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DebtWave Credit Counseling and the San Diego Financial Literacy Center present Talk Wealth To Me: The safe-space podcast where we chat about anything and everything related to personal finance. Hosted by Chase Peckham, Felipe Arevalo, and Katie Utterback, Talk Wealth To Me is for anyone and everyone who wants to better their financial situation and improve their financial education.

DebtWave Credit Counseling and the San Diego Financial Literacy Center present Talk Wealth To Me: The safe-space podcast where we chat about anything and everything related to personal finance. Hosted by Chase Peckham, Felipe Arevalo, and Katie Utterback, Talk Wealth To Me is for anyone and everyone who wants to better their financial situation and improve their financial education.


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DebtWave Credit Counseling and the San Diego Financial Literacy Center present Talk Wealth To Me: The safe-space podcast where we chat about anything and everything related to personal finance. Hosted by Chase Peckham, Felipe Arevalo, and Katie Utterback, Talk Wealth To Me is for anyone and everyone who wants to better their financial situation and improve their financial education.






#112 Holiday Shopping Trends and Are they Here To Stay?

The Holiday shopping season is here! We hope you have prepared your budgets and are ready to go. But has the way we shop changed forever? Our team goes over some trends they noticed and read about showing maybe Americans no longer line up with excitement for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Will the malls ever see crowds like they used to? Could it be that more people planned ahead or are more people just shopping online? The Talk Wealth To Me Crew covers those topics and more. Support...


#111 Making the Decision to Move for Financial Freedom and Less Stress with Brad Pagano

"Home is where the heart is", they say. For many home is where they were born and raised and no matter the situation that's where they stay. For many however the pandemic had people looking at their situations differently. One of those was former San Diego Financial Literacy Center and California resident Brad Pagano. A financial professional, veteran of the non-profit industry, Brad reflected on his life and what he wanted out of it for he and his family going forward. Less financial stress...


#110 The Financial Realities of Divorce with San Diego Attorney, Jennifer Zachary

No one gets married with the intent of eventually getting a divorce yet it happens. Even though the number of divorces have declined still between 40 and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. The question for those looking to end their marriages is what is it going to cost? Not just in legal fees but who is going to be responsible for what and who is going to have to pay who? Obviously there is no straight answer as everyone's situation is different. Today the Talk Wealth To Me Crew sit...


#109 Warning signs of Stress Due to Credit Card Debt and What to Do About It

Life is hard! Life in the twenty-first century can be and is stressful for so many reasons. The 24 hour news cycle with thousands of different sources to get you information that may or may not be true, to social media that spreads lies and hate or pictures of people in their perfect lives. One constant for stress for hundreds of years has been money. Adding to that stress for more than five decades however, has been credit card debt. Today's episode the Talk Wealth To Me crew discusses the...


#108 Ready to Get Married? It May Not Pay to Be Single

As I was growing up I always had an idea of what marriage was like. I was a born romantic so to me it was all about love and passion. As I got older that didn't change but I did enjoy my single years immensely! I could spend my money how I wanted, on what I wanted. That thinking got me in a lot of credit card debt! My wife of 15 years was just saying the other day, "I had so much money when I was young and single". We laughed because we as a couple feel like we never have money as it seems...


#107 Squid Game: What Did I Just Watch, and Why Do I Want to Avoid Debt More than Ever?

Netflix was on the cutting edge of streaming television in the early days but had seen the competition take much of the market share in recent years but that may all have changed in a flash as a new phenomena has taken over. I have to admit, I never heard of it until my wife mentioned my son's friends had watched an episode and parents were talking. Squid Game! On the surface, a very violent show from Korea that is nothing more than games to the death with endless violence. But it is so much...


#106 Penny Wise & Dollar Foolish Episode: Household Repairs, DIY or hire a Professional???

When my kids were young they loved a show called Handy Manny. It was a child's show where the main character was very handy and fix or build anything. The reason the kids loved it was, he could talk to his tools. I was always interested because I knew I was never going to be Handy Manny. We all know people who are super handy and know there way around tools. Now I am capable but sometimes you have to ask yourself, "Can I do this project myself, or do I hire someone to do it"? In this...


#105 Five Ways We Can Save Money Working From Home

The COVID19 pandemic caused many aspects of every day life to change. Work life was not the exception. You have probably heard that our team records our episodes out of their kid's rooms. Some parts of our lives are returning to "normal" but the new normal may look completely different. For some, our team included, a commute to and from the office is a thing of the past. What implications will permanently working from home have on individual's budgets? How can you save money working from...


#104 Can You Find Your Money Personality in “The Office?”

