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Every day, your school confronts a basic yet crucial challenge: reaching the parents you need to reach, in ways that resonate with THEM. In School Growth Mastery, we're bringing together school leaders to tackle exactly this. How can schools drive deeper engagement with prospective families? We will reveal untapped marketing strategies that make for the best kind of parent engagement.

Every day, your school confronts a basic yet crucial challenge: reaching the parents you need to reach, in ways that resonate with THEM. In School Growth Mastery, we're bringing together school leaders to tackle exactly this. How can schools drive deeper engagement with prospective families? We will reveal untapped marketing strategies that make for the best kind of parent engagement.
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Every day, your school confronts a basic yet crucial challenge: reaching the parents you need to reach, in ways that resonate with THEM. In School Growth Mastery, we're bringing together school leaders to tackle exactly this. How can schools drive deeper engagement with prospective families? We will reveal untapped marketing strategies that make for the best kind of parent engagement.






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45. The Charter School Movement Looks Ahead, with Nina Rees

Nina Rees is the president and chief executive officer of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. After working for more than 20 years in Washington, D.C., including at Knowledge Universe, the U.S. Department of Education, and working as a deputy assistant for domestic policy to Vice President Dick Cheney, she needs no introduction in the education sector. She is passionate about the ultimate goal of charter schools to provide options for families who want an innovative public...


44. School AND… Learning Outside of School, with Amy Anderson

After a few years of incubating the idea inside the Denver-based Donnell-Kay Foundation, ReSchool launched as a non-profit in 2018. Their goal is to create an entirely new state public education system in Colorado. Working directly with parents and learners, they try to help families create learning experiences inside and outside of school. Amy Anderson is the Director of ReSchool Colorado. Today, she talks with us about the innovative ideas happening at ReSchool. You will enjoy hearing...


42. Education Through a Serendipity Vehicle, with David Perell

David Perell is a bright, curious mind, dancing around important concepts with a global tribe. We hope that a lot of our 21st-century students will turn out just like him. His weekly podcast offers interviews with some of the most interesting people in the world. His blog is the voice of our society’s pioneers, laboring to come to terms with the impact of technology on our ideas. And his writing course - Write of Passage, shows us a new way to share our thoughts. Teachers and students fuse...


41. Positioning an Internship as an Actual Job Changes the Game, with Conor Heaton

Conor Heaton guides expansion strategy for the Cristo Rey Network as their Director of School Growth. A former trial attorney in Chicago, Conor is an expert on the legal side of feasibility studies and what it takes to launch a school. It is his passion for helping young people, however, that speaks most clearly when he shares his experiences with us. The Cristo Rey concept is based on a work/study program for high school students; they attend classes four days per week and work in a local...


43. Trial and Error is Your Friend - Not Your Enemy, with Tony Wagner

We typically highlight a few of the most interesting quotes from the podcast - by which we seek to tempt you to listen. Tony Wagner is the kind of guest who makes us want to dangle the entire transcript in front of our audience. Everything he says deserves to be a featured quote. As one of the most cutting edge thinkers in innovation and leadership, and a globally recognized voice in education, Tony Wagner is a Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute. He comes to us after...


40. Find a School Design and Replicate It, with Ted Fujimoto

In this episode, Ted Fujimoto, President of Landmark Consulting Group, entrepreneur, and expert in leadership development and organizational redesign, leads us to understand how to scale a school design with “fidelity.” The goal is always to achieve world-class performance. He explains the ways that system replication is not the same thing as “cloning.” Everything Ted does is built on the pillars of trust, respect, and responsibility, and whether you are launching a school, or redesigning...


39. How We Explain it Really Matters, with Liz Willen

When you want the box seat view of what’s happening across-the-board in American education, you ask Liz Willen, Editor-in-chief at the Hechinger Report. She takes the gloves off for our Enrollhand interview and punches education “jargon” in the jaw, throws a strong right hook at funding cuts in the arts, and gives a head-butt to “innovative” rollouts that fail to garner support or create optimism. Join us as we listen to Hechinger's Liz Willen for a bare-knuckled round of educational...


38. Launching 80 Schools in 8 Months, with Kelly Smith

What do you get when an MIT physics graduate volunteers at the public library computer lab to tinker with a few kids building cool games, websites, and apps? He suddenly decides - with no background in education - to start a school, and a neighborhood micro-school called “Prenda School” is born. Eight months later, Prenda Schools are spreading like wildfire across the US - with 80 launched so far. Join us to learn about the explosion of an education vision based on the outrageous idea that...


37. The Wild, Wild West of School Marketing, with Caylee Migliorini

Has the wild, wild west ever really been tamed? We consider this and other burning questions like: Is A/B Testing actually misleading? with our guest - Caylee Migliorini. Caylee has a rich career history in the education management industry. She joins us today to share her experience and expertise in marketing for school enrollment. She is currently the Senior Managing Director of Creative Services and Student Acquisition at BASIS.ed. Caylee offers valuable insights as we think about school...


36. Creating a Culture of Innovation, with Keara Mascarenaz

Keara Mascarenaz joined us for an explosive jaunt through innovation in education. We visited destinations such as: personalized paths for students, differentiated teaching, strong relationships vs. screen time, student ownership and choice, self-management, competency-based education, collaboration, social-emotional learning, building trust, inclusion and the value of diverse voices, making clear decisions, the right “size” of change to target, and operating systems for schools. Yes - all...


35. Beyond the Warm, Fuzzy Feeling of Philanthropy, with Mandy Pearce

Our guest today is Many Pearce. She brings over two decades of fundraising experience to the conversation and generously shares her knowledge of the funding landscape. Mandy knows how to simplify a complex topic, and offers a long-range view of the changes happening in the grant writing world. In this episode, her dynamic teaching style brings so much infectious enthusiasm to the discussion that every listener will feel empowered to go out and find a grant for their program - even if they...


34. Have You Heard of Sora Schools?, with Indra Sofian

Indra Sofian offered us an inside look at the founding and launch of a progressive, student-directed high school known as Sora Schools. He walked us through the launch process from inspiration through formulation and iteration and ended with a glance towards his dreams for the future. As a co-founder at Elevate Media, an Atlanta-based content-driven digital agency that provides marketing strategy, consulting, and content production services for businesses, Indra might seem to be an unlikely...


33. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Funding Charter Schools, with Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan knows education from every angle. He is the CEO of BLUUM - a non-profit organization working to develop leaders and support innovative schools in Idaho. Terry has a lot to say about charter schools, philanthropic funding, how to create a community of practice, and the ways that charters and districts might put aside their differences and capitalize on the strengths of each arm of education. He talks fast, but we wish we could hear even more of the wisdom that Terry has...


32. Catching the Wave of Education’s Future, with Catherine Fraise

Catherine Fraise is passionate about creating educational spaces and environments within which children can innovatively realize their potential. She has a vision for changing education and is making it happen at her 32,000 square foot facility in Connecticut. As the Founder and Executive Director at Workspace, Catherine takes us down an exciting trail of discovery as we learn how families are choosing and creating education in a way that benefits their children. From online classes to...


31. Connecting 1 Million Students by Next Year, with Erick Roa

Social-emotional learning is a hot topic. Today, Erick Roa shares with us about his contribution at Empatico and The Kind Foundation. Erick serves as Head of Partnerships at Empatico. He takes us through the grant application and award process as he has experienced it, and gives advice for schools that might be interested in the grant process. Erick shares with us about how students can develop social-emotional skills through the free Empatico software platform. Listen and take note of how...


30. Authentic School Brands, with John LaPerch

John LaPerch is a funny guy with an in-depth knowledge of marketing. He is Director of Online Marketing & Social Media Content Creator. We didn’t have a set agenda for our conversation about school growth and marketing, but our casual discussion ended up covering everything from digital word-of-mouth to how schools should embrace authenticity. John takes us through the process of how he moves schools from a communication model to a marketing model, and from glossy, print magazines to email...


29. Maker-Centered Learning Grows Your School, with Jim Tiffin

Our guest today is Jim Tiffin. He infuses excitement into everything he does, and his enthusiasm will infect you in this podcast. Jim is the Director of Media/Maker Programs for Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, Georgia. He knows how to make learning personal and authentic, how to engage teachers in the process, and how to connect parents and kids with “possibility thinking.” In this episode, Jim shares about Media/Maker Programs - what they are, how they reposition learning in...


28. K12 Foundation Officers as Connectors with Jackie Coleman

In this episode, we dive deeper into the exploration of how school funding works. This is important for anyone looking to grow their school, but also matters if you are simply interested in the future of education, wonder how education will evolve, or would like to know how the funders are thinking. Our guest today is Jackie Coleman. She is Senior Education Investments Officer at Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. We talk about the different types of foundations, how to approach...


27. Patterns That Emerge After 1K School Visits, with Anthony Kim

Our guest today is Anthony Kim, Founder and CEO of Education Elements. Anthony built virtual schools before anyone had heard of such a thing. He has worked with over 1000 schools and school districts on projects ranging from the adoption of personalized learning to project management and leadership capacity. Anthony works with a focus on seeking to achieve better student outcomes, higher student engagement, and increased teacher satisfaction. He is the co-author of The New School Rules, and...


#AskEnrollhand - “Is texting a good method for connecting with prospective parents?”

In this episode we answer a question by Marisa from Tipton, IN: “Is texting a good method for connecting with prospective parents?” Where to learn more about Enrollhand: Website: Our webinar: Our free Facebook group: