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Use Your Sales Skills to Start a Successful Business with Steve Benson

Steve Benson is the founder and CEO of Badger Maps, a software company that helps Field Sales People optimize their routes and schedules to save time and be on time so they can sell more. Steve developed his CEO and management skills while working in Sales at IBM and Google, where he was Google Enterprise's Top Sales Executive in 2009. Listen to this interview and learn how a successful salesperson recognized an opportunity and turned his sales abilities into a successful...


How much are you investing in YOUR business relationships?

How much are you investing in YOUR business relationships? Is it enough? What is enough? Join us and you will learn the least expensive way to build loyal and profitable relationships. Be sure to join the Sell or Die Hards Official Facebook Group to get notified when Jen and Jeffrey are live, and join our interactive shows! -- Shownotes Topics: Customer Relationship Investment, Value-added customer connection 01:30 Investing in your...


The Sharpest Sales Tips for Success with Dan Casetta

In his 30+ year career with the Cutco/Vector Marketing international sales organization, Dan Casetta has been a one-in-a-million achiever and a transformational leader. He teaches skills like selling, influence, leadership, financial well-being, and personal development to 1000's of the company’s top talent. -- SHOWNOTES 00:55 Welcome to Sell or Die! 01:23 Let’s talk about cut-prevention 03:14 Guest Intro: CUTting to the chase… Meet “Dan Casetta” 04:53 Looking back to Dan’s job jitters...


Building Know, Like and Trust won't get you the sale. Here's what will...

Be sure to join the Sell or Die Hards Official Facebook Group to get notified when Jen and Jeffrey are live, and join our interactive shows! -- Show Notes: 01:13 When gurus out there say, “Building Trust will get you there…” 02:30 If they don’t get any value, they’re not gonna buy anything from you 04:42 Why do you think these gurus preached, “Know. Like. Trust.” 07:46 What to do when all they want is the “thing” 09:36 Your...


End the War Between Sales and Marketing with Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll is the Head of Growth at Nutshell ("a CRM that just works") and a vocal proponent of improving the collaboration between your marketing and sales teams. Don't miss how our (and soon to be your) favorite sales gal Mary first connected Nutshell and the Gitomer team with a... "unique" video, the importance of personalization in your messaging, as well as how to successfully reach (and impress) a company's decision-maker. -- Shownotes 01:25 Understanding Customer Relationship...


Motivation Monday: If the prospect doesn't call you back, it means they weren't interested, right? Here's why that's wrong.

Shownotes 01:45 Perspective on people’s personal beliefs 02:15 The challenge of every salesperson 03:15 Erroneous beliefs that hold back salespeople 06:05 Forming assumptions after not getting a callback from sales prospect 07:55 Call reluctance seeping in after a rejected sales call 10:20 Processing the reason behind the sales call rejection 11:22 How positive beliefs impact actions in sales 15:00 Ditching assumptions and finding the reason of unsuccessful sales callback 16:05 Why...


Simple Strategies for Focus Management and Success with Brian Margolis

Brian Margolis is the founder of and the author of the book "The Index Card Business Plan for Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs." He's here to help Die Hards get organized, prioritized, and make more money! -- MORE PILLARS FOR YOUR SUCCESS Simplify your Strategies with Brian: * Pick up a copy of Brian's Book "The Index Card Business Plan For Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs" Join the Sell or Die Hards Official...


Motivation Monday: The Least Understood Ingredient to Sales Success...

Show Notes 00:25 Die Hards, it’s Monday! Go Get shit done! 01:30 Exuding Pride of Accomplishment when something great happens 02:05 The Fallacies of Salespeople 03:00 Poll vote on facebook about the episode 04:15 A Solid metaphor about Pride 08:25 How proud are you of what you do and what you serve? 09:00 The Danger of false Pride 11:20 The Challenges of self-pride 12:45 Measuring the Level of Pride in what you offer 13:28 The Love of Do and the Pride of Do 18:00 Pride and...


How Can a Ghostwriter Help You Make More Money? with Joshua Lisec

Sell or Die presents another creative topic in the long line of "something you probably didn't think about, but should be doing to beat your competition" series. For your aural pleasure, we bring you Joshua Lisec, a ghostwriter who "helps authors manifest the mission behind their voice." Joshua is the world's only award-winning, celebrity-recommended, #1 international bestselling Certified Professional Ghostwriter. He is the founder of The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC, Ohio’s first...


The Power of Human Connection with Kody Bateman

Kody Bateman is the founder of the modern-day relationship marketing movement, and Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of SendOutCards, the premier relationship marketing service in the world today. For many years, Kody has taught that there is an art to creating bonds, trust and assurance. Relationships create an emotional one-on-one connection and a memorable experience. And that is where the real-life riches are made, internally and externally. -- Show Notes 02:00 Let’s get to it!...


