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The Street Light Podcast talks with people who are making a positive impact.

The Street Light Podcast talks with people who are making a positive impact.
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The Street Light Podcast talks with people who are making a positive impact.




The Rep - Season 1 finale

From smoking blunts and watching Friday to releasing hip hop albums and pastoring a church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brandon Kagel closes out season #1 of Street Light Podcast in a powerful way. Links to Brandon's music are...


Living Small - Stephen Wahlstrom

The average American home is over 2,600 square feet. The Wahlstrom's are a family of 5 and have made the decision to live in an 888 square foot home. On this episode Stephen shares why they made this decision and all of the benefits (and difficulties) of "living small". See photo's of his families home on Instagram at @rightsized5


Real Talk - Jordan Francis

Jordan is a father of two, married to Katie, and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the director of RealTALK, a non-profit having real conversations with teens and young adults around topics that are important to them. On this episode we hear parts of Jordan's story and discuss important topics such as: pornography, sext messaging (sexting), how parents can better communicate with and connect with their teens, and the impact RealTALK is making.


David's Story - Depression and Mental Health

On this episode David Tavor shares his story about battling with mental health and depression. You may know someone battling with depression or mental health, or you're possibly experiencing it yourself. Either way, David's story is worth the listen. Note: Because any part of David's story might encourage or relate to a listener, I decided not to edit anything in this episode, which is why it is longer than the typical length of an episode. Below are resources that you might find helpful...


The Joy of Giving - Ernie B

Not only is Ernie one of the most talented to pick up the clippers 💈, but he is a tremendously generous dude. His life reflects the reality that you don’t need a lot to give a lot. Booker T. Washington once said, “The happiest people are those who do the most for others. The most miserable are those who do the least.” On this episode we talk about life on the south side, developing a craft, what it looks like to give beyond $$, the life of “A-Rod”, and how the smallest acts of kindness...


Glendale Lights - Jacob & Jenna Mata

Jacob and Jenna are one of the coolest couples you'll ever meet! They are making huge impacts in the lives of hundreds of youth! The Mata's are married and reside in Glendale, Arizona. On this episode we hear their story and also talk about: -Marriage and communication -Life in Glendale -The beauty of hospitality -Work & personal/relationship balance