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The #1 Global Podcast for High School Success! Hosted by Michael Paine & Justin Morgan. We can’t tell you the recipe for success because there isn’t one. However, you can add ingredients by absorbing the information we offer you and executing the work. This podcast will be a source of knowledge to create value and success, and improve your life and mindset for high school and beyond!

The #1 Global Podcast for High School Success! Hosted by Michael Paine & Justin Morgan. We can’t tell you the recipe for success because there isn’t one. However, you can add ingredients by absorbing the information we offer you and executing the work. This podcast will be a source of knowledge to create value and success, and improve your life and mindset for high school and beyond!
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The #1 Global Podcast for High School Success! Hosted by Michael Paine & Justin Morgan. We can’t tell you the recipe for success because there isn’t one. However, you can add ingredients by absorbing the information we offer you and executing the work. This podcast will be a source of knowledge to create value and success, and improve your life and mindset for high school and beyond!






Episode 031: Success HS x 1170 AM Radio Zingadi (Part 1)

Mikey and Justin are interviewed by the Nation's largest South Asian radio station, 1170 AM Radio Zindagi onsite at their studio in Fremont. This conversation covers some history of the podcast and the topics of starting the senior year! Enjoy the live recording, subscribe and tell a friend if you liked it, and Peace.


Episode 030: Crossing the Border w/ Harjas Dhaliwal

Mikey and Justin connect with an old friend from elementary school, Harjas Dhaliwal who moved from California to Surrey, Canada in 6th grade. We have been fortunate to maintain our long - term friendship. Harjas discusses the differences of Canada v. America, his favorite fast food spots, and the IB system v. the AP classes here in America. Subscribe and Leave a Review and as always... Peace.


Episode 029: Playing at a Higher Level...

For Episode 029, Mikey and Justin sit down and discuss paths to take if you are considering pariticipating in athletics at a collegiate level. Even if you aren't a varsity athlete, sport can be enjoyed at so many different levels such as the intramural, club, and even recreational levels. If a varsity slot is your goal, we share ways and resources you can put your name out to college coaches and the idea player they are looking for to complete their team as a new recruit. To finish it off,...


Epsiode 028: Our Strange Addiction

Followers. Friends. Likes. Following. By now, you know the subject of our episode centered on Social Media and the trend of overuse particularly in the range of high-school aged teens. Mikey shares his personal revelations about going off social media for a week and how this lead to the development of some special new skills. We also debate the conroversial "social media bill" that limits use to 30 min a day along with some other straegies designed to curb social media addiction. Lastly,...


Episode 027: Tips to Crush an Internship

Internships are the topic of episode 027, and Justin shares his experiences from working in the office of Senator Jim Bell. We cover the What, Who, Why, and How of the internships available to high schoolers today and include ways to leverage this opportunity into more success in the future. By the end of this episode, you will also know why it is a bad idea to tatoo your horse. Subscribe, Leave a Review, and follow the IG @success.hs for more content and conversation in the global community...


Epsiode 026: Welcome Back!

What happened????... The Hosts, Mikey and Justin detail the reasons for their hiatus of releasing episodes and hope you had a great summer so far, as they announce plans to return to the regular episode frequency with topics that listeners wanted us to directly adress and move into senior year! We are also accepting guests that are juniors or underclassmen to represent the younger students on our show and are open to any who are interested in being featured. Share, subscribe and leave a...


Episode 025: Stamina Mentis: The art of keeping focused in a world of distractions

Why can't we focus on anything for long until we get distracted? A goldfish has a longer attention span than the average teenager. When sitting through long testing sessions and lectures that drone on for what feels like forever, it is so easy to lapse into sleep or become unfocused. Mikey and Justin outline several simple stragegies to help you maximize focus and achieve your desired results in whatever you need to focus on. Techniques such as an introduction to meditation, the Pomodoro...


Episode 024: Be the Inkspiration! w/ Annie Liu

24 Episodes in the Books!!! This Success HS interview is with Annie Liu, Editor in Chief of Inkspiration, a magazine that features art and wiriting from teens in the Bay Area. She started from a single book review, to a full run of seasonal issues filled with creative and inspiring work, and it has been a process. Annie has grown from just herself to managing a team of editorital staff and a publicist. She is also passionate about playing the guitar and computer science. Enjoy this episode...


Episode 023: Climbing up the Dramatic Workforce w/ Reuben Peraza

On 023, Mikey and Justin talk with Reuben Peraza about a balancing hectic lifestyle and taking care of yourself at the same time. Reuben talks about his real-world work experience for both big companies and local businesses. Funny customer stories included. We then go into his knack for rock climbing, and theater experience. He is also enlisted in the Army reserve and is preparing himself mentally and physically for basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri this summer for three...


