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TCAPSLoop is the Traverse City Area Public Schools educational technologies hub!

TCAPSLoop is the Traverse City Area Public Schools educational technologies hub!
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TCAPSLoop is the Traverse City Area Public Schools educational technologies hub!






EdTech Loop Episode 103 - Cut Through the Clutter

Episode 103 of the EdTech Loop podcast has Danelle braking out the oversized scissors to help you cut through the digital clutter. Cut Through the Email Clutter: GmailIncrease productivity by sorting (star before folder names)*Action Required - green tagged*Waiting for Response - yellow taggedSettingsShow “send and archive” button in replySmart Compose (predictive writing suggestions appear as you compose an email)Smart reply (three suggestions for replies)Templates - “save draft as...


TechNollerGist Episode 12: EdTech Resources You Should Be Using

The TechNollerGist shares some #edtech resources you should be using but might not be, as well as an update on his classroom gamification, it's Monopoly time!


EdTech Loop Episode 102 - Tips for New Teachers

The EdTech Loop is back from winter break and ready to enrich your practice with potentially useful, "Tips for New Teachers." Transcripts coming soon!


EdTech Loop Ep. 101 - 5 Favorite Things

Our annual, "5 Favorite EdTech Things," podcast for in 2020. Show notes and transcript will be coming on the horizon. Enjoy the Pod!


EdTech Loop Ep. 100 - 10 Tips for Digital Parents

It’s Episode 100 of the EdTech Loop Podcast! Danelle and I are celebrating this shocking centenarian milestone with Stephie Luyt for a very special episode of the Loop; not just because it’s the 100th pod, but because it’s the most potentially useful pod we have recorded, 10 Tips for Digital Parents. The Full Presentation: Transcripts will be coming.


EdTech Loop Ep. 99 - Hour of Code

The EdTechLoop Pod is joined by a special guest this week as TCAPS STEM Coordinator, Heidi Skodack, shares her thoughts on the upcoming Hour of Code activities and STEM opportunities for students of all ages. Get involved in the "Hour of Code" December 9-15! Transcript will be coming soon!


EdTech Loop Ep. 98: The Annual Gift Guide

There's no need to get into any Black Friday lines this year. EdTech Loop already has you covered with the best gifts for the holiday season! Podcast Transcript Larry Burden 0:03 No, that will not do. Larry Burden 0:11 double check we're recording here. Larry Burden 0:13 I'm very happy somebody prepped for this pod. Stephie Luyt 0:15 I know. Larry Burden 0:16 Not this guy. Danelle Brostrom 0:16 Let's just scrap this one. Stephie Luyt 0:18 Almost 40 is not old. Larry Burden...


EdTech Loop Ep. 97: MiSTEM Heats Up

Why is STEM so important in Michigan right now? Because Michigan businesses need STEM educated workers and currently those workers are not available. Businesses struggle to understand why it appears public education is not producing the workforce they need, while educators are attempting to teach kids collaboration, creative thinking and other 21st Century Skills, while navigating another legislative edict, state standards, and school district goals. Our guest Drea Weiner from MiSTEM is...


EdTech Loop Ep. 96: EdTech Inspiration

It's early November here in Northern Michigan but it already feels like mid December, possibly February, and we're trying to avoid early onset cabin fever, so we look to Danelle and Stephie to provide some much needed "Ed-Tech Inspiration," to get through the bleak early winter. Show Transcript: Danelle Brostrom 0:00 Obviously it's smarter than I am. Larry Burden 0:08 Where's this come from Danelle Brostrom 0:08 because you have to edit out all the stupid things that we say, Stephie...


EdTech Loop Ep. 95 - The Rise of eSports

Wow! Danelle and I were so thankful to have Ted Kidd and Dylan Chapman join us for this is a jam packed eSports episode of the EdTech Loop Podcast. If you are at all curious about the eSports phenomenon this is a must listen as our guests break down almost any aspect you could think of concern the sport. As the TechNollerGist would say, "Play a game today, it's good for you." Full Show Transcript: Dylan Chapman 0:00 Yeah, I've got you loud and clear here. Danelle Brostrom 0:07 We lost...


EdTech Loop Ep. 94 - The Light Side of Data

Last week we discussed COPPA and the thousands of data points children create just by living and using our personal devices. Students also create data points at school which we hope to use to support teachers in helping those students achieve at their very best. It comes in many forms. You have SAT data, mandated state reporting data, but you also have a kindergarten student identifying colors, that's data, too. It's everywhere. TechTool of the Week: Copyrighteous Podcast Full...


