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This podcast is an exploration of what students, young and old, are really looking for. Why do we learn avidly in some environments but are bored in others? What is an immersive learning experience and how do we generate more of them, for our children, our colleagues and ourselves? Learning science has many secrets that are very useful to unlock. As the world

This podcast is an exploration of what students, young and old, are really looking for. Why do we learn avidly in some environments but are bored in others? What is an immersive learning experience and how do we generate more of them, for our children, our colleagues and ourselves? Learning science has many secrets that are very useful to unlock. As the world


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This podcast is an exploration of what students, young and old, are really looking for. Why do we learn avidly in some environments but are bored in others? What is an immersive learning experience and how do we generate more of them, for our children, our colleagues and ourselves? Learning science has many secrets that are very useful to unlock. As the world






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S2E4. Full-stack, deep learning that feels like an emoji shower 🎉🎉

Summary Our guest today is Victoria Ransom, the CEO at Prisma. Victoria is a serial entrepreneur from New Zealand, having sold her last company to Google and is currently living in the U S with her partner and co-founder Alain Chuard. We are going to talk about their newest venture Prisma, a full-time virtual program (with a physical component) for middle school learners. Prisma is a full-stack connected learning network that is rethinking school from first principles. Listen and take note...


S2E3. Learning Re-Imagined For The Web, with Ryan Delk CEO at Primer

Summary Where to learn more about Primer: https://twitter.com/withprimerhttps://withprimer.comhttps://withprimer.com/teamWhere to learn more about Enrollhand: Website: www.enrollhand.com Our webinar: https://webinar-replay.enrollhand.com


S2E2. A Human-centered operating system, with Kelly Davis

Our guest today is Kelly from Galileo XP. Kelly and her co-founder Vlad redesigned school from scratch. Galileo a global online school soon to have access to physical spaces as well. Listen and take note of how Kelly and the Galileo team transitions students into self-directed learning, inject learning experiences with passion and provide a 10-star experience for everyone that...


S2E1. Product-Teacher-Family Fit with Brian Tobal, CEO of SchoolHouse

Summary: Listen and take note of how to find this magical fit in any learning experience you create. In our discussion, we cover: Here are some resources mentioned in our discussion: Can a School Have Product-Market Fit? by Brian TobalWhat is the Orton-Gillingham Approach?Bloom's 2 sigma problemLive Q&A with SchoolHouse CEO Brian TobalWhere to learn more about Brian: https://twitter.com/briantobalhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-tobal-a4946911https://www.getschoolhouse.com/Where to...


56. Thrive Book Review: Promise and Deliver

It has become popular to sneer at our education system’s factory model. We call for the death of schools in favor of Airbnb-like learning communities. Our SAT/ACT testing culture, our boring direct-instruction content-dumping, our mental health issues - these are easy targets. But schools can thrive, and many are doing so. Only the job of the school, and the teacher, needs to change. To accompany our recent interview, I wanted to write a short book review of Thrive: How Schools Will Win...


55. Making Education Free for Students, with Trevor McKendrick

Our guest today is Trevor McKendrick, Chief of Staff at Lambda School, where students graduate and get the job because they got the skills - and it’s free until they get a job paying over $50K. In this podcast, Trevor goes to the heart of “the customer experience” and details how everything they do is framed in light of reducing the risk and elevating the satisfaction of the customer - their students. Education is transforming, whether we are ready or not. With a steady eye on mastery-based...


54. Out of the Textbook and Into the Flow, with Joel Rose

In education, the obvious place to cut your teeth is as a teacher. Joel Rose knows the classroom well. He began as a 5th-grade teacher in Houston before moving into a variety of leadership roles in education. Joel is a respected commentator on education through his published articles and as a speaker at conferences. He is currently spearheading the nonprofit “New Classrooms,” which reimagines classrooms through the creation of new and different learning models. In our interview, Joel Rose...


53. The Real Way Technology Will Impact Our Classrooms, with Matt Greenfield

From where do contemporary, resilient changes begin - from a top-down mandate, or from a bottom-up, tech-driven evolution? Today’s guest, Matt Greenfield, is an investor in entrepreneurial companies that drive transformative social outcomes through the power of using technology in education. He sifts through fascinating trends and prophetic scenarios as we discuss everything from the Common Core to cloud-based platforms, bullying to virtual reality, and pedagogy to washing machines. If you...


52. How to Join the Education Revolution, with Clark Aldrich

If you had to pick your moniker, being called a 'guru' by Fortune Magazine and a 'maverick' by CNN would not be a bad place to start. Our guest today, Clark Aldrich, is on the frontline of the learning revolution. He is the author of five books and is known for award-winning projects building custom “Short Sims” using a methodology he has pioneered. Clark’s work pedigree uniquely positions him to take on the role of education technology thought leader, and it is from this position that he...