There are a handful of television shows that have the ability to bring us all together to laugh and cry, celebrate love, and friendship, and just life in general. During the nine seasons that The Office aired, we were given some of the most hilarious characters and iconic moments, like the time Dunder Mifflin paper company’s fearless leader Michael Scott organized a choreographed routine down the aisle at his employees’ wedding or when Pam and Jim finally get together. These are real people...


#103 How Do I Help My Children Establish Credit?

In the first episode of season five we take on one of the most common question we get from parents. "How can I help my daughter and or son establish credit?" Is there a one size fits all answer? Are there benefits to one method over the other? The guys share some tips, stories and some of the dangers of not having credit or getting credit too soon. Support the show (


#102 Finances and Mental Health

Let's face it, stress is a real thing and in today's world of a pandemic that never seems to end and social media and politics a constant, it's no wonder that depression and anxiety is rampant among us. However the most common reason for stress has been around for as long as time. Money... Have it or don't finances can make stress excruciating which leads to all kinds of health problems. This week in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, 9/10/21 we discuss the ways to mitigate those...


#101 The Cost of the RSVP No Show

Putting on an event big or small is no easy task and can be pricey. Essential to the plans is the participation of attendees for so many reasons. The RSVP is the most important thing for the planner of the event because so many things depend on the amount of the "head count". Size and location of venue, decor and of course food and beverages. Nothing is worse and more frustrating when you have your plans, the event is here and you have NO SHOWS! Sometimes this can't be helped but in a lot of...


#100 TWTM 100 Episode - A journey from budgeting and Financial Infidelity to Pandemics and Life Altering News

Two years ago, the San Diego Financial Literacy Center and DebtWave Credit Counseling, came together to produce and publish a podcast all about money. We called it Talk Wealth To Me, and today we’re celebrating our 100th episode! While there are a multitude of podcasts about personal finance, our goal for this show was to really strip down financial concepts, to talk beyond how to create a budget or how to responsibly use a credit card or invest. We wanted to share with you information...


#099 $hootin the Financial $h!t - Back to School Edition

Congratulations! Your summer has arrived! The kids are back in school or back to college, One way or the other summer as the kids know it has come to a close. This is an annual occurrence yet many of us get caught off guard and are scrambling to the malls, Target, WalMart or online to buy all of the stuff our kids "need" for the school year. Today the Talk Wealth To Me crew discuss the different ways to prepare financially for this annual ritual. Support the show...


#098 Cosigning for a Loan, Good Idea?

Applying for loans has become a common financial decision for most of society over the the last 30 years or so. There are so many things banks and other industries look at when assessing risk of a given borrower including income and a credit profile. Having no credit or bad credit makes borrowing a nightmare. Either the loan could be very expensive due to high interest or you may not be offered the loan at all. One option that a borrower (and the sales person by the way) is to have a...


#097 Student Loan News and its Potential Impact

The world of federal student loans is changing. Especially for all of those looking to take advantage of the Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) programs. The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) or Fedloan, one of the largest student loan servicers and the only servicer handling PSLF loans recently announced it will not be looking to renew its contract as a student loan servicer. What does that mean to the millions who currently have Fedloan as their servicer? What...


#096 Am I the A..hole? The tweet that made us react!

The Talk Wealth to Me crew breaks down this tweet that was originally posted on Reddit. This scenario comes up all the time in personal finance. Where do you stand on this??? Am I (29M) the asshole for inviting my girlfriend (28F) to an expensive vacation and expecting her to pay her share. I make a lot more than her. Hello, my, and then here's the body of it. Hello, my girlfriend, myself, my parents and my brother and his wife all went on vacation to another country a week ago. My brother...


#095 Creating Your Own Path & Inclusion with Nora Ali

The daughter of immigrant parents growing up in Minnesota, Nora Ali grew up thirsty for knowledge and opportunity. Today the Talk Wealth To Me guys sit down with Nora about the launching of a new media venture as well as her incredible path leading up to it. Nora was most recently an anchor on Cheddar, a business and technology-focused news network which broadcasts live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and its other studios across New York City and Washington, D.C. At Cheddar,...


#094 Understanding ETF's and other 21st Century Investments with Kyle Woodley

The word invest can be a source of anxiety for some as they get further down the road of life because they know they should. But... how and what should I invest my hard earned money in? In today's world there are so many options but what is right for you? Today's guest Kyle Woodley the Senior Investing Editor for explains some of the options we have and what might be the best options for you. Support the show (


#093 Financial Lessons We Learned From "Friends" Without Knowing It

It’s hard to find a show that has had a greater cultural impact on American life than the 90s television sitcom "Friends." From “The Rachel” haircut, to the holiday armadillo, “Smelly Cat”, and even the “I’ll Be There for You” theme song, "Friends" is a show that continues to feel relevant and relatable – even though it’s been more than a decade since the finale aired in May 2004! So relatable that the Talk Wealth to Me crew brought on a guest that wasn't born until 2008! What does...