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TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 70: Leadership

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 70...Leadership iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS TCAPSLoop' Exit Interview of TCAPS, Director of Technology, Brandi Reynolds. Besides making her feel very uncomfortable with the direct questioning and effusive praise we also picked her brain concerning what she's learned transitioning from Classroom Teacher to Director of Technology. ISTE Standards for Education LeadersJimmy CasasMEMSPA18 Twitter feedDanelle's Twitter feed Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 69: Digital Literacy

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 69...Digital Literacy iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS It's a special TCAPSLoop Podematic Universe crossover event with the Bibliotech Stephie Luyt focusing on "Digital Literacy." Everytime we discuss Digital Literacy I can’t help but hear Michael Jackson singing “I always feel like somebody’s watching me!" from Rockwell’s 1984 hit. But you can trust that this is a safe online space and your privacy won’t be hacked by listening to this weeks episode. Check...


TCAPSLoop Weekly 68: The Loop Gift Guide

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 68...TCAPSLoop Gift Guide iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS This weeks episode is for those who wisely avoided the riotous crowds of Black Friday and the internet Alibaba deep dives of Black Monday in anticipation for the TCAPSLoop Annual Holiday Gift Guide. Danelle's guide to gifts that you'll want to play with too. What to get for the kids (that you will really want to play with yourself!): Kiwi Co Subscription boxOsmoInstax CameraLilGadgets...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 67: ISTE - Analyst

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 67...ISTE: Analyst iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS We've come to the end of our ISTE for Educators journey and the final destination is "Analyst." What's been discovered is that the Standard is not referring to utilizing collected data as an educator but allowing our students to analyze, reflect and grow from their own student data. Giving the student ownership of their learning journey. Educators understand and use data to drive their instruction and...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 66: ISTE - Facilitator

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 66...ISTE: Facilitator iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS Episode 66 featuring the 6th Learning Standard concerns me a little numerologically but I think we will be able to exorcise the demons of educational standards past by sinking out teeth into the bun of the ISTE Standards for Educators sandwich...Facilitator! Educators facilitate learning with technology to support student achievement of the ISTE Standards for Students. Educators: 6a:6b:6c:6d:Links...


Bibliotech Episode 5: "No Bad Books for Kids"

BiblioTech Podcast Episode 5...Bridge Books iTunes GooglePlay Stitcher Tune-In RSS Anytime we can follow Neil Gaiman's lead seems like a good idea. Our discussion centers on his quote, "No such thing as a bad book for children." We discuss the importance of bridge books to help move readers from simple to more complex texts. Stephie stresses the importance of meeting children where they are and helping them find books that interest them. Suggestions From the BiblioTech: Olympians -...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 65: ISTE - Designer

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 65...ISTE: Designer iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS Apologies for the lack of podcast goodness last week but we are back at the ISTE standards again! The target we have designs on...Designer. Educators design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability. 5a:Khan AcademyGoogle KeepGoogle ClassroomRead/Write for Google5b:Brainchild on NetflixBrainGames on NetflixNewselaWonderopolis5c:Google Cast...


the TechNollerGist Episode 5: Thinking Design Thinking

the TechNollerGist Episode 5...Thinking Design Thinking iTunes Google Play Stitcher The TechNollerGist is back! Be afraid, I know I am. This pod has designs on "Design Thinking," including a new perspective from an old way of looking at the concept, The Henry Ford Model I Project. We also introduce a new segment on Gamification. David shares a role playing game he created to illicit empathy and perspective from his students while studying "The Kite Runner." Transcripts are still in the...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 64: ISTE - The Collaboration

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 64...ISTE: Collaborator iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS We dive back into the ISTE Standards for Educators on this weeks TCAPSLoop Weekly, focusing on "Collaborators". We were both surprised as we dug into the indicators recognizing this Standard did not prescribe merely collaborating with your colleagues but more importantly with your students. Check out these great links spotlighting collaborative educators and...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 63: The Blueprint

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 63...The Blueprint iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS We are taking a break from the ISTE Standards for no other reason than to remake the way an entire School District operates. For this special pod we are joined by Dr. Grant Chandler from MiExcel, the originators of "The Blueprint". The Blueprint effectively guides local school district leaders in the process of reconfiguring their district and establish urgency for the success of all students, by installing...


Bibliotech Episode 4: Spooky Reads

BiblioTech Podcast Episode 4...Spooky Reads iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS The BiblioTech is back on TCAPSLoop! We start the pod with Stephie breaking down some of the changes you may have noticed visiting She then shares some of her favorite spooky reads you can find at you local public or school library. Check out these great selections Creepy Carrots!Even Monsters Need HaircutsFrankenstein Makes A SandwichThe Monster's MonsterOur Story Begins Transcripts are still...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 62: ISTE Citizens

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 62...ISTE Standards: Citizens iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS We’ve brought in the back hoe to dig deep even deeper into the ISTE Standards for Educators excavating the Citizen Standard and its Indicators. Please take the time to hit us up on twitter with any comments or suggestions. Enjoy the Show! ISTE Standard 3: Citizen Educators inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world. Indicator 3a: Create...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 61: ISTE Leaders

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 61...ISTE Standards: Learners iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS We are continuing to unpack the ISTE Standards for Educators with this episode focusing onthe "Leader" standard and it's indicators. And don't forget to hit us up on twitter with any comments or suggestions. Enjoy the Show! ISTE Standard 2: LEADER Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 60: ISTE Learners

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 60...ISTE Standards: Learners iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS Danelle and are are going to spend the next several weeks unpacking the ISTE Standards for Educators like we've just got back from a month retreat in Istanbul...or Constantinople. We will be tackling one standard per episode. This pod is all about being the Learner. ISTE Standard 1: LEARNER Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 59: ISTE Standards

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 59...ISTE Standards iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS We in education have no shortage of standards; standards for curriculum, for classroom management, for safety, for nutrition, etc.. ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) recently release their "Standards for Educators, Students and Educational Leaders. You could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by yet another set of standards to try and meet. TCAPSLoop is devoting a series of...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 58: Social Media

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 58...SocialMedia iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS Our game plan for the Loop was temporarily interrupted when Common Sense Media released this report: Common Sense Media Social Media/Social Life 2018 Study. Social Media is not going away. Reacting as parents and teachers to how our children behave and feel when interacting on social media is difficult. This important study sheds a little light on the perspectives of teens using SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook,...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 57: Back to School

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 57...Back to School iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS It's time for TCAPSLoop Weekly to go back to school after a summer lounging by the pool eating bon bons. Though educators have scheduled time away from the classroom in the summer thier thoughts seldom stray from the practice. Danelle shares some of the work she's witnessed our teachers and School District doing over the summer including conferences, reading groups, opening new buildings and much more....


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 56: The Future of Libraries

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 56...Future of Libraries iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast returns for year three with special guest Stephie Luyt to discuss the "Future of Libraries." Traverse City Area Public Schools recently reconstructed Eastern Elementary School which included a future forward concept for it's "Learning Commons." We discuss how this will effect learning and community building at the school and why libraries and librarians are more relevant than...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Best Of Podcast Episode 55: TechTools

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 55...Best Of - TechTool of the Week iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS Strap on your toolbelt because the best of TCAPSLoop is bringing you a two part TechTool of the Week compilation! Everyone’s favorite TCAPSLoop Weekly Segment concentrated into a nice fruity blend ready to be mixed with your current classroom practices. Here are your TechTools: Force a Copy in Google DocsFinding Things in Google Drive - 5 TipsGSuite TrainingMentimeterCalm10%...

TCAPSLoop Weekly Best Of Podcast Episode 54: Digital Parenting

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 54...Best Of - DigitalParenting iTunes Google Play Stitcher Tune-In RSS It’s Episode 54! And though you may have already run out of things to do with the kiddos this summer, listen to this Best of the Loop podcast before you just hand your munchkin the iPad. Danelle has some warnings and tips for the parent venturing into the Digital Landscape with their littles from Episode 38 of the TCAPSLoopWeekly pod. More tips and information can be found...