Episode 022: BLESSED INDIVIDUALS ONLY. w/ Diego Vera

On the 22nd episode of The #1 Global Podcast Success HS, hosts Mikey and Justin chop it up with an up-and-coming bay area clothing entreprenur named Diego Vera, the founder of VisionsThroughBlessings (VTB). It all started with a vision, and fast forward a couple years... Diego's limited releases featuring creative and eye-catching designs sell out in days, and some of the biggest names in the rap game have backed his vision. In Diego's words, "All Love." This unpredecented organic growth is...


Episode 021: Wrestling and Relaxing w/ Natalya André

For the first episode in season 2, Justin and Mikey interview Natalya André, a CCS Wrestling Champion, a USNSCC Cadet, and a person who likes to relax... We know you want more entertaining epiosdes so we listened, and there are many funny moments along with the usual load of value we always provide at Success HS. Hear her ways of developing mental strength, getting in the zone, and relying on faith to give your life a bigger meaning. She is also open-water scuba certified and speaks three...


Episode 020: RISE-ing Up with Srishti, Shreya, and Rishika

*Note: The audio quality for this episode is off, we recorded it in a room of a coffee shop without a door, some ambient noise is in the background. The hosts of Success HS chat with three juniors who started an organization to stand up to domestic violence in the Fremont community, called RISE. They host workshops and serve abused women by helping them get back on their feet with career development and preparation. Learn about the different types of abuse and how to identify them if you...



If final exams have you down, you've come to the right place. I know you need to keep studying so I'll keep the description short. We talk about breaking up the workload, resting, grade values, borderline strategies, and anxiety reduction. It's all in here. Give it a listen and Good Luck on the tests! Peace.


Episode 019: How I met Michelle Obama and Ayesha Curry w/ Riya Kataria

For the 18th installment of Success HS, hosts Mikey and Justin interview Riya Kataria (@riyakatariax), a 16 year old speaker and activist. She was a 2018 Delegate at the International Congress of Youth Voices, and the CEO of Picket Fence Academy, a nonprofit organization dedicated toward leveling the playing field for speech and debate. In pursing her passion toward making a difference, the Instagram team reached out to her to promote for their offical story (275M+ followers), and she...


Episode 017: Acting Out w/ Cameron Dean

In Episode 017, Mikey and Justin sit down with aspiring actor and sports journalist Cameron Dean, signed to MDT Agency. This episode offers simple steps to make a great first impression and how to carry yourself with confidence. Hear his journey from his theater productions in elementary school to a professional setting today. We also touch on the importance of extended family and having a great core group to surround yourself with. This episode is perfect for those who want to become more...


Episode 16: Hitting it out of the Park w/ Stanford Commit Eddie Park

For Episode 16, Mikey and Justin sit down with Eddie Park, a junior at Valley Christian High School and a Stanford University baseball commit. He takes us back to the story of his 1st offer in 8th grade from Cal Berkley and explains the passion and love of the game, which Park aspires to play at the highest level in the MLB. He offers advice for those who want to develop their work ethic and achieve their true potential. Playing for the #1 team in the country, they still hit rough patches...


Episode 15: Why I hate getting out of bed w/ Gabby Motta

Do you ever get up and wish you could hit that snooze button one more time? For our 15th episode, hosts Mikey and Justin chat with senior Gabby Motta, a leadership student who has organized multiple cancer walks, 6 blood drives in partnership with Stanford Health, and plays for the varsity water polo team. She shares tips for improving your reputation on campus, college app strategies, and why she hates getting up out of bed in the morning. In our bonus segment, she proves why snow is the...


Episode 014: The Season of Giving (Away Spotify Premium or Apple Music)

Listen to this episode for the details on our new iTunes Review contest: It's simple, leave a review and Subscribe to "Success HS" on the Apple Podcasts app. Put your Instagram username in the review description and we will contact you via DM (success.hs) if you won a 1-month subscription to Spotify Premium or Apple Music. Entries will be selected by and message us if you have any questions about the giveaway. Happy Holidays from Mikey & Justin at Success HS!


Episode 013: The STEM Spiel w/ Roma Bhatia

The Hosts of Success HS sit down with Roma Bhatia, a Robotics Club President and STEM enthusiast. If you ever wished you knew more about tech or engineering, here is your chance to become an expert in less than 17 minutes! We also go off on the latest in cell phone tech, discuss the meaning of K-Pop, and her experience in solving conflicts when working in a group. Thanks to your support, we are charging up the charts on iTunes! If you vibe with this show (we know you will), a review+...


Episode 012: Mamba Mentality w/ Joshua Cordero

This week, Mikey and Justin catch up with a longtime friend, Joshua Cordero. He drops knowledge on how to adapt to a move, stay true to your roots, and much, much more. This episode is filled to the brim with funny stories, inspiring lessons, and powerful quotes from a great guest. Also, Josh discusses following the mantra of his favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant, and will show you how to bring the benefits of "Mamba Mentality" into everything you do! Leave a review and tell your...