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Ep 50: On his Way to $1 Billion in Real Estate – The Importance of JVs and Partnerships with Javier Hinojo

From having 32 cents in his bank account and asking his kids to borrow their Christmas money to pay rent, now on his way to $1B in real estate assets. Javier built up a fix & flip business and shut it all down to pursue commercial real estate. Listen in to hear it all, the mindset, the challenges, how he structures deals, and how he leverages partnerships to increase his net worth. Javier runs the Facebook Community, Billion Dollar Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate. Join the group -...


Ep 49: Creative Financing in a Changing Marketplace with the National Godfather of Notes, Eddie Speed

Are notes the missing key to your investing business? As the market changes, sellers can get the price they need, even if they are intensely motivated. This is due to the overwhelming demand and lack of inventory on the market. So if the #1 obstacle is PRICE when you are talking with sellers and presenting your offers, how can you structure the deal differently, so you can get more deals closed? Join Nick and Eddie as they explore note financing, why it will be way MORE relevant in the...


Ep 48: How to Build Multiple Businesses and Keep a Work – Life Balance with Glenn and Amber Schworm

Is there such a thing as work/life balance? Upstate NY flipping couple, Glenn and Amber Schworm have been through the wringer, like many of us. Two nasty divorces, growing pains in real estate, but they always get back up. They’ve turned all of it around into 6 successful real estate companies and are now sharing their stories on ways they've learned to manage it all - AND still be a happy couple and good parents - while driving their businesses and following their passions. Join these two...


Ep 47: Best Practices for a Successful Seller Appointment & Being a Better Dad with Trainer Steve Trang

Is your closing strategy killing the deal? Join the host of the fastest-growing podcast "Real Estate Disruptors" Steve Trang as he shares how he turned his biggest weakness (closing deals) into his biggest strength. From Intel engineer to burning the boats going all-in on real estate, and the strategies he’s learned along the way. Steve now runs an office of 140 agents, has a very active wholesaling and fix & flip business based in Phoenix, and created the OfferFast Homes app to connect...


Ep 46: Building a Multifamily Portfolio in College, Using the BRRRR Strategy with Axel Ragnarsson

Passive income - It’s what we all strive for, but should we invest in rentals or flips? Are rentals really passive? Multifamily expert, Axel Ragnarsson breaks it all down for us. He shares how he evaluates property using the BRRRR strategy, tips and challenges of self-managing, how he purchased his first property during college, and all the lessons learned along the way. Axel is the owner of Brickleaf Properties, a New Hampshire based investment firm that owns approximately $4.5M in...


Ep 45: Making $1M in Real Estate in their Early 20s, and these Twins are Just Getting Started – with Jake & Austin Deraaff

From lemonade stands to flipping houses, these twin brothers made their first $1M in real estate before the age of 22. Join Jake and Austin Deraaff (or is it Austin and Jake?) as they talk about how they dropped out of college to pursue real estate full time. They have amassed 34 rental units, they complete 75 to 80 wholesales & fix / flips per year, and have built a buying & selling team... what's YOUR excuse? Get some motivation from these young guys from the Big Apple state! Follow them...


Ep 44: Why Becoming a Millionaire Isn’t Enough with Boston Native and Millionaire Willie Mandrell

Talk about great nuts & bolts strategy, doubled down with a passion for WHY real estate instead of financial assets! Willie and Nick share their background in finance and investment banking, which is what drew both of them to real estate to begin with - relatively controllable asset, insurable, leverageable, and TANGIBLE! Willie goes through his journey from his first multifamily building, to owning a brokerage and scaling DOWN to #FOCUS on his Financial Freedom Number and why being a...


Ep 43: Where Did the Money Go? Know Your Numbers with Profit First for Real Estate Investors, with Co-Author David Richter

We're not talking about "how much do I calculate for a max allowable offer" on this podcast - we're talking about, "How Much Am I Making, and How Much Can I Keep?". Get confident in your numbers with Dave Richter, the newly minted co-author (along with the legend Mike Michalowicz) on "Profit First for Real Estate Investors". David is the founder of Simple CFO Solutions, where he shows investors how to gain clarity on their financials, then how to structure their finances via the Profit First...


Ep 42: From Navy Pilot to Scaling & Running a 200+ Deal Wholesaling Company – with Bill Allen

In just a few years, Bill Allen went from flipping 1 to 2 houses a year to building a systematized REI business that runs without him. From the outside, it may look like an overnight success, but that’s far from reality. Listen in as he shares game-changing advice on hiring the right team, scaling step by step, and the balance between leading vs. managing your team. His wholesaling and flipping business, Blackjack Real Estate is based in Nashville, Tennessee and Pensacola, Florida. Bill also...


Ep 41: Taking over and Scaling a Business to #5 on the Wall Street Journal’s List – Nathan Trunfio on People, Process, and Private Lending Post-Covid

Nathan Trunfio (originally from the Boston Area, we'd all like you to know!) started off as a sales grinder. He'd outwork anyone. That mindset brought him to take over the operations of a smaller lending office in PA called Direct Lending Partners, which he then grew 100% year over year until it's now doing $500M in lending. They were one of the only ones not to get crushed through the COVID crisis. They also run a brokerage, construction company, and multifamily assets & property management...