EdTechLoop Ep. 93 COPPA and Data Privacy

"The primary mission of COPPA is to place parents in control of what info is collected from their children. As a parent, I find this impossible." - Cheri Kiesecker What is COPPA? In 1998 Congress made some value judgments about the potential harm to children due to online activity. That it was important for websites that are targeted towards kids to collect parental consent before they collect, use, or disclose any of the child's information and data. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC),...


EdTech Loop Ep. 92 - Graphic Novels Are Good

"The comic strip is no longer the comic strip. But in reality and illustrated novel. It is new and raw in form just now, but material for limitless intelligent development. And eventually, and inevitably, it will be a legitimate medium for the best writers and artists. It is already the embryo of a new art form." - Will Eisner Show Transcript: Stephie Luyt 0:01 I'm not fuming. Larry Burden 0:02 She's fuming. Stephie Luyt 0:02 I'm the opposite of fuming. Danelle Brostrom 0:04 Aww,...


TechNollerGist Ep. 12: Practical EdTech

Liz Kolb, the originator of the Triple E Framework, visited us over the summer delivering this year's WiredTC keynote. The TechNollerGist gives his own practical take on the "Framework" and how best to apply it to your technology use in the classroom. Show Transcript: Larry Burden 0:00 What is this app with the little things poking out of it? Larry Burden 0:05 Like, uh-oh, uh-oh something has gone amiss. Larry Burden 0:15 All right, here we go. It's Episode 12 of the TechNollerGist...


EdTech Loop Ep. 91: Take Me To Your Leader

It's episode 91 of the EdTechLoop podcast and we are joined by the new boss, not quite the same as the old boss, Evan O'Branovic. Danelle and I grilled the poor guy on almost every current issue involving educational technology during this marathon pod. Evan shares some great insights and a "yes we can," mindset to the pod and District. This is a packed show, enjoy! EdTechLoop on Youtube! Transcript: Larry Burden 0:00 good parenting skills. This guy, Danelle Brostrom 0:03 Come join...


EdTech Loop Ep. 89: Making PD Not Stink

We've heeded the wise writing of "Ditch your Textbook's" Matt Miller, and hope to help you make your next PD not stink. We've all been there. You're partially through a session or keynote and are trying to decide if it's worth your time to sit through the rest. This episode will share some tips to make you a better presenter and help keep your colleagues engaged so they won't decide they have better things to do than listen to you. Useful...


BiblioTech Ep. 8: Middle School LMC

We know the elementary school media center is a safe, magical place for many kiddos to explore "Mirrors and Windows." We also know transitioning to Middle School can be pretty overwhelming at the start of the school year. We attempt to draw a Media Center Map for that new Middle School student who just forgot their locker combination, couldn’t find their 2nd hour class and is having a bad hair day (and now surprisingly cares)? Useful Links TCAPS Online Catalog Research in Context East...


EdTech Loop Ep. 89 - Parent Engagement

I'm a parent, you're a parent, we're also in the educational community and have the opportunity to see both sides of parental communication in education. In an effort to avoid a bunch of random notes shoved in the bottom of the students backpack, we want to talk about some ways that we can use technology to make communication better, easier on both ends, that makes sense, and create a partnership in education between the school and the parent. Transcript: Danelle Brostrom 0:01 Show...


EdTech Loop Ep. 88 - We Gave Your Kid a Device...Now What?

Episode 88 of the EdTechLoop Weekly Podcast! After having our fill of caprese salads and grilled vegetarian kebabs it's finally time to whip up some #GoogleEdu marinade and slather it on this week's meat of the show, “We gave your kid a what?” Additional Links: Parenting in the Digital Age Presentation Parents - you can set limits and take the device awayFilter that home networkScreentime Rules From A Teacher Guide to Parental Controls Episode 88 Transcription: Stephie...


EdTech Loop Best Of - Digital Parenting

The school year is about to begin and the EdTech Loop crew is about ready to get back into the studio. Though I considered attempting to convince Danelle to record a new podcast over the Labour Day weekend, I instead recognized that I value our friendship and decided one more Best Of Episode is a more promising and healthy option. So pop in the earbuds, lay back on the beach towel and soak up the sun one more time before the school bell rings and join our “Digital Parenting,” conversation...