51. How to Access the “Three Buckets of Money,” with Michele Timmons

Summary: Having connected her clients to over $200 million in grants through the work done by her company - EnvisionEdPlus, Michele Timmons is the right person to go to for an in-depth look at the funding panorama. She is passionate about helping schools support young people to thrive in school and beyond. Today, she walks us through the “Three Buckets of Money” available, the trends in funding, how to think strategically about approaching funders, how to build partnerships in the...


50. Four Steps to Sustainably Engage Foundations, with Yossi Prager

AVI CHAI has invested over $300 million to benefit Jewish education through a wide variety of programs. As Executive Director of the North Ameria branch of AVI CHAI, Yossi Prager brings to the table a wealth of insight into philanthropy and wide-ranging experience with education. A graduate of Yeshiva College and Yale Law School, Yossi serves on the boards of communal and public policy organizations. He is a noted speaker, writer, and editor. Sharing with us how foundations view their role...


49. How a Twelve-Year-Old Student Won a $180K Grant, with Sohne Van Selus

“All of that student-directed theory is great, but how does it play out in real life?” you might ask. What if we told you that a 12-year-old boy decided that his school needed a playground upgrade, polled the students and the community to determine needs, gathered support for his project, wrote a grant proposal, and scored a $180K grant from Great Outdoors Colorado? This is the story that Sohne Van Selus, principal at North Arvada Middle School, shares with us as we explore the reality of...


48. How to Get Your Whole Community to Resonate with Your School, with Jethro Jones

Did you ever sit at your desk, engaged in a daytime fantasy in which all of the stakeholders in your school were cheering you on, passing along their positive experience to others, and looking for ways to more deeply engage with the education community centered around your school? It doesn’t have to be a dream… Jethro Jones, a school principal for nine years, and host of the Transformative Principal Podcasts intends to impact 100 million kids by 2027 by improving their educational...


47. Plug a Fun Online Learning Platform into Your School's Offering, with Amir Nathoo

Outschool is a community marketplace of live online classes for K-12. Today, we have the great pleasure of hearing from Amir Nathoo - one of the founding partners of Outschool. As an innovative learning platform that is social, interactive, and online, Outschool is uniquely positioned to meet the exploding need for learner-directed education. In fact, Outschool has currently reached nearly 40,000 families and 57,000 learners with 10,000 classes. The endless possibilities for new...


46. Accelerating Innovation, with Sujata Bhatt and Anirban Bhattacharyya

Change is daunting. Change to entrenched systems and institutions can feel impossible. Even thinking about where to begin can be exhausting. For schools that are interested in remaining healthy and relevant in the 21st-century, Transcend brings resources, experience, energy, optimism, and support to the design process. We are joined today by Sujata Bhatt and Anirban Bhattacharyya from Transcend - a national nonprofit dedicated to accelerating innovation in the core design of “school.” They...


45. The Charter School Movement Looks Ahead, with Nina Rees

Nina Rees is the president and chief executive officer of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. After working for more than 20 years in Washington, D.C., including at Knowledge Universe, the U.S. Department of Education, and working as a deputy assistant for domestic policy to Vice President Dick Cheney, she needs no introduction in the education sector. She is passionate about the ultimate goal of charter schools to provide options for families who want an innovative public...


44. School AND… Learning Outside of School, with Amy Anderson

After a few years of incubating the idea inside the Denver-based Donnell-Kay Foundation, ReSchool launched as a non-profit in 2018. Their goal is to create an entirely new state public education system in Colorado. Working directly with parents and learners, they try to help families create learning experiences inside and outside of school. Amy Anderson is the Director of ReSchool Colorado. Today, she talks with us about the innovative ideas happening at ReSchool. You will enjoy hearing...


43. Trial and Error is Your Friend - Not Your Enemy, with Tony Wagner

We typically highlight a few of the most interesting quotes from the podcast - by which we seek to tempt you to listen. Tony Wagner is the kind of guest who makes us want to dangle the entire transcript in front of our audience. Everything he says deserves to be a featured quote. As one of the most cutting edge thinkers in innovation and leadership, and a globally recognized voice in education, Tony Wagner is a Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute. He comes to us after...


42. Education Through a Serendipity Vehicle, with David Perell

David Perell is a bright, curious mind, dancing around important concepts with a global tribe. We hope that a lot of our 21st-century students will turn out just like him. His weekly podcast offers interviews with some of the most interesting people in the world. His blog is the voice of our society’s pioneers, laboring to come to terms with the impact of technology on our ideas. And his writing course - Write of Passage, shows us a new way to share our thoughts. Teachers and students fuse...


41. Positioning an Internship as an Actual Job Changes the Game, with Conor Heaton

Conor Heaton guides expansion strategy for the Cristo Rey Network as their Director of School Growth. A former trial attorney in Chicago, Conor is an expert on the legal side of feasibility studies and what it takes to launch a school. It is his passion for helping young people, however, that speaks most clearly when he shares his experiences with us. The Cristo Rey concept is based on a work/study program for high school students; they attend classes four days per week and work in a local...