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210 THOT Audit – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Behind the scenes is not what you think. The work is tedious, long hours, planning and jumping through hoops. Uncle Sam always gets his money. What does it take to turn in a person to the IRS ? What goes into actually building up your presence on an Adult Site? What would you do if […]


209 Exxxotica NJ 2018 – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Joclyn Stone and Rebecca Love go to Exxxotica NJ in 2018. You will hear about their adventures in New Jersey and then heading over to NYC for a mini vacation exploring the city that never sleeps.


208 Mommy Said So – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Mommy Said so! The newest fad that has really hit my social media is an overwhelming circle of “baby boys” Not Adult Babies, but young men looking for a mommy to please. Playing with them is quite interesting because it is all different. Holding these babies accountable to their daily lives. Eating habits Sleep patterns […]


207 I Dare You to Live This Fantasy – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

I DARE YOU TO LIVE THIS FANTASY! WHERE DO I MEET AND JUST TALK WITH KINKY PEOPLE? Fetlife – Las Vegas Munch. I will be attending to see what these are like locally. Podcast on Fetlife, I just uploaded a new post. Subscribers are up to 500+ Episode 203 (twisted cupcake) What do you jerk […]


206 Who Do I Pay? Just Take My Money – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

FINANCIAL DOMINATION: Findom a.k.a. financial domination is most common in the straight female dominations community with straight male subs, it is also found in the gay BDSM community and it often tied with other forms of power exchange, humiliation play is an example. You will find a TON of straight clueless boys play the role […]


205 Taboo or Humiliation Custom 4 You – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Taboo or Humiliation custom 4 You Fear of change. Change is SCARY! Taboo and humiliation are two different things but cross paths constantly. Customizing how YOU want to play, what topics YOU want to experience. What is YOUR taboo? Race play Culture Religion Bodily fluids (water sports, spitting) mommy/son daddy/baby girl Chores (that are beneath […]


204 How to Choose a Dominatrix – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

HARD LIMITS: No blood No marks No animals No children No Skat No piercings/scarification No humiliation – OR Humiliation but not about specific areas, topics YES PLEASE…. INTERESTS I have always wanted to try….OR this interests me An easy way to figure this out is to think about what you have been fantasizing about. Boots, […]


203 Sneaking a Twisted Cupcake – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Sneaking a Twisted Cupcake Most people believe that staying in a relationship because of “this and that” is easier, but when it comes to it, you are just hurting everyone involved. Do it for the kids….. It is cheaper to keep her….. I just don’t know if there is someone out there for me. Communication […]


202 VOD vs. Downloads – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

VOD vs Download *If there are complaints then what are you doing to change it? *Custom videos Episode 150 Sick Addictions *Stolen, Gifs, Meme’s, Free marketing, Snap, IG, switter, twitter. How to remove the footage that is stolen. Protect yourself when shooting TOO Much Trade/content exchange How to prove that it is put […]


201 Random Laws and Lawsuits – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Interracial scene was set for DF when Mo showed up black and was set to fuck a girl that was not black. OR…. the white girl showed up to fuck someone that is not white. However, you want to say it. THAT IS INTERRACIAL. DIALOGUE IS A PREFERENCE. A black porn star says he […]


200 World’s Oldest Profession Getting a Tune-Up – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

World’s Oldest Profession getting a tune-up! This tour was amazing. “Red Light Secrets” “Museum of Prostitution” POSTURE: CHEERFUL: STAND OUT: MAKE CONTACT: SMILE: LICK YOUR LIPS: USE YOUR HANDS: HAIR: BECKON: FALL BACK OPTION:


199 Hudsy Hawn – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Joclyn Stone interviews Hudsy Hawn at Exxxotica in Denver. Rebecca Love is the only vanilla cupcake in the room. Denver Exxxotica Hudsy Hawn Couple of drinks in … Siouxise Q of The WhoreCast (podcaster) Stacey Q (singer) Dolly Madison Communication of Scene Hard Limits Do’s and Don’t Daddy Dom Take Back Your Sex (podcast) Triggers […]


198 Denver Exxxotica 2018 – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Joclyn Stone and Rebecca Love’s experiences at Denver Exxxotica 2018 Seminars Stage Performances Booths Hudsy Hawn Demon Seed Radio Fetish Films Friends Food, Drink and Dancing


197 Topics from the Hat – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Thank you section is for those who have gone above and beyond and are great fans, family, friends. Showing a thank you to me that was unexpected. KANSAS CITY ROYALS: Anti Porn seminar???? Wow. GM of Royals is a bit uptight and going to cause some unnecessary stress fightthenewdrugLast weekend our co-founder @clayolsen […]


196 Brat, Pro or Bully? Give me your Money! – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Brat, Pro, or Bully?, Give me your Money? Seeing so many things out there where the untrained are demanding money. Where are these “dominants” that are claiming to be trained? Where were they mentored? How long did they train? Is there a fee to be trained? What are qualifications for training? How do you graduate? […]


195 Ethical Porn – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

 Sexplanations – YouTube Video Podcast Reference 184 Feminist Porn What separates “Ethical Porn” from any other porn? ONLY ETHICAL PORN DOES THE FOLLOWING: Performers are 18+ Judgment not impaired by drugs or alcohol Informed about the porn industry lifestyle Oh, how it will affect you if you film and your future Consenting adults booking […]


194 Pay It Forward 2018 – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

What’s happening in 2018 Cherry pop radio app Adventures AVN / Conventions 3 positive things a day


193 I Want You to be my Xmas Present – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

I want YOU to be my Xmas Present GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! Candle wax massages Not sexy private time Escaping the in-laws and kids Is there alcohol hiding in here? Get your man something SEXY!! SPONSORED BY: promo code: ADULT


192 Exxxotica New Jersey 2017 – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Exxotica 2017 East Coast Exxotica Expo yet another fun and interesting event. The people and Talents, signings and live shows were never-ending. Periscope live, walk through with me during the event CherryPopRadio LIVE SHOW OF SICK ADDICTIONS 5XFoundation Interview with Rich Canci BoyButter unique product interview Positive and negative repercussions that social media gossip created. […]


191 Can I Pack my Puppy in my Luggage – Sick Addictions with Joclyn Stone

Can I pack my Puppy in my Luggage? Have fun hearing the panic that goes into knowing that my puppy will be at home and the anxiety of giggles that goes with traveling to see the fans. When prepping for a convention there are so many things we go through. Want to meet fans, but […]