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Why You Need To Climb Maslow’s Ladder For Their Bloom’s: PART 1 – Episode 049

Maslow's Before Bloom's! If you have taken even one step into the world of education, you have come across this phrase at least once. It is the quintessential phrase that is posted and talked about whenever educators wish to refer to the more humanistic facets of education. Educators love to use this phrase when talking about the tough kids or when talking about how the unmet needs of a certain section of your students population (if not all of your student population) interferes with the...

Why you need to recognize effort and how to do it! – Episode 048

Don't you really love the effort that your students put into the classroom? Don't you really love the effort that your spouse or significant other puts into your relationship? It's an awesome feeling when your love sends you the unsolicited note, or the spontaneous affection. Parents, how much do we love it when our own kids go above what they normal do and clean their rooms without us yelling? We value and love effort. This is true because we when we DON'T put in effort, we notice it and...

Interview With Alania Freeman – Episode 047

Welcome to Self Driven Radio! This is an INCREDIBLE interview with FullBright Scholar, Teacher, Creator, Writer, & Performer Alaina Freeman! Not only is she the Writer & Performer of the one woman play, The MisEducation Of Ms. Freeman which you can check out October 9, 2019 in NYC, but she is a talented individual who has a passion for life that touches everything she does! Her approach to the classroom is one that focuses solely on what's best for her kids (and trust me, they are HER...

5 Steps To Make Your Summer Truly Your Summer with Kendra Smalley – Episode 046

On this very special episode of the Self Driven Classroom, AMAZING and TALENTED KENDRA SMALLEY joins Self Driven Radio! She is a Love Driven Action Coach with her own practice She is the CEO of the Life Coach Training Institute She is the founder of Hype Kidz Nation (for inner city youth) She is a friend and a fellow public school educator who works with kids that have severe behavioral issues On this episode we tackle three dynamic topics: What is the GENIUS that every "difficult" student...

Interview With Kyle From Yoga With Kyle! – Episode 045

How to we manifest peace? Amazing interview with Kyle from Yoga With Kyle! Like so many teachers, Kyle is multi-talented: Recording Artist, Author, Certified Yoga Teacher! Kyle she's an amazing person who has found incredible peace through her yoga practice and teaching kids and families yoga! Through her life's journey, she has learned about acceptance, self awareness, and about the potential within each one of us and herself! Great teachers are not always in a school building! I invite you...


The top 5 lessons from 10X conference that teachers can use – Episode 044

The 10X business conference is held once a year by Grant Cardone; a real estate investor turned internet star. Attendance was calculated to be 34,000 for the three day event in Miami where famous entrepreneurs and up and coming ones were allowed to share their stories of ups and downs on a massive and impressive 5million dollar stage. It was an amazing event that I am still processing and unpacking. As someone who is starting an online business, I found it highly inspirational and it has...


We Are All In This Together – Episode 043

I have a very important message that I need to you to understand. One that is echoed in a very impassioned quote from Martin Luther King Jr. Its something that I have held onto since the first time I stepped into my classroom; something I must remind myself from time to time. And when you hear this ONE thing, I want you to envision this idea as an integral part of the way you approach your classroom. In fact, ANYTHING I talk about in this podcast or anywhere in the Seal It With A Smile...


Fail Better – Episode 042

I have a hard time using the word fail. It’s not my favorite word to use and I am convinced that the way you speak affects the way you think and your actions. Therefore it’s a word that I avoid using in my classroom and in my personal life. Unfortunately, everyone I know loves to use the word fail. In my classroom my students constantly talk about failing classes, epic fails; fail, fail. The word itself has taken a life of its own. There’s not a day that goes by in my classroom, where we are...


A Sense Of Gratitude (Volume II) – Episode 041

What does gratitude mean in education? It starts with something that happened to my during my second year of teaching. If you survived the cut throat, desperation and hopelessness that is the first year of teaching (which is all about survival); then the second year is MAGIC! You are more engaged with who you are, what you are capable of doing, what the hell you are supposed to be doing, and how to best serve your students. Relationships, for me, were something that I wanted to work on. I...


REST – Episode 040

With the holiday season upon us, we finish one thing to only pick up another. We go though everything that we need to in order to finish the year/semester off right, only to pick up all of the responsibilities required to complete during this holiday “break”. In the melee of everything, what we should be focusing on, is rest. We need to rest. You need to rest. I need to rest. I respect you enough to not give you explicit instructions on HOW to rest, or what that rest must entail. Fact is, we...