Motivation Monday: Stop Setting Goals Until...

Everyone and their mother is talking about goal setting right now, but they have it wrong! In fact, some of you have already taken your New Year's Resolution and put it in the shitter. Jen and Jeffrey are here to set you straight, and to guide you in creating the goals that will lead to a successful decade. -- Show Notes 03:30 Setting goals for 2020: Writing, recapping, creating a gameplan 07:30 Building on one’s personal power 08:55 Jeffrey’s account of self-accomplishments 09:55...


A New Year's Eve Message from Jeffrey and Jen Gitomer

Had enough of the dumb clichés you hear about New Year’s? Some people spend more time figuring out how they’re going to spend New Year’s Eve, rather than how they’re going to spend the entire next year. Not you, of course! Here's a New Year's greetings and a challenge message to become great in 2020. We look forward to continuing to bring you more ideas, more sales, more income, more freedom and more happiness in 2020. -- Show Notes 00:15 New Year Cliche’s 00:46 New Year’s Resolution...


Motivation Monday: 3 ways to take advantage of the last few days of the year...

Jen and Jeffrey share their creative ways to get through the last lull of the year and still Get Sh*t Done! -- CAN'T GET ENOUGH SELL OR DIE? Join the Sell or Die Hards Official Facebook Group: Jeffrey’s LinkedIn: Jen’s Instagram:


Fly Past the Gatekeeper During your Cold Calls with Mr. Inside Sales, Mike Brooks

Jeffrey goes one-on-one with Mr. Inside Sales, Mike Brooks, to drop the knowledge on succeeding during cold calls. He and Jeffrey discuss best practices to take the "cold" out of prospecting, gatekeeper best practices, handling initial resistance, and how to set an actual meeting that will make you money! Mike Brooks is an internationally recognized leader in inside sales, and a bestselling author. His newest book, Power Phone Scripts, is used around the world as the go-to reference book...


Monday Motivation: Not Getting Your Call Returned? Of course not, it's the holidays!...Here's how to get your call returned!

Shitty voicemails, holiday droughts, improving beliefs... Jen and Jeffrey have the creative ideas to get your calls returned!i -- CAN'T GET ENOUGH SELL OR DIE? Join the Sell or Die Hards Official Facebook Group: Jeffrey’s LinkedIn: Jen’s Instagram:


What Does an Entrepreneur Look Like? with David Mammano

Our guest today is "America's Entrepreneur Coach" David Mammano, Founder and CEO of Avanti Entrepreneur Group. For more than 20 years, David Mammano has been a serial entrepreneur. Having started seven businesses from scratch, he thrives on starting and growing businesses. Today he succeeds in helping others start or grow their businesses by infusing the latest entrepreneurial principles into their strategy. David's experiences include being a three-time Inc. Magazine 5000 Growth Company,...


Motivation Monday: The 2020 Difference Maker

What are you doing now and in 2020 to become the person you want to be? Find out a couple of Jen and Jeffrey's ideas to invest in yourself, and achieve your goals. -- CAN'T GET ENOUGH SELL OR DIE? Join the Sell or Die Hards Official Facebook Group: Jeffrey’s LinkedIn: Jen’s Instagram:


How to Stop Getting in Your Own Way with Jaclyn DiGregorio

Women Crush Wednesday is back! In this episode, we're crushing on business coach, speaker and best-selling author, Jaclyn DiGregorio! Stop getting in your own way, and start crushing it! -- KEEP ON CRUSHING IT: Connect with Jen on Instagram: Jaclyn's Instagram: * Check out Jaclyn's new book here: *As an Amazon Associate the Sell or Die Podcast earns from qualifying...


How to Regain Your Sales Home Court Advantage with Lance Tyson

Our guest today is Lance Tyson, President and CEO of the Tyson Group. Lance is a seasoned entrepreneur and long-time sales veteran who has trained sales talent for some of the biggest names in professional sports and entertainment, including the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, New York Yankees, Miami Dolphins, Fenway Sports Management (Boston Red Sox), Tampa Bay Lightning, San Francisco 49ers, and 2016 NBA Championship Cleveland Cavaliers, among others. Lance is also the author of...


Motivation Monday: When you’re setting goals, here is the number one thing you should be thinking about...

What should you be thinking about? Don't just think about it, DO IT! You've heard about Murphy's law, but today we're talking about Parkinson's Law as well as Jeffrey's own law... -- CAN'T GET ENOUGH SELL OR DIE? Join the Sell or Die Hards Official Facebook Group: Jeffrey’s LinkedIn: Jen’s Instagram: