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Show #034 - Smart Talk Softskills Book - The Public Speakers Guide to Success in Every Situation

Softskills are what keeps us humans marketable, employed and alive. Several days ago I received an invite to review Lisa B Marshall's latest book - Smart Talk - The Public Speaker's Guide to Success in Every Situation I read some of the excerpts from the books website - So I wrote a review on Amazon - Read my and Other Reviews on Amazon Public speakers of every age can benefit by practising the exercises Lisa gives on her website. Lisa's book is based on her real...


Show #033 - Youth Leadership Program YLP - Online Webinar by Fred Jones District 21

Youth Leaders are always in demand. Today I interview toastmaster Fred Jones of District 21 (British Columbia, CANADA). In January of 2012, Fred facilitated an online webinar on various youth leadership topics. I had the pleasure of both presenting and absorbing the 20 minute presentations by us 6 Toastmasters. Fred has been a Toastmaster for many years, hailing from Ontario, CANADA. Fred is currently the youth leadership program co-ordinator for District 21. Samia Reed, one of the...


Show #032 - The Power of Introverts - CBC The Current

Does an introvert have the ability to influence? Here is a great interview by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - CBC, on their program " The Current " all about an introvert, extroverts and public speaking. How does each fare in leadership roles? Toastmasters are well mentioned and specifically, Liberty Village Toastmasters of Toronto, CANADA are featured with several member testimonials. I can't guess how many times I replayed this as there are so many valuable attributes discussed....


Show #031 - Toastmasters and Social Media Today

Social Media Branding is very important today, personally or professionally. Do it right to reflect the real you. Today we are surrounded, even bombarded by social media. Media from the earliest of days to the latest of social media, which is either written, audio, video and pictoral. Learning how to effectively use our social network to our benefit is key. In this interview I speak with one of our very own ShawMasters Toastmaster Club member, Sheila who also works as a journalist,...


Show #030 - Call To Greatness - An Interview

I recently had a book interview with Vince Aliberti. "Achieve Your Greatness !" - Isn't that a monumental goal of leadership and achievement for many of us in our lifes' journey? We all should strive to achieve and become "Achievers". Several weeks ago while attending our Calgary Advanced Toastmasters (CATS) meeting, we had a guest which I quickly connected with. What caught my attention was the book that Vince brought and displayed during his introduction, because it is the most recent...


Show #029 - Meet Doris - Lt Governor Marketing - District 42 - D42TM

Today, in my feature segment, "Let's Get to Know ..." a special interview with a Toastmaster who has not only accomplished alot (she is near her 2nd DTM in her 5 years of being a Toastmaster) but is pulling together a fantastic TEAM with District wide goals for 2012-13. First an overview ... Toastmasters International comprises 270,000 members in over 13,000 clubs in 116 countries around the world. It comprises 88 districts, numbered 1 through 88. Ours is District 42 which currently has...


Show #028 - Turning Problems into Productivity - Project Management 101

How to manage projects - Project Management 101. Today I do an interview with John Popoff, PMP about an upcoming workshop he will be facilitating and presenting in our Calgary area of District 42. He gives us some basic project management tips. One of John's mentors in project management is Dream Team Consulting. John will be presenting, as his high-performance leadership (HPL) project - a 3-hour workshop "Turning Problems into Productivity: Project Management Tips, Tools and Techniques...


Show #027 - Triple DTM - Forever Learning Toastmasters

DTM This year - 2011 -2012 is the inaugural year following the major Rebranding of International, where Leadership has taken focus. Several of our local Division leaders have taken the lead and successfully held noteable events, focusing on members achieving their own DTM designation. Once such was "Destination DTM" spearheaded by our Division J Governor, Doris. This was a 1/2 day conference of short 20 minute seminars on various projects that advanced toastmasters can work on to build...


Show #026 - INNERpreneur Spotlight - Africa Bike Project - An Interview

Being an INNERpreneur sometimes means conceiving, driving and managing a project, from the ground up. Leadership Skills and Communication Skills are required. From a relaxing evening read of a monthly newspaper, I read about 2 young ladies, local to me, who are the co-creators, of the Africa Bike Project. They met, for the first time in 2009, while on a flight to Kipgrengwe Primary School, Kericho, Kenya, with the central Alberta-based international development organization, A-Better-World...


Show #025 - INNERpreneur Spotlight - No Ordinary Journey Foundation - NOJFoundation Interview

It's not often that I meet a Toastmaster Who is Doing Amazing Things with their speaking and leadership abilities. But last year, as Area Governor D42-J46, I visited Literally Speaking, one of my Area 46, Division J, District 42 clubs and first heard this lady present one of her manual speeches. Within moments, I realized, "This lady is not just pushing through another manual speech here". I sensed motivation and inspiration. I was captivated. Laverne's 2 websites are & No...


