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Securing and Rebuilding Post-Conflict Nations: A Career in International Relations

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AMU The Challenges Law Enforcement Faces to Prevent Human Trafficking - IHS

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery that denies freedom to 24.9 million people around the world. American Military University’s Dr. Michael Pittaro joins Leischen Kranick to discuss what law enforcement is doing to combat human trafficking, the challenges local, state, and federal agencies continue to face, and what more can be done to reduce human trafficking both domestically and internationally. To learn more about American Military University, visit


AMU The Benghazi Aftermath: Ambassador Jones on Leadership In Crisis

Dr. Elise Carlson-Rainer, assistant professor of international relations in the School of Security and Global Studies at American Military University, recently spoke with former colleague Ambassador Jones on the leadership role she assumed in Libya after the Benghazi attack. The two worked together on assignment in Kuwait in 2008. In that position they worked on illegal human trafficking, labor issues in the Persian Gulf and the upcoming Kuwaiti election that would be the first in which...


AMU The European View of American Intelligence

American Military University doctoral studies faculty member, Dr. Casey Skvorc, talks about the key differences in intelligence laws and ethics between European countries and the U.S. In this striking podcast topic Dr. Skvorc shares his methods for teaching European intelligence law and ethics, and how agencies in the IC can ensure individuals and intelligence professionals are abiding by legal and ethical boundaries. To learn more about American Military University’s programs, visit...


AMU Education Needs In The Intelligence Field

American Military Intelligence Studies Program Director Dr. Nicole Drumhiller interviews the International Spy Museum’s Executive Director Colonel (ret.) Chris Costa about the life-changing impact that an AMU terrorism class had on his intelligence career. Col. Costa also discusses current knowledge gaps in the intelligence field and international partnerships that encourage diversity in learning. To learn more about American Military University, visit


AMU - Securing and Rebuilding Post-Conflict Nations: A Career in International Relations

APUS Doctoral Program Professor, Dr. Carlson-Rainer, speaks to Aaron Spencer - a senior official with the United Nations Development Program in Kabul. Aaron offers his expertise on the security and rebuilding challenges he faces in Afghanistan and other post-conflict areas around the world. In the next 30 minutes, you’ll learn: · Some key points related to a career in international affairs and international security · How diplomats and officials overseas strategically focus their...