Ep 40: Getting Shot & Losing Everything to Managing $100M in Debt – Note Investing with Fuquan Bilal

How does one buy notes? Good question. A better question - how does getting shot, almost losing your life, and then losing everything during the crash, lead one to starting and leading in the Note Business? Fuquan Bilal, Founder & CEO of NNG Capital Fund utilizes his 19 years of residential and commercial real estate success to identify real estate opportunities and capitalize on them. His financial acumen and proprietary set of investment criteria enable him to purchase under-performing...


Ep 39: 18 Summers – How to Be a Family Man and Businessman, During & After COVID with Jim Sheils

Real estate investor, Jim Sheils realized long ago that most successful investors had a great balance sheet but a bad home life. He created 18 Summers, a family education company where he provides honest, practical support to help investors connect deeper and live more meaningful lives. During COVID – 19 everything has been brought home suddenly and this is our chance to reset and ensure that as we grow our businesses, our families grow with us. Jim shares key principals to help relieve the...


Ep 38: How to underwrite a Self-Storage Facility from A to Z in 30 minutes with Fernando Angelucci

Self-storage expert, Fernando Angelucci returns in a sequel from episode 20. He shares the A-Zs on how to identify, desktop underwrite, and complete phase 1 of due diligence on a self-storage facility. He also goes through case studies, including one where he structured seller financing for a 2nd mortgage. Fernando has now purchased 7 facilities and works as a value add investor. Grab your notepad & check this one out, tons of value. Fernando Angelucci is the 28-year-old Senior Managing...


Ep 37: From Foreclosure & Short Sales to Author & House Hacker with Christine McCarron

Christine McCarron shares with us her journey to financial freedom, which started similar to mine. A foreclosure put her out of the game for over 10 years. She finally jumped back in, only to find herself in two short sale situations. She could have given up but instead, she used these experiences and lessons to empower and shape her into the successful entrepreneur she is today. In addition to being a Boston area Real Estate Agent and member of the elite team of RE/MAX Luxury Sales Agents,...


Ep 36: From “Almost” College Drop Out to Top Real Estate Agent in the US – Culture, Grit & Fun with Tim Hardeman

Tim Hardeman. Only man to ever summit Mt Kilimanjaro in a suit. Top 5% of real estate agents nationwide at only 29 years old. Check out this guy's story, how he went from a door to door office supply salesman, to building a real estate team, skyrocketing him to success. He comes at real estate from the retail side and is now diving into buy & hold rentals. He shares advice for agents and investors just getting started - listen to this guy's mindset, great episode. Connect with Tim on...


Ep 35: From Retail to Investments & a Tool to Streamline Offers for Consistent Dealflow with Caleb Pearson

What if you had a simple way to submit hundreds of offers at once? Caleb Pearson of the #1 Re/Max Team in South Carolina has developed a tool to help you do exactly that. No time wasted writing offers, no virtual assistants. Listen in as Caleb introduces this innovative tool that’s helping investors all over the country create consistent #dealflow. He also shares a bit about his journey from the retail into the investment game and why he thinks fix & flip is easier than retail. Originally...


Ep 34: Mindset & Routine – 3 Things To Do EVERY DAY for Maximum Results with Nick Aalerud

Is your mindset holding you back? Today our own Shut Up & Do It host, Nick Aalerud shares a few mindset strategies he's picked up along the way and how he deals with distractions, stays focused and sets the day up for the WIN. “Shut Up & Do It” is about overcoming challenges both personally and professionally. If you’re familiar with Nick’s story then you know his first 5 real estate deals ended with 4 short sales, 1 foreclosure and $400k in promissory notes and debt. With no cash or credit...


Ep 33: Step Aside Multifamily – 5 Tips For a Successful Assisted Living Investment, with Owner/Operator Gene Guarino

What if you could turn single family homes into assisted living investments that generate significant residual income? Gene Guarino, the founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy has mastered just that. The RAL Academy is the premier source for education in owning, operating and investing in Residential Assisted Living and senior housing. Gene has trained thousands of people from across the country on how to turn single family homes into cash flow machines. Listen in as Gene shares...


Ep 32: Tips on Raising Private Capital with Fund Manager “Big Mike” Zlotnik

A former software designer turned real estate lender, "Big Mike" Zlotnik talks about his evolutions through his lending career as a hard money lender, transactional lender, and now fund manager of two real estate-centric funds focused on income and growth. Listen in as he gives the tried and true methods of how to raise private capital the right way, as well as where he thinks the opportunity is in this current market cycle. Mike started and spent nearly 15 years of his career in the...


Ep 31: Attracting vs. Pursuing Customers – Simple Marketing Principles to Grow Your Business with Marketing Genius & Author, Kyle Wilson

If you’ve ever promoted an event, you know it’s not easy to get thousands of people together in a room. Kyle Wilson has filled huge seminar rooms, launched & published multiple personal development publications with over a million subscribers. He’s worked with top names in the personal development industry including his 18-year biz partner, friend, and mentor Jim Rohn, as well as Og Mandino, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Robin Sharma, and many others. He’s the founder of Jim Rohn...