Show #022 - Passionate About Communication - Interview with Lisa B Marshall

What are you PASSIONATE about? Everyone has a passion. One of mine is Speaking and Presenting Skills. My other one is helping others to speak, present and lead better. I also like interviewing and writing. The result is this, my podcast series - Originally it was solely my High Performance Leadership Project or HPL. But then it became a labor of love, such that, I decided to keep it going. It falls in line with many of my other projects and activities within Toastmasters. A...


Show #021 - Life Coach - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Interview with Nicky Kriel

Have you heard of a Life Coach? Well today I interview Ms. Nicky Kriel of She is a life coach based in the UK and provides personal coaching using NLP. She also writes interesting content in her blog. She has formally been offering her services on her website for 2 years but has been growing business steadily. With an academic background in university psychology and linguistics study, she has gained further experience by working in marketing and sales. Growing up in...


Show #020 - DCP Distinguished Club Program - Toastmasters

What is the DCP Distinguished Club Program? Why follow the DCP? Will it make your TEAM leadership better? What about the Club Success Plan? In this show I explain the basics and simplicity of empowering you as a Toastmasters exec using the DCP. Achieve this by planning your year with the Distinguished Club Program. We Area Governors always emphasize this to our execs. We want to ensure you plan and run your Toastmasters team year around the DCP and the Club Success Plan. The Club Success...


Show #019 - Be The Judge at Speech Contests

In this show I interview Marvin Henry, DTM, Chief Judge for Division C of District 42. Henry has been a Toastmaster since 1995. He is past-president of the Igniters Club, VP Education of Calgary Advanced Club (CATS). Marvin has held several leadership positions in Toastmasters. October is the month for our Fall club, area, division & district Humorous & Table Topics Speech Contests. It is only fitting that I bring lite onto judging speeches & being a judge. In this interview, Marvin tells...


Show #018 - Are YOU an Innerpreneur - Interview with Tara Joyce

Are you an innerpreneur? Do you use or need Strategic Marketing? Can you make use of Creative Communications? In this show I interview Ms. Tara Joyce, an innerpreneur, strategic marketer, and creative communications consultant. Find her at Tara provides independent value-driven business owners with strategic marketing and creative communications support and inspiration. Not only is Tara a coach & strategic marketing guru, but she also writes innovative excerpts on her blog...


Show #017 - Spring Means Convention Time

I am joined by my special guest co-host and Competent Leadership mentor, Christina. We open the show by discussing our activities and features we took in at our District 42 Spring Convention. So what goes on at a Spring Convention? Well, quite a bit. Every Toastmaster on the globe knows it as the face off battle for the coveted World Championship of Public Speaking or WCPS. The winner proceeds to the world stage. That is at the annual Toastmasters International Convention. There is also the...


Show #016 - A Mentor YOU Can Rely On - Interview With Dianna Booher

Having a mentor YOU can rely on; Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike. In todays' interview, I talk with Dianna Booher of Booher Consultants. Her website is Being connected with someone who is sincere about YOU achieving YOUR SUCCESS is a good start. She is someone you can trust to help srengthen your leadership skills. My regular show format is pre-empted so that I can bring you this interview I had with Dianna Booher, Founder and CEO of Booher Consultants, a...


Show #015 - To My NON-Toastmaster Followers

This show is specifically directed to NON-Toastmasters. I explain what a Toastmaster is all about and hilite the many attributes being a Toastmaster helps to develop. One very important attribute is CONFIDENCE. Everyone can always use more confidence. LEADERSHIP is also an equally large part of the organization. Leadership is a highly sought after skillset in society. Regardless of what you do, these 2 human attributes are always with you. There is always a demand for outstanding leaders...


Show #014 - TLI - Toastmaster Leadership Institute

In this show I take my "roaming mic" to our Jan/2010 Toastmasters Leadership Institute TLI. That's where I ask attendees for their feedback on what they like and get out of the TLI. Senior members of Toastmaster clubs from all over our city are the trainers. So incoming executives get a good cross section of experience in their training. The fastest way to come up to speed is to mentor under experienced member executives. Why reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes, right? Eventually...


Show #013 - When YOU are the VP Membership of Toastmasters

In this show I share my notes from being VP Membership at my Silver Springs Toastmasters club and what I did creatively to increase membership numbers and member satisfaction. Coincidentally, it was when we had a super executive and I felt we were firing on all cylinders. We 7 executives also meshed well and nothing fell thru the cracks. We had good leadership in our President. In this podcast, I give you a number of my tips, many of which I innovated myself when I was VP Membership. All I...