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To be a guest on Shine Your light and shine the light on YOU. Contact Nancy

To be a guest on Shine Your light and shine the light on YOU. Contact Nancy


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To be a guest on Shine Your light and shine the light on YOU. Contact Nancy






Shine Your Light #PODCAST #129 Beyond the Prison Bars



Shine Your Light #PODCAST # 128 Delivered to the Max



Shine Your Light #PODCAST #127 National Day of Empathy: Removing All Barriers

National Day of Empathy a series of stories from people who will share their empathy and concern for others. Listen to Host Nancy Smith Mattox and Guest Ryan Norris who share a topic on removing all barriers on people who have been incarcerated and give them second chance. To learn more about the National Day of Empathy watch Shine Your Light series on the Day of Empathy. If you want to be a guest and share your message, mission or inspirational story contact Nancy @...


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #126 The Gathering @ Victory House

A domestic abuse victim share her story of survivor. She is the founder of Victorylife House. Listen to Host Nancy Smith Mattox and Guest MJ Vess discuss a topic on domestic abuse. If you are being abused or know of anyone please seek help at the National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-(SAFE) To be a guest on Shine Your Light contact us @ Subscribe to our Youtube channel to hear more inspirational stories.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #125 Have a Safety Plan In Place To Protect You &n Your Family

Eating right is good but did you know Food is Medicine? Listen to Guest Mariah Everts share with Host Tina Boyle Whyte the importance of breaking the chains of stress with eating good foods that are part of good medicine. Mariah shares information on mushrooms,herbs and teas to use to break the chains of stress. is accepting guest to share their message. If you have questions about Food is Medicine reach out to Tina @ Coming these season Tina and...


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #124 How To Use Your Gifts & Talents

Host Nancy Smith Mattox interviews Larry W Robinson, Author & Worship Leader who shares the secret of his success using all his gifts and talents which has allowed him to prosper. He quotes, " God wants us to prosper, use our talents and have opportunities." Listen in on his interview and learn his secrets. To be a guest and let Nancy shine the light on you- contact us @ Subscribe to our youtube and facebook.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #123 Believe In Yourself When No One Else Will.

Host Nancy Smith Mattox interviews Barbara Parson also known as "Barbie the Welder". She shares her story of going from welfare to financial stable again. She uses scrap metal and turns it into art sculpture masterpieces. Barbie says, learn to believe in yourself when no one else does. To be a guest and share you story contact us @


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #122 It Could Been Worse

Nanay Smith Mattox interviews Founder of Footsteps to Success Leigh Hicks.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #121 Happy Living

Matt Gersper Happy Living


Shine Your Light# PODCAST # 120 Don't Be a Victim! Crime Prevention & Safety Tips

Don't Be a Victim is the what Safety Expert & Defense Training Dan Starks has to say. He shares a few tips on holiday and everyday safety as people get prepared for the holiday.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #119 Embrace The Real You

Put down your mask and embrace the real you.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #118 The Journey Continues



Shine Your Light #PODCAST #117 A Dose of Declaration

A dose of declaration.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #116 A Breast Cancer Survivor's Story A Place Called Through

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Survivor Patricia Goings shares her story of going through.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #115 God Kept Me

Beau Williams shares how God kept him over the years after his career took off in 1984 after Ed McMahon announced him as the winner on Star Search. To be a guest on Shine Your Light contact Nancy @


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #114 What Does a Leader Look Like to You

Are you a leader? So what does a leader looks like. Guest Ieesha shares her story on leadership and leaders. Get her book on amazon What is a Leader. to be a guest on Shine Your Light contact Host Nancy Smith Mattox


Shine Your Light PODCAST #113 Bringing Your Story To Life

Christ is always in Action even when you don't think so. Bring your story to life and share it with others. When the check is in the mail it is in there for a reason. To connect with Nancy Smith Mattox and be a guest on her show contact her


Shine Your Light PODCAST #112 Am I My Sister's Keeper

Am I My Sisters Keeper. A topic discussion with Host Nancy Smith Mattox and Guest Kristen


Shine Your Light PODCAST #111 All My Love Jesus

All My Love Jesus is a devotional for every day society problems. Author Ron Lambros shares his story on Shine Your Light why he wrote this wonderful book of resources. Listen to Nancy Smith Mattox and Ron's conversation.


Shine Your Light #PODCAST #110 Recap of the Success of Shine Your Light

Want to know the secret of Host Nancy Smith Mattox success is? Listen in and learn what shine your light is all about after 3 seasons of sharing peoples message a mission of WYTV7 to reach people around the world by education, empowerment and encouragement.