Want To Save Education? Stop Making It All About The Kids – Episode 039

It took me a few years of teaching in the classroom to discover EXACTLY how to save our educational system. One day, I had an epiphany; an Ah-HA moment that changed my life. Stop making it all about the kids. As a parent, the best thing I can do for my children is to take care of myself and bring the best version of myself to them on a daily basis. Unconditional love and acceptance flow from a person who knows how to love themselves first. That’s not what we bring to our classroom daily. The...


Interview with Hannah from – Episode 038

I had an AMAZING interview with Hannah from Syllabiblog In addition to her full time position as a teacher who teachers future teachers on HOW to teach; she maintains her blog and a highly active Instagram Account where she posts about a modern day educators life. This interview is a breath of fresh air, as Hannah openly discusses the personal and professional issues she dealt with as a first year teacher (trust me, its not what you think). She dives into what motivates her to lead others...


Why school doesn’t matter – Episode 037

Let me tell you a story about Matthew; Matthew is what you would probably imagine as a "trouble maker"; whatever that person is in your mind, he is that kid. Not only that, Matthew is smart. It has been my experience that for the most part, on average, most of my trouble makers are usually of high intelligence. These are kids rub many people the wrong way for a number of reasons. Most adults would rather not deal with these kids, so they get shuffled along. They are not challenged to be...


A 5 Year Pin – Episode 036

Before I realized it... I received my 5 year pin working for my school district. I have only taught at this school district; and I have only taught at one school in this school district. Two different subjects and now that I'm starting my 6th year, a little over 1,000 kids. I took a few seconds pause when my name was called; slightly stunned and in disbelief. Unsure if my name was actually said through the feedback heavy microphone. As I sat back down, in a state of shock, the number...


The U niverse – Episode 035

A new school year is a new beginning; teaching is one of the few professions where you not only get to start a new, but you also get better the longer you practice. It is a calling that refines you through its process. This weeks podcast touches on that process; the process that went into creating the moment where you meet your students, and your students meet you.


Episode 034 – Special Guest Jake Widmann (Author and Coach)

Great teachers are not JUST found in a classroom... I am extremely excited about my interview with Jake Widmann... Author of the book (SEPT 2018) Up: Lessons of Adversity, Hitting Bottom, and Choosing A Life That Matters Some of our main topics: how he was "that kid" in our classroom... the one that drives you nuts! Jakes gives us some amazing insight into why "that kid" likes to push buttons... the ifonlys and how they are actually a form of interference, or static, that gets in the way of...


Challenge Yourself – Episode 033

Summer Is HERE! (for most of us anyways) While it's a great time to relax, sleep in, walk around in your pajamas all day, and go full slob... it is an opportunity for two things which we should not take lightly and we should appreciate. Opportunity To Recharge Without question; teachers need the summer off. Above our contractual obligations, we put in an enormous amount of emotional labor into our daily practice of teaching. From being able to keep a straight face when something funny yet...


Cash Out Kids – Episode 031

As we approach the end of the school year, as the state tests are distributed, and as we slowly wind down to the end of school, it is very easy for all of us (teachers included) to loose sight of the fact that... school isn't over! Yet, around this time, we start to see the clues and signs that yes, the clock is winding down. The biggest clue; behavior. Around this time we begin to see complacency, apathy towards grades, and a rise in misbehavior. And life, like education, has a wide range...


Emotional Fitness: Why I make friends with the roughest kid in class – Episode 030

There is no doubt that the hardest part of teaching is the emotional labor we perform, day in and day out. That is, the lifting of our students spirits, keeping a straight face when they do something bad, even though it was really really funny. Doing our best to not get visibly angry and frustrated when our students misbehave. Understanding that everyone has a bad day, and doing our best to not punish our kids for pushing our buttons, knowing full well, that we may be the only person in...


Why All Teachers Should Make at Least 90k/year: Emotional Labor – Episode 029

Emotional labor is an invisible but powerful force that is felt but unseen to the inexperienced eye. It's why moms are so good at making you feel better without applying medicine, and why it doesn't bother you that you scraped your knee with dad, because you had such a great time (which mom cleaned and put a bandaid on, and dad just rinsed with water) More often that not, emotional labor at home and at work is done by women. That is, the labor that most men do not think about; keeping the...