can easily destroy what we’ve so carefully built. In this episode we spoke with speaker, author, and leadership consultant Scotty Sanders. His...


The One About Kid Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can teach kids a host of valuable skills and develop character traits that will prepare them for college, career, and life. In this episode we sat down with two young ladies who are great role models to their peers. Hannah Selders is designer of jewelry and accessories. Hannah Wilson and her parents developed "Hannah's Gluten Free Bakery" to develop yummy treats for people who suffer from food allergies and other conditions. We also sat down with Tearod Robertson who is the...


The One About Career Readiness

Career Readiness is the process of preparing students with skills needed to find, acquire, and excel in jobs and careers. Because high school and college students are graduating with a "skills gap", companies are forced to pay to bring employees up to speed. To be competitive our kids will have to be better prepared to enter the workforce and hit the ground running. My dad started me off working as a "junior secretary" when I was only 9. The skills I learned from him and the work ethic he...


The One About STEM Education

Our future workforce requires the skills STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education provides. Women and minorities have historically been underrepresented in these fields. Although schools are working to incorporate STEM curriculum, what can we as parents do to foster an appreciation for STEM in our children's everyday lives and expose them to possible careers? In this episode I sat down with Dr. Mary Payton, who is a retired Army Chemical Officer, STEM Educator, author,...


The One About Educating Fostered and Adopted Kids

Children who are fostered and adopted often face challenges that impact academics. Frequent school transfers, emotional instability, and the effects of trauma, are some of the factors that can make focusing on learning difficult. Foster parents, parents who adopt, and the schools that educate them must be sensitive to the unique circumstances this group of kids possess in order to help them succeed. As a Regional Education Specialist, Norma Eaves is responsible for advocating for the...


The One About Adolescent Dating Violence

Teen dating violence (TDV) is a type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two people in a close relationship. Behaviors include physical violence, sexual violence, psychological aggression, and stalking and take place both in person and electronically. Research shows that TDV impacts students academically and can lead to depression and anxiety, unhealthy behaviors, and suicidal ideation. In this episode sat down with high school counselors, Stephanie Threets and, Tiphynee...


The One About Motivating By Personality

No two kids are alike, probably not even in your family. We were all given unique personalities that dictate how we react in certain situations and what drives us forward to accomplish a goal. As parents we want our kids to thrive academically and we are their chief motivators and accountability partners in that journey. Knowing what will ignite a joy of learning and desire for achievement in each of our kids is crucial to this process. In this episode we are joined by Alisha Woodall, a...


The One About Bilingual and Dual Language Programs

Studies show that knowledge of a second language helps with problem-solving abilities, academic achievement, and communication skills. Having the ability to communicate in another language and having an understanding of that culture can also make you more attractive to potential employers. Although much controversy surrounds bilingual education, several states mandate that public schools provide instruction in a student's native language. In addition, many districts see the value of dual...


The One About Developing Leadership Skills in Kids

Are leaders born or are the developed? You may have one of those kids who naturally has a line of kids following behind them or one that feels best flying solo. Leadership is both innate AND a developed skill, but how do you bring the best out of every personality? In this episode we sat down with Mariam MacGregor, award-winning author and youth leadership consultant. As a consultant, she travels nationally offering program design workshops and trainings with schools , agencies and...


The One About Safety In Schools

Safety in schools has been a hot-button topic. When student's basic safety needs aren't met it can interfere with learning. As parents we want our kid's schools to promote a safe and healthy environment free from threats of violence, exposure to weapons, theft, bullying, and illegal substances, but often this isn't the case. In this episode I sat down with Mansfield, Texas Chief of Police, Tracy Aaron and Mansfield ISD Chief Jimmy Womack. We discussed the state of safety in our schools, and...


The One About School Choice

School systems used to be one-size-fits-all. This didn’t always work for all students. These days parents have an array of options available to them and they’re able to make choices that work for their children. BUT, which choice is the right one? In this episode we welcome the president of National School Choice Week, Andrew Campanella. The National School Choice Week is the largest public awareness effort in the U.S. focusing on opportunity in K-12 education. Andrew shared with us...


The One About Gifted and Talented Students

According to the National Association for Gifted Children a total of 3 to 5 million children in grade K-12 are gifted and could use additional support in the classroom. Children who are gifted and talented (GT) don’t typically appear as most would imagine high achieving children do, so it can sometimes be challenging to identify them. GT programs have struggled to provide equitable identification of low-income students, black and Hispanic kids, and kids with special needs. Further...


The One About Social-Emotional Learning

Research shows Social-Emotional intervention leads to the higher likelihood of obtaining a college degree, adult employment, and lessens one’s chance of substance abuse or getting into trouble with the law as an adult. Social-Emotional Learning encompasses self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision-making. Our guest, Priti Ahuja, is a Social and Emotional Learning Coach at a local school district here in the DFW area. Every Tuesday at 11:am CST...


The One About Rewiring Your Brain With Gratitude

Staci Danford is an Educational Neuroscientist and a Gratitude Expert with a Master’s Degree in Mind, Brain, and Education. She has taught thousands of students how to achieve greater success by maximizing their strengths and uncovering their hidden potential. Staci was voted by Fort Worth Magazine as A Top Teacher of the Year in 2016. Her Graduate Research study on how the brain processes gratitude gives her the unique opportunity to change the way parents and schools look at how children...


The One About Decisions and Consequesnces

As a juvenile district court judge, Alex Kim has had many troubled youth stand before him. As a coach and Sunday School teacher Judge Kim has also mentored and taught kids to make good choices and follow positive role models. With peer pressure and media heavily influencing our children it can be difficult for them to know which path to choose, which makes knowing how to engage our kids in ways that will impact them the most so important. Join me as I discuss this topic with Tarrant County...


The One About The Stressed Out Student

Students seem to be under more stress and pressure now than ever. Pressure to perform and succeed has caused many students to seek unhealthy solutions to relieve stress. In this episode guest co-host and psychologist Dr. Jantel Jordan and I explored this topic with high school and middle school counselors Stephanie Threets and Danielle Fitch from AISD. Don't miss this one! We're all stressed. This episode will help both your child and YOU! For more information about